Why and how the sex gets better if you let him go out with boys. Problems in the bedroom became the object of study for researchers at Cornell University (USA). Based on an analysis of about 3,000 people, they found that the man is less likely to provide psychological erectile dysfunction or sexual life if regularly comes out with his friends.

Why and how the sex gets better if you let him go out with boysThe ability of a man to go out for a beer with friends, without partners, has an essential role in maintaining the feeling of independence in everyday life. If it has to come with his girlfriend every time she goes out or monopolize social interactions with his gang of friends chances are high that the man to encounter problems in the bedroom “, said Professor Benjamin Cornwell.

Researchers explained that there are two social dangeron your sex life. The first is that we understand all too well beloved partner and monopolize friends night out, the second of these outputs you guys limitations imposed by it itself. In both cases, the man felt a certain voltage, whether it protrudes or not, has repercussions in bed. The study of almost 3,000 people shows that 25% of partners. US scientists have found, however, that men have not spent enough time with the gang or not an environment detached” from the love end up losing physical attraction to girl. On the other hand, those who have a certain freedom of movement tend to be more sexually active, being willing to jump in bed” when they see lovers. A degree of independence for both partners is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.

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