The story of the man who was not happy with Esperanza Gómez

He says that he worked for the actress for six months without “seeing a weight”. Enrique Trebilcock tells the story that lived, perhaps, for “having been so confident.”

Esperanza Gómez

Clarifying that it was not at any time a scam by the adult film actress, she tells how she managed the contents of the Esperanza site for six months, while waiting for a payment that never came, by the then manager of The queen of porn in Colombia.

“… it is true that I wrote everything that was published on his page vivaesperanza, I handled her Facebook fanpage and also contributed ideas for the account of Instagram. That was my job for six months. From January 2016 until June of the same year. Of all that I did not see a single penny “.

The then manager told Enrique that his payment would not be possible until three months later, because before it was necessary that the portal began to move and generate income.

The launch of the website was postponed several times, however, in March 2016 it finally aired. Time passed and Enrique still did not see movements in his bank account, but very focused on “what he thought he would feed.”

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