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Uncensored Porn !!! Japanese sexually abused!!! 🙂 Really ? 🙂

Censorship in Asian countries, especially China and Japan, is the order of the day. And let’s not talk when it comes to sex. Maybe that will give us both morbidity meet porno videos where there is no censorship, where pussies, tits and cocks are not censored. To this we must add the taste of Asians for supremacy of man in sex. They always submissive role schoolgirl, less sexually speaking, obedient, forced of consensual manner. Total, if we add the role of obedient dogs and can see their genitals and breasts in full bloom, the illness is maximum, because we know we’re seeing something “illegal” and “immoralin those countries.

Enjoy this Japanese “sexual abuse“!

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Lucy Heart, a fantasy

PORN VIDEO: Lucy Heart is a fantasy!

Lucy Heart is a beautiful fantasy! Come to fuck several guys at once and get the double anal penetration she craved, now these friends will give a pleasant surprise difficult to forget. That beautiful ass really deserves treat it well, they’ll know how she likes to be fucked and more take turns to shove they will all together looking for any available hole where to put it but they are four to only three holes available, where can fit two yards together ? 🙂 Nothing to do with this desperate tramp wants two hard in, to calm their sexual desires and the final successful, leaving surprised faces such as sex scene. Lucy Heart is a fantasy come true fuck several guys at once and get the double anal penetration!!


Lucy Heart

Lucy Heart


Capri Anderson was sued by Charlie Sheen

Porn star Capri Anderson was sued by Charlie Sheen.

Capri Anderson

Charlie Sheen sued a porn actress who told the press that she was threatened and assaulted by the actor. The artist says he was blackmailed and that she tried to get a million dollars from him.

The trial opened in Superior Court in Los Angeles, a day after Capri Anderson was interviewed on the television show “Good Morning America.” Porn actress said that she would file a civil suit actor Charlie Sheen, who accused him of attempted kidnapping, writes antena3.ro.

Anderson said that he was promised the sum of 3,500 dollars for “dinner” with Charlie Sheen in a restaurant in New York. She also told the actor aged 45 years but increasingly became “dizzy” and express themselves in a very “vulgar”. Moreover, Anderson claims that the actor would be drugs and should be inspired “white powder”. On the other hand, Charlie Sheen claims that porn actress “invented a sensational story about how they have been abused, beaten and held against her will and used the fictional story to devise a plan to blackmail”.

Charlie Sheen is one of the highest paid on television. He recently spent 30 days in a rehab clinic after he was convicted of domestic violence.


Satine Phoenix says that started making porn as a form of therapy…

Satine Phoenix concluded that started making porn as a form of therapy after being sexually abused by her own father.

Stage name: Satine Phoenix

Age: 34

Profession: artist, former porn star

Phoenix has devoted nearly five years of art and not performing as porn actress. However,  is still regarded with reluctance after it is played in the porn stigma not think it will ever get. You must convince the people that are truly artist. How do you say I worked as a porn star, even if the last 4-5 years since then, I see only as a starlet ” she told Phoenix. Although it seems strange, Phoenix concluded that started making porn as a form of therapy after being sexually abused by her own father: My father molested me for ten years. The fact that I played in porn think it helped me regain control of my own sexuality. I think it had to do this so I feel I can hold the power sexually. It was necessary to do this to me turns to the woman who is at the moment.

Satine Phoenix

The big problem that Phoenix has the pornography industry refers to what children learn so easily can access sexually explicit products. Children learn that it’s okay to have sex in cool manner, sterile, lacking the intimacy that seen in the movies“, emphasized how important it is to distinguish between sex education and sexual fantasy material.

Also, Phoenix was extremely frustrated because she could not influence that reached all the way to be presented in the movies play after footage went on to edit. Editor make me look like a mindless slut, no matter I would have tried something else, “she told the former actress. It says that what she saw herself on the small screen in the final product, was very different from what happened on set. Finally, Phoenix is terrified by the nightmare that some porn actresses who want to return to society and try to get a normal job. Most times they are sexually harassed or not employed. People will always see in them a slut. It’s like they think bitch does its job well, but still remains whore“.