Paris Hilton was subjected to genital and anal bleaching

NEWS AND SEX ADVICES: Paris Hilton was subjected to genital and anal bleaching.


Paris Hilton

In interviews she has revealed that this area is important. The expansion of aesthetic treatments has conquered spaces previously considered untouchable and unmentionable.

Today, the vagina and its neighbors-the labia, vaginal walls, the crotch and up the anus, which deteriorate with age, pregnancy, menstruation and even constipation, also require renewal and rejuvenation.

The issue of genital beautification which includes discoloration, sagging treatments, bleaching, exfoliation and hydration- you are new to the country.

According to the cosmetic doctor Martin Carrillo, pioneered the technique, Colombian women (and men) are not very daring when it comes to trying these techniques.

However, the majority wants to end the darkened tone, regain tone, self-esteem and, in turn, improve your sex life in the process.

“Many patients tell me that they saw a porn with their husbands and who want a more beautiful and youthful, like actresses genital area. Bother Les texture, too pendulous lips, stains and thickening. it’s sad, but over the years many prefer the lights off when privacy. men also complain priming “.

1 depigmentation. Why do we have such a dark area? According to Carrillo, a number of reasons: the temperature, wearing tight underwear, sweat glands and menstrual bleeding (which has a significant iron loading) are some of the causes.

“So a good cleaning protocol you have, the vaginal mucosa is too sensitive and picks up any changes, just about men.”

Depigmenting combinations of acids are used: salicylic (very shallow and aspirin derivative action) and glycolic (penetrates the tissue, is inactivated in the reticular dermis, is capable of promoting the production of collagen); salicylic acid or trichloroacetic.

At high concentrations, the use of these products polishes and burning (generated as a diaper rash) the surface layer of the skin and the dark tone disappears, you fall like a scab the passage of time.

To do dose-response to the tone you locate the patient. A session every fortnight, totaling four to eight sessions is required.

2 Stop the flab. This feature is given by dehydration: it is an area that remains without oxygen, locked. “Many women sleep with underwear. If low oxygen, low moisture and if we add friction and crotch trousers, texture changes and eventually thickens,” said Carrillo.

One technique to give tone to the labia is the carboxilifting. Traditional carboxiterapia used (using needles and acupuncture and CO2) to revascularize the tissue and restore tone. Sounds painful, but does not need anesthesia and the result is durable.

3 genital Porcelanización. ‘Young in private’ is a kit that makes the whole process of porcelanización area. The first part is exfoliating with a product whose main components glycolic acid and urea; and moisturizing and toning haluriónico acid based and alum.

Just a scrub once a week and use the daily moisturizer. The treatment should be three months, the time at which the acid action achieved in the tissue. It is ideal for mild pigmentation.

4 When problems folliculitis (the hairs encyst by inflammation and begin to grow invertidamente), it is important that the pigment is corrected. To solve this problem you can use the laser. The light is picked up by the cells and the color temperature collagen contraction.

Are needed between four and eight sessions, each 21 days. Not only do you end up with hair forever, but with those painful pimples.

5 To end with goosebumps in the crotch, trichloroacetic acid is used. Peellings are needed to reduce the melanocyte and fade the spots.

Just exfoliate every fortnight for two months.

Bleaching 6 anal. Over the years almost never changes the color of the skin that involves the dorsal midline of the year, but the sides is getting darker and darker. “In addition, there are always secondary inflammations caused by diarrhea, constipation and hemorrhoids.’s Anal area becomes inflamed all the time, because it has pressure gluteal and perianal strip” reveals Carrillo.

Using glycolic acid thorough cleaning is achieved. Then you have to use a scrub to remove dead cells and moisturize moisturizer. The acids are left between 15 and 20 minutes per session.

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