Polliana from special forces in action!

Naked Pictures! Polliana from special forces in action!

Polliana is a model from Brazil, with origins in Romania: Polliana name I have in honor of my grandmother who came from Eastern Europe, in Romania, where I heard they are very beautiful woman with dark hair and olive complexion (! ). Polliana is born in Sao Paulo in 1990, is 1.72 meters tall and 52 kg, breasts are natural. Polliana is a sporty, performance practiced in junior football, and martial arts, the owner of a black belt in judo. Polliana is a fan of extreme MARTA, considered the world’s top three women‘s football practice.

Although it is a romantic, passionate long walks on the beach, Polliana pictorial theme chosen for a special mission in the service of American intelligence agencies .

Polliana special forces pictures:



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