Recycles the energy with WankBand

NEWS: Recycles the energy with… WankBand!!??

What kind of sex leads the heights of pleasureNot the first time the adult video portal PornHub expresses interest in protecting the environment (remember when in April last year pledged to plant a tree for every 100 reproductions?). Nor is the first time that exhibit considerable ingenuity with respect to viral marketing campaigns. Nor even as it is the first time showing interest in items that have nothing to do whatsoever with the porn world (as its initiative to create their own label).

A trot between all these proposals have recently introduced the last project they are working: the WankBand, bracelet and stores electricity generated by the movement, particularly the movement used in sprat.

Put more plainly, our straws wearing this gadget will generate enough energy to recharge our mobile devices and to continue watching porn, with which continue making straw and so on to infinity and beyond (or until we burst a blood vessel).

Unfortunately this fantastic (Forget the smartwatches and other broods style) is still under development but if you are interested in collaborating, from PornHub will offer the opportunity to participate as beta testers.

Anyone is encouraged ??? 🙂


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