What are robot dolls for sex, what can they do, who produces and how much

Experts are estimating that by 2050 more people will be having sex with robots than with others. “In the beginning a lot of people will be reserved when speaking of sex with robots, but as you get used to them, this will change”, said British futurologist Dr Ian Pearson.

He estimates that by 2035, most people will own sex toys that can be used with virtual reality devices.

Not everyone is thrilled with these predictions. Ethics Professor Dr. Kathleen Richardson fears that sex with robots will generate misogynistic attitudes and unrealistic sexual expectations. She is the originator of a campaign called “Campaign against sex with robots” that requires banning such practices.

RealDoll, one of the most successful manufacturers of dolls for sex, announced it is working on an artificial intelligence system that will be implemented in its products. Matt McMullen, chief executive, provided details about the technology. This will be implemented directly into dolls or may be experienced in virtual reality.

“For some this could be happiness can not believe that”, said McMullen between Q & A session held on Reddit. He added that AI system developed by RealDoll will be fun, exciting and would have the potential to simulate love.

The company develops and designs partners able to tell jokes. RealDoll hope that through this feature will enhance the skills of users during meetings with real women.

robot dolls for sex

The doll is part of a new generation of “cyborg women” who interchangeable body parts, body temperature, talking “dirty” were the pulse, move and smile. The machines will not replace, according to the manufacturer, people in sex, despite warnings given by some experts. “These robots will provide a different sexual experience of sex between men”, said Matt McMullen, chief executive of RealDoll.

RealDoll produces, since 1997, some of the most realistic and expensive dolls for sex. Customers can customize their upcoming “partner” and can choose from a wide range of models. For each doll are required 80 hours of work, and every year the company delivered 300-400 units.

The dolls of this kind not only for men. There robot dolls for women.

The price of these dolls varies between 5,000 and 60,000 dollars, depending on the complexity and level of customization required by the client.

For a certain type of people these dolls is attractive. A French woman was in love with a robot and he wants to marry when the law allows. Lily has built robot, named Immovator alone using a 3D printer.

The young woman has realized that it is attracted to robţi when he was 19 years old. “Our relationship will improve as technology advances”. She added that the two relationships they had with men before did nothing to confirm his passion for robots.

Many people have already replaced spouses with such robots. Is also the case of June, a young man who lives in New York, a native of South Korea, whose girlfriend RealDoll a doll named Eve. The two watch movies, sleep and eating together.

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