Noelle Easton retired because of health problems!

Noelle Easton, one of porn divas of the moment announced on Twitter that she retired from business at the moment because of serious health problems. Easton is one of the most popular porn actresses 10 on Google, its rise as an outstanding XXX industry.

Noelle Easton

Noelle Easton is one of the porn actresses with biggest natural breasts but has won fame and following sex scenes played with more men.

Currently, the actress is facing great problems of the digestive system caused by a bacterium young and still unknown even though there have been several medical tests. The fact is that Easton can travel at this time, several times exhibiting symptoms of respiratory failure.

Noelle Easton underwent a complicated surgery which consisted in the introduction to the abdomen of a mini robot that was attached to a camera which was designed to discover any blood clots formed in the digestive system.

Porn star announced that the intervention was successful despite a week away and the surgery was a critical moment of their shed in which a significant amount of blood.

Now fans of the actress hopes that its state of health to improve in the shortest time possible for her to return “in force” in productions as spectacular as those that brought her fame.

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