Queen of oral sex defeated by toy which confused men.

Clearly, future professionals will be sex robots! After launching Autoblow 2 sex toys in the UK, even the queen of oral sex, Nikki Benz, is seriously considering to retire.

The inventor of the device that provides perfect oral sexis British lawyer Brian Sloan. He worked in technical wonder no more than two years after testing Autoblow 2 approximately 100 men go through life” fully satisfied conclusion.

The thrill of the machine that costs $ 150 (£ 486) are more intense than traditional oral sex. “During oral sex performed by a woman partner there accidents. Penis hits the teeth, pressing is not firm pace is not so pleasing a man. Autoblow 2 solves all these problems “said the inventor, the British newspaper Metro.

Sequential motor adjustable silicone balls sliding system on “shirt” rubber that is inserted penis and massage device that constrictor muscles male sexual organ are some ingredients that are in Autoblow, King of oral sex. Incidentally, Queen XXX oral sex, Nikki Benz, 35, wants to become mayor of Toronto and give up the title you maintain with difficulty, given the technological leaps in the field. Currently, Autoblow 2 was released in the UK market where it can be purchased on the Internet, but in the near future will be launched in other European Union countries.

Autoblow 2 picture Autoblow 2

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