The strangest things you ever heard about sex!

The strangest things you ever heard about sex! About sex runs a number of legends that more or less funny. The correlation between the size of the already classic shoe size men and manhood to ideas such as the use of two condoms while providing more protection, there are dozens of strange myths you’ve heard about sex. Introducing a brief updated list of these myths about sex, to have any idea how many can charge in connection with a perfectly normal eventually.

The strangest things you ever heard about sex

Drink Mountain Dew prevents pregnancy
It is said that certain chemicals present in this refreshing drink has an effect on male sperm, which could result in the inability to procreate. The truth that doctors have found however is quite different: the drink causes more thirsty, how is consumed more.

Two condoms instead of one
Some men do their best not to become dads too early because still have much to do in life rather sway baby every whimper. So few men are not convinced that two condoms offer more protection. In reality, it is possible that because of the two objects friction plastic to break faster than one.

According to a research conducted by Dr. Heidi Reeder, from Boise State University in the USA 76% of cases of friendship between two people of the opposite sex there is room for parties amor friends are more durable.

Sperm are beneficial for beauty
That is the strangest of all the things you‘ve heard about sex! According to doctors, semen contains antioxidants that help reduce wrinkles and combat acne and pimples. In New York there are even spas where women are beauty treatments based sperm fee of $ 250. Actress Heather Locklear sperm ensure that treatment has a beneficial effect on skin health.


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