Stoya: I and feminism.

Feminism, like everything in this world except that the water is safe to drink, it is a complex thing with many shades. I like many parts of feminism and are grateful to many people who are or have been feminists. We have the right to vote because of feminism. I feel I can go home at night in the streets without being molested (if you manage to get home without being flute or pipe, is another job) because feminism. The fact that sex workers in front of the camera, instead of other careers, all due to feminism. I would like to clarify, I’m white, I grew up in a middle class family and meet other characteristics that make me conventionally attractive“. All this gives me the undeserved privileges in most places in the United States and as a person is closer to the pyramid of privileges, the has several options.


Because I have a job that includes dialogue with the media, all of my political beliefs in the habit of chewing gum can be dissected and debated. I was told that I must be a feminist, that my job is feminist, I can not be in any way a feminist and once told me that my vagina should be withdrawn for crimes against women.

For me the word feminist is one who hangs very heavy and often has contradictory meanings. I think it is wonderful when feminists fighting for the rights of all people to be paid correctly, campaigning to correct inequalities between women and men’s wages or to defend the right of people with uteruses fertile access to contraceptives. It seems unfair when feminists persecute anyone who is biologically female or when dealing with chicks that have a different opinion to them as kids. It seems unimportant when feminists debate whether the act of wearing lipstick is one of emancipation. The fact that I disagree with the extremes of feminism, is why I’m not comfortable to declare myself a feminist. I’m not sure if I can wear this title, because rarely do something specific to promote women’s rights. To avoid giving a direct answer whether feminist or not, however, about the shit. When I stay away from that word, I feel I have turned away women who fought to give me a lot of the advantages I have. So here I am: Hi,I am Stoya. My political opinions are feminist, but my job is.

Reasons for working in pornography are not necessarily the same as others in the sex. Not all women are the same, not all feminists are the same, not all sex workers are the same, not all sex work is the same and not all people are the same. This list is necessary because many people (including myself) fall into the trap of generalizing quite often. You probably already have generalized at least once in this article. But let us return to the relationship between feminism and my choice to work in the sex industry.

The concept of choice can be complicated. There is a difference between giving someone your wallet at gunpoint and give money to someone in altruism as a gift. There is a similar difference between those working in pornography because of financial pressures and lack of other options (whether it is real or imagined failure) and those who do it for reasons such as exhibitionism, desire for experimentation or because they really really do sex with James Deen or Rocco Siffredi or anything who.

The second option, where one chooses to enter dear child pornography, which is possible because the doors were opened by feminists in the last 150 years. My choice to work in pornography does not make me a feminist, more than I would do to be a pharmacist that take an Aleve when I have a headache.

I use my body to make porn heterosexual gender binary, for a production that aims to be as popular as possible. I do not agree with everything that related to mainstream pornography or toto makes the company I work for, but I do not like to fight windmills. Eat more calories because more skeletal basin scare people than to excite. Also used unhealthy amounts of cream. When I get on the set, I sat down and let the team make-up and stylists to do their job to make me sexy as possible in the conventional sense. This process often involves false eyelashes and curlers. After finishing I usually put my heels, some very uncomfortable underwear and other clothing designed to make me look as close to the character that you play before sex.

Once filmed the dialogue, have sex with one or more people while crew caught it all on video. My partners sex in the film are people who want to have sex and I hope they will have sex with me. At least one of these men has a penis and scenes have some logical way. Start with kisses that lead to the removal of clothes. Once genitals are to start oral sex. Follow penetrative sex (penis in vagina specific) in various positions. Sometimes again between these positions oral sex and anal sex occasionally. Eventually the male performer ejaculates the scene ends shortly after, because male climax is a natural climax and sex scenes need no outcome.

Nothing pornographic material that you interpret intentionally not promote feminism. It is a superficial form of entertainment that responds to one of the most basic human needs. Pornography are not going anywhere soon. I do not see either as a symbol of power or of humility. To appear on the set and to do my job is a feminist action.

As a show, mainstream pornography is not intended to educate viewers about health and sexual label more than Lions Gate is responsible to remind children that it is okay to kill each other, although they may have seen The Hunger Games . The role of Michael Bay and Megan Fox not to mention every interview that giant robots from space are some fictional characters, as part of a porn performer is not to discuss testing protocols that we use or as given consent before filming. I feel the need to discuss these issues and there are other artists who are of the same opinion like Jiz Lee, Danny Wylde and Jessica Drake, who feel the need to talk about it and detail the subject.

What we do with the overall effects of pornography on culture?

I can not overlook the accusation that if a man sees a clip of me moving from direct blow job anal penetration will be inspired to do the same with his partner in a rather rude, without discussing this beforehand or without care. Whoever those people should be reminded of the difference between real life and TV. In contrast with these punks ass jerks robbers are the messages we receive every week who say that seeing my body or vagina presented as a sex symbol made that person feel more comfortable about your body. Also people who said they did not know that syphilis can be transmitted even if you use condoms correctly, I now see the benefit of regular testing, their own and their partners in addition to condom use.

As long as I will feel good to work in pornography and positive social impact will surpass the negative ones, I will continue to do, but let us not delude ourselves that being a porn actress is any act liberating for women.

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