Reasons to have sex daily, even Monday!

Did you know that regular intimate relationships helps you lose weight, 30 minutes providing you with 80 fewer calories? This is just one of the arguments it is recommended to make love more often.

Reasons to have sex daily, even Monday

Deprives you of colds

There are many ways you can grow your immunity naturally. Maybe you have not thought of it before, but among them are and… love. Intimate daily up to 30% increase in the level of antibodies, in particular of immunoglobulin A, also known as IgA. That is what protects you from colds and flues or at least thinned them, especially in winter.

It protects your heart from a heart attack

The risk of a heart attack is lower for women who enjoy intercourse at least three times a week. One study of Israeli researchers has shown that they are 30% lower to suffer from heart disease.

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