Sexual fantasies that revealing the hidden desires of women about their personality

4 sexual fantasies “decoded” revealing the hidden desires of women about their personality! Women who like to undergo have problems when it comes to control. Sexual fantasies are still taboo, although subject of many studies, documentaries, books etc. Those present in the subconscious sexual desires everyone can tell a lot about the personality of those concerned.

4 sexual fantasies decoded revealing the hidden desires of women about their personality

1. Domination woman

Although gender stereotypes suggest otherwise, fantasy dominate the bedroom is quite common among women. Experts believe that these desires are born because women concerned feel that they have power in society, men are the ones who control usually social systems. Thus, women seeking to take control in the bedroom, where he feels safe ground beings.

2. Submitted woman

Equally common among women, sexual fantasy they love to play the role of subject created controversy among experts in sexuality and psychology. However, one thing is clear: women who like to be subject have problems when it comes to control. In some studies even showed that strong women, under the leadership positions have sexual fantasies are subject to much more often than the others, because I need to break free from the pressure of such responsibilities.

Submitted woman

3. Sex with spectators!

Women excited by the idea of being seen by others while having sex are dependent on adrenaline. Also, scientists claim that they can be ground to a low self-esteem and unresolved family conflicts

Sex with spectators

4. The perfect partner!

Prince Charming on a white horse Every woman dreams to meet the perfect man, but those that desire turns into a sexual fantasy idealizing their partner, they need a love life more exciting. They are most often dissatisfied with current reality of their relationship.

The perfect partner




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