Sasha Grey conquest Playboy.

NEWS: Sasha Grey and Playboy.

Sasha Grey may not be the best porn star in the world but Sasha Grey is one of the most beautiful women photographically speaking besides having very clear ideas about their profession and have an intelligence that many porn stars would like to carry alone the career just 22 years. Sasha has her agency, L.A. Factory Girls, while The Spread Group manages its appearances in other media.

Today we could not help but post to the delight of lovers of beauty and erotic photography super reportage Playboy publisher of old magnate Hugh Heffner wanted to give Sasha Grey for editing the month of October this year. The old man and womanizer Hugh Heffner seems that this time has not cared Sasha Grey an icon of the more hardcore and appears to be no friend of Pörner their performers in front‘ve done this time an exception, fine intelligent and perverted Sasha Grey. Something has water when the blessed. Sasha Grey Ave those who will die victim of your charms greet you.

Sasha Grey Playboy photos:

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