Fanatic porn, run over…

A few days ago in the Philippines, a bus collided with a private car. The car made imprudent, crashing hopelessly against the coach. It turns out that the car was driven by popular porn actress Maria Ozawa and coincidentally the bus driver, was a big jerk that make this films…

Maria Ozawa

Imagine the face of the driver when under a rage to start the insurance paperwork involved and found that it was her favorite porn star.

Obviously the whole street witnessed this strange situation and a little while later Internet exploded with pictures of the accident.

The serious question that porn star prefer to have a (slight) traffic accident.

Maria Ozawa car crash


Sexual positions that men adore them

7 sexual positions that men adore them. Find out what your preference is your lover in bed! You think about how you could to spice things up in the bedroom and make him your boyfriend feel the luckiest guy on the planet? Want to prove that you have ambitions of goddess when it comes to sex?

7 sexual positions that men adore them

You just have to focus on the things he likes. And if you’re still early in the relationship and you have not learned all preferences in terms of sex, there are few places that you can go for sure. Learn how to show top 7 of the men when it comes to sexual positions:

1. Woman on top
Whatever happens, men will not never saturate this position. It’s part of our arsenal classic that can not fail. Your boyfriend will always be happy in your position, you will be able to look into your eyes, you can caress her breasts and thighs will indulge your desires. And certainly you like and tie; after all, you have full control and you can move so as to stimulate your clitoris. What can you want more?

2. Missionary position
Missionary position is underrated only when talking about it, that we associate with those boring couples who do not want to try anything new. But deep down, men love this position! It is intimate and it provides all the power and want.

3. The rider turned
Any position in which you stand above your lover is to his liking. If in addition to this, also has the possibility to admire your butt, to touch your breasts and you shoot little hair is perfect. Rider turned” has all the ingredients of a successful sex parties. In addition, it’s pretty kinky and gives your lover and the ability to stimulate your clitoris with your fingers, it will excite you more.

4. Doggy style
Your boyfriend likes to see you at the back, no one can deny. And if you’re somewhat immobilized and he has control of the situation, things take a turn pretty wild! Let him enjoy deep penetration that allows him doggy style, not as you would like yours does.

5. In standing
Of course, sex is quite demanding feet. This is not a very romantic, but in the mornings when preparing coffee and your boyfriend surprises you with a quickie, you have to admit it is the best way to start your day.

6. Position spoon
Even if it is considered as a position for lazy, spoon position is one of the most intimate and tenderest ways to make love. Your boyfriend will embrace you while you penetrate, you can touch her ​​breasts and clitoris, and you you can help a little to movements that split evenly control.

7. Lap dance
Here’s one of the sexiest position: lap dance. It may resemble the reverse rider, only that you sit both as a chair. In fact, your chair is himself. It’s a great position, because it gives you freedom to move as you and because you can always improve lascivious movements similar to those characteristic of sensual dances.


Sandra Romain is now available for more men

Sandra Romain – “Anal queen” is now available for more men…!!!

sandra anal

She won 5 Oscars the porn industry, but she want to divorce for a reason … she was cheated. She spent 17 years beyond that with whom she began her career.

Following the divorce, Sandra Romain hopes that she will not lose fortunes gained from over 1,000 films made ​​in Europe and America.

The star did not directly accuse her husband, but blames the estrangement that occurred between them.

The actress made ​​a million euros in porn, but in addition dealing with real estate, and has a sheep farm that brings good profits from exports.

Her name was Cornelia Marioara Popescu and she was selling flowers in Timisoara. Then she went to newspapers and magazines broadside. After a while she married Sorin. She enthusiastically supported a controversial early career, so she changed her name and moved easily from hot pictorials in adult movies.



Remy Lacroix played in porn and she take a XXX Oscar

Remy Lacroix played in porn… as Oscar… AVN Awards equivalent of an Oscar in the porn industry, have winners. Great Remy Lacroix was the winner took home a trophy for best XXX actress.

American aged 26 years working in adult films in 2011 and is the sixth AVN Award which recognizes the merits of the film 18.

Weekley made a top of actresses who could be the next Jenna Jameson, in which Remy ranked 10.

Remy Lacroix



Rebecca Loos believes the relationship spice are XXX movies

Rebecca Loos

Beautiful, which boasts that she has passed through the bed of David Beckham, but not satisfied with it enough, giving him note 8 in bed, said XXX movies would save a relationship.

Rebecca is bisexual and loves both actors actresses and porn, considering that the world should look different XXX industry.

“I have my own collection of movies like this. Some are funny, others are downright good, an example being lesbian scenes. Believe that is an interesting thing to watch with your partner. Spice is great that a relationship and makes it more beautiful” she said.

Rebecca had an affair with Beckham, she brought even on the brink of divorce. It succeeded, but took advantage, achieving a picture out of football.





Dita von Teese was porn actress before she became famous!

Long before Heather Sweet become Dita von Teese beautiful brunette had another identity Beedroom Betty (Betty bedroom).

Recently, bra model Wonderbra” and saw revealed on the front pages of British publications, past or pornographic. In addition to starring in adult films, crowned queen of burlesque‘s appeared in several videos on the Internet. Images, in which it forms incredible display a provocative striptease were made public. But despite past full of pornographic films, the creators bra Wonderbra” did not quit beautiful brunette, she is still the image of the new collections of lingerie.

Dita von Teese



Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain

British model Lucy Pinder knows how to play her cards since she was discovered in 2003 sunbathing on a beach in Bournemouth (England). With measures of vertigo (105-66-86) has become calendar girl, sexy young neighbor and the woman who covers of men’s magazines has captured in the UK and all thanks to a body of scandal and voluptuous natural breasts that they have to be worthy of such titles as “sexiest Model of the year” or “Number One Babe”.

Faithful follower of motor racing, the Premier League and especially Manchester United, Lucy Pinder has not hesitated to being photographed to support their team topless or handbra (placing his hands on her breasts like a bra while leaving), posing for Anglo publications such as “Nuts” or the famous Page 3 of “Daily Star”, which has led them to reach millions runs. But there does not end his relationship with the beautiful game because Lucy is also ambassador of “Kick 4 Live”, an NGO fighting poverty and misery through football.

Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (1)


Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (3)


Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (5)

Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (6)

Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (7)

Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (8)

Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (9)

Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (10)

Lucy Pinder, the best of Britain (11)


Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of boobs, there is more to see the photo That Is On These lines … However, standard bearer of Playboy has much more, will you see it? In TPSB we celebrate with joy every Playboy model we discovered, all are united by an unquestionable taste When choosing them. And, overall, Although the high grade is remarkable today we take our That hats off to Christine Veronica tits , are the best we’ve seen around here lately. Natural from Arizona, United States, This model causes a sensation every time you go to a photo shoot and decide to take her clothes off, not in vain has-been working for Playboy. At twenty-six, Christine Veronica Boasts maturity In this gallery is not to enjoy watching her tits, watching her drool! That is pose in each and every one of the photos … We can think of better way to celebrate That God It’s Friday to Sounded debut in one of the big boobs as Playboy models with better tits. :))

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (1)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (2)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (3)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (4)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (5)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (6)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (7)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (8)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (9)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (10)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (11)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (12)

Christine Veronica has a nice pair of tits (13)


Are porn stars happy?

At least the girls in the San Fernando Valley, live quite happy.

One need only read our news or your feedback to confirm that the image we have of our porn stars to realize that we have a very specific picture of them: all drug addicts, with self-esteem issues and some other childhood trauma caused by abuse or similar. It seems that nothing is further from reality, and at least the girls in the San Fernando Valley, live quite happy.


The study was conducted by the University of Texas, and is wide enough and long to be able to give credibility: 177 girls took part in it. Its authors, as well as staff from the university itself, is the former actress Sharon Mitchell, who has for years clinical analysis was made ​​where most professionals.


The truth is that our girls (at least American) yes they are a bit different light helmets. The average to lose their virginity which is lower than the girl outside the industry (16 years), and usually have had a greater number of sexual partners. That’s right: 56% had a steady partner or married, either within the industry or outside it.


In terms of actual sexual life, 70% said they enjoy sex, but only 30% declared satisfied. And we already know that while you work on what you like … it’s still working. That’s right: in general, girls who engage in porno sleep better and have more energy than normal girls.


Curiosity about female private parts

How heavy are your breasts? What is the areola? Why not breastfeeding and men? Even the most educated men, the female body is still a mystery. Representatives males have many facts about women’s private parts, and experts offered some answers obscene”.

Curiosity men about female private parts

That women are impossible to decipher is something that almost all men are convinced, but shrouded in mystery is not only the behavior of the fair sex, but also the body – particularly intimate areas. American newspaper editors Huffington Post”, along with medical imaging equipment manufacturer Hologic have learned from a group of curious men who have concerns about the female body. Then answered “no veil” all dilemmas they had. Here’s what the questions were representatives of the male gender and how they have satisfied the curiosity specialists:

Where does the nipple and areola starts?

Nipple (or nipple) is the tip of the breast prominent and elastic that are several openings for breastfeeding. Areola is colored disk around the nipple. It covers a larger area and is around a few prominent points called Montgomery glands that secrete sebum. Both become darker during pregnancy and after birth.

Are heavy breasts?

A woman’s breast size depends on genetics, her style of life, but also the age he has. Weight of breast varies between 900 grams and 9 kg. Measure bra cup size a number of milliliters. For example, it supports 230 ml cup / per breast in the cup D vrteme supports 800 milliliters.

Curiosity men about female private parts2

Breasts grow in size during pregnancy and lactation, and during sex 25%, according to a study cited by the newspaper “The Huffington Post”. In conclusion, the breasts can be very heavy, but regardless of their weight, be a gentleman and give a lady or ladies place on the bus.

Women’s genitals are shrinking when cold?

Retraction that happens to men when outside temperatures are low and women are not seen, because their genitals are mostly internal. The exception is the nipple, which shrinks to reduce surface and reduce heat loss. The only external parts of the female reproductive system, the clitoris and labia, increasing in size as a result of sexual arousal, but decreases the cold.

Curiosity men about female private parts3

Many menopausal women suffer from a problem called vaginal atrophy, a reduction of the vagina occurred while amid scăderiii levels of hormones. There is a study which claims that three cups of coffee consumed daily by women lead to breast reduction.

How do the breasts to produce milk?

It is a mechanism as simple as it is miraculous. Glands that look like peacock feathers extending from the nipple and to the fatty tissue of the breast. On top of these “feathers” are small sacs called alveolar cells.

Inside them, under the action of a hormone in the blood sugar and protein is extracted and processed milk. The liquid is then transported to the nipple through channels called lactiferous. Ese nipple provided with 15-20 holes that can feed your baby.

Why men can not secrete milk?

It is impossible for a man to breastfeed. Representatives males are gifted” with the same physiological apparatus as women to manufacture” milk. Breast tissue of men comes with alveolar cells that give milk and male pituitary prolactin secretion, the hormone that converts blood nutrients in milk. There is an Asian species of bats, Dayak, where male lactation is common causes are yet unknown paternal lactation.

Curiosity men about female private parts4

Then why not breastfeeding and men?

Under normal conditions, the body does not secrete enough men prolactin (ie half the amount secreted by a woman who is not pregnant). Stress or illness can trigger lactation in men, which is common among men taken prisoner in World War II. Some experts say intense nipple stimulation is sufficient to cause lactation in men.

Breasts when she sits on your stomach hurt?

Blows the breasts are painful? Breasts have many nerve endings, thus giving a blow can be very painful. Moreover, breast pain (mastalgia, in medical terms) is common among women. Around 70% of representative females go through this lifelong problem, according to a study. It often occurs around mensutruaţiei takes 2-3 days, and the pain can be strong enough that women do not bear hugs partner.

What role have breasts evolving?

We are the only species that is attractive breasts. A recent theory claims that men love breasts because they are genetically programmed to create a closer connection through them and increase the chances of reproduction. When stimulated nipples secrete oxytocin, a substance normally strengthen the connection between mother and baby. But nipple is stimulated not know if a baby or a man, so he substance under all conditions.

Is mammography a sandwich toaster that raises breasts?

Mammography is an X-ray investigation is used to detect breast cancer. Conducting investigations unit, consisting of two flat plastic between the breast is pressed for a few minutes while realizeazaă radiography. It is not “hot”, but the procedure may cause discomfort.