Cirillo: “I want to play in a porn movie!”

Bruno CirilloThree years ago, back when Chivu play in Rome, all his teammates Rocco Siffredi declared themselves fans of the most famous actor famous for X in the Peninsula and sizes (some doctors say exaggerated) his sexual organ.

The other day, some news coming from the same geographical area tell us that many players in Serie A, some even international calls at a gigolo It seems that there are some frustrations more or less disguised, but it should be appreciated that some are true and some things recunonosc the public. The last of them is football Reggina, Bruno Cirillo. According to his own statements, the man has a dream since childhood. To be filmed while having sex.

Rocco November siamo

About this Italian man as the definition away from a Petrarch or Da Vinci. At least that‘s colleagues say Cirillo, who saw in Adam’s costume game. It has boy ‘” That would be the definition of its emptiness. I say this because it is true. Simply Cirillo confirms rumors circulating on account of his manhood. Comparison with Cassano makes a little more talkative. Even entering into details, as they say.

Come on Have 700 women? I just got a 20 and believe me, I’m not the type to blush in front of a woman, complete Italian defender. Regarding his dream ever, “His greatest ever”, as the Americans say, our man has no doubt.

“I want to be an actor in a film for adults, as they say, although including minors looking at this kind of productions. One of those teens I was and I therefore admit that it was my dream always been a great. Football has always been second And the main reason is that there are some things that we have not seen on screen before. I’m sure many men would appreciate what I want to present in the scene that I thought her. not the other, but every actor is a little director concluded the player aged 31 years his erotic confessions.


The porn industry in the United States, blocked by the gesture of an actor. What he did?

American porn actor Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in jail after admitting he is responsible for the epidemic of syphilis that blocked the porn industry in the USA in August.

American porn actor Mr. Marcus admitted that he illegally changed the medical tests showed he was suffering from syphilis to continue to play adult film. At least nine other players were sick because of Mr. Marcus (real name Jesse Spencer), so the porn industry activity in the United States was blocked in August 2012 due to the outbreak of syphilis. Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in prison for his deed.

Mr. Marcus




Charlie Sheen’s career affected by his girlfriend, Brett Rossi, porn starlet.

Charlie Sheen’s career affected by his girlfriend, porn starlet. What happened to the actor because of her. It seems that Sheen‘s relationship with adult film actress Brett Rossi unpleasant effects of the actor’s career, already in decline.

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi

Filming on the plateau series “Anger Management” has been temporarily discontinued after Charlie Sheen got sick of laryngitis, American newspapers write.

Source close to Sheen, quoted by “Daily Mail”, say many parties where the actor goes with his girlfriend Brett Rossi are to blame for the situation.

The actor, aged 48, was forced to miss work two days last week and the rest to shoot only half of the program because of painful health problems.

A friend of the actor said, in fact, that if Sheen is not reviewing its adolescent behavior, is likely to suffer another crisis like the one that brought fired from “Two and a Half Men”.

Filming Charlie stopped last week because he suffers from a terrible case of laryngitis. He could not talk all week and worked only half of the program this week, because his voice is not 100% ok. Practically ceased filming Charlie appears in every scene. “

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi KISS

 “The reason is simple laryngitis did. Charlie going nonstop since he met Brett.”

It seems that the relationship with the controversial star XXX affected and those around Sheen. His manager, Mark Burg, PR or Solters Larry‘s attorney, Jake Bloom, and resigned after all they have managed to understand the actor. And it seems as if he would have done it, and Sheen have given out. All because the three have expressed concern about his relationship, he told another source close the star.

Brett encouraged Charlie to get rid of Mark, Larry and Jason because he thinks I do not like and that he sabotaged the relationship. Brett take decisions now in Charlie’s life, although the two are known only 6 weeks!” Said appalled a source close to Charlie Sheen .


Charlie Sheen marries Brett Rossi, a porn star.

Brett Rossi and Charlie SheenNEWS: Charlie Sheen + Brett Rossi = LOVE!? MARRIAGE?

This is the fourth marriage for the actor . The contentious and controversial actor has announced he news of his link via his Twitter account , hanging a picture of happy marriage in the former French consulate city of Reykjavik, where in 1986 a summit was held between President United States Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev laying the foundations of the end of the Cold War.

This is the house in which Gorbachev and Reagan did something great . It is also where S and we got married ! ” Published . ‘ S ‘ is the nickname of Scottie. Brett Rossi is a porn star and has become the fourth wife of Charlie Sheen, after this has been married to Donna Peele (1995 to 1996) , Denise Richards ( 2002 to 2006) and Brooke Mueller ( from 2008 to 2011 ) .

The actor is the father of four children. The result of her marriage to Sam and Lola Denise were born , and his union with Brooke, twins Bob and Max .

Now Charlie Sheen is also in another controversy after he called inept to Ashton Kutcher.

Brett Rossi pornstar sexy




Sofia Gucci, a porn diva twisted mind of Don Johnson.

Sofia Gucci, a porn diva twisted mind of Don Johnson. Sofia Gucci is best guarded secret of the famous actor from “Miami Vice”.

In the 63 years, Don Johnson maintains strong reputation greatest conqueror in Hollywood. Although he’s married teacher Kelley Phleger in 1999, which gave him three children, Johnson want’s Sofia Gucci , for 27 years.

Sofia Gucci saw daylight on June 9, 1986, in Timisoara. Leave Romania only 10 years since 1996 and lives in Naples. In 2006 starts the adult film industry in less than a year becomes “porn queen” of Italy, just 20 years old.

In September 2006, plays in the movie “Bastardi” with Don Johnson. It ravaged her charms actor from “Miami Vice” that is surprised by paparazzi makes out with porn star . Although it is married to a teacher in San Francisco, Kelley Phleger, and has three children with her, Don lost his head completely.He dropped the divorce then being forgiven by his wife. But gossips say whenever coming to Europe to film, Don Johnson is looking for Sofia, who can not forget. Present adulterous relationship of Don Johnson’s overlooked by his wife, who does not want to divorce her husband despite the craziness.Wife knows but not divorced .Don Johnson married in 1999, Kelley Phleger, 44 years. The couple have three children: Atherton Johnson (born in 1999), Jasper Johnson (born in 2002) and Deacon Johnson (born in 2006). Don Johnson has been married three times, including Melanie Griffith (between 1989-1996). Repeatedly admitted that he is very hard to be faithful to one woman.





What is not seen in XXX

What is not seen in XXX films!?


In an industry worth billions of dollars and has played a key role in the development of the Internet there is no room for mistakes and improvisations. Here’s the dirty secret of adult film interesting:


How well the actresses feel?

There are women who work in the porn industry because they love to have sex, and the luckiest of them often orgasm during filming. Most actresses are forced to mimic orasmul but so moans and cries of adult films often related to theatrical performance.


At first glance, the job of cameraman porn production involves a strong dose of temperance and self-control. In reality, cameramen XXX industry does not even seem interesting scenes are “hot” you filming. “I see the same stuff every day, six days a week, for years. They do not care, “says actress Victoria Rae Black.


Often, actresses and actors sex XXX movies known by hour or two shooting began. It is also possible that one or both are married, so that between them there is little chance to knock off a relationship other than professional.


Actors in the porn industry have a more difficult job than actresses. Filming for a scene can take up to three hours, is surrounded by cameramen and reflectors, directors require them to take frequent breaks and stay in uncomfortable positions, so that only the best of them fail.


Is this the David Zepeda and Sabrina Sabrok doing porn?


We still have not recovered from that video that was leaked in which we could see Sabrina Sabrok starring in a sex scene with his former partner Erick Farjeat, this woman jump again today. The last of the infarct is that Argentina intends to record a porn video along with fellow actor David Zepeda.

For some time that Sabrina confessed in public that wanted to offer a lot of money for the handsome David Zepeda it dared to shoot porn with blonde bombshell. Sabrina and David met recently to attend both the “Canyon”, hosted by Yordi Rosado for the Televisa television channel. In this program, Sabrina David proposed to the idea that the two staged a scene of hot and wild sex. Sabrina tells us own, David gladly accepted the proposal and is pleased with the idea of ​​sharing moments bed beside her. Who does not ? Many of you will think. Of course, no shortage of skills to neither. She has a heart-stopping tits that would delight any fan of the female body, and he has become a sex symbol triumphant wherever he goes.

Of course, Sabrina was determined to put on record the meeting by all possible means. Therefore, he shared with all followers of his official account of Instagram a photo in which appear both in loving and playful attitude.

David Zepeda and Sabrina Sabrok doing porn 2

Although this is not the first time that we saw in action at these two beauty, yes that would be his first video together and so spoiled. Recall that David also starred in a sex tape in which all could enjoy their sexual attributes exposed. Both have been caught red-handed having sex well, so what better combination could be that these two sex to explode at any time bombs? The worst that can happen is that Sabrina David takes a look at those big nipples having in each breast, but it is a risk we are willing to take as long see fucking bag as if there were no tomorrow.

David Zepeda and Sabrina Sabrok doing porn 3

If you want to see the first porn video with Sabrina Sabrok filtering, visit and do not stay here and not see it. :)))


Stephen Clancy Hill, XXX movie actor who killed colleague with a sword, died

Stephen Clancy Hill, XXX movie actor who killed colleague with a sword, died –

Stephen Clancy Hill gunsPorn actor Stephen Clancy Hill, 34, who murdered fellow plate-samurai sword, died after falling from a cliff in Los Angeles.

XXX movie actor was wanted by police for murder, after a few days ago killed a man and injured two others. Immediately after the incident, he fled the scene took refuge on a rock in a natural reserve.

Ambushed by SWAT, the man threatened to eight hours to kill himself with the same sword alleged to be the murder weapon.

Out of patience, the police shot him in the end with a stun gun. The man lost his balance and crashed into the empty 15 meters, the fatal blows.


Charlie Sheen dumped her! Brett Rossi, porn actress she will not kiss the altar soon!

Charlie Sheen was preparing to go to the altar for the fourth time, on November 22, along with his fiancée, former porn actress Brett Rossi. However, the couple announced yesterday that they have decided to separate.

Brett Rossi broke up by Charlie SheenLove lasted only one year for the controversial actor. The star of Anger Management” confirmed to Radar Online website that although Brett is an exceptional life partner have decided to go their separate ways, instead spend their whole life together.

The two began the relationship in November last year, were engaged in February, Valentine‘s Day, during a vacation in Hawaii, and had only four weeks until the wedding they had planned on November 22.

The Hollywood star has explained its decision by the fact that, at present, should pay more attention to children‘s and not a relationship, although claims that he still has feelings for Brett Rossi. The announcement comes shortly after the overseas media rumors that Sheen appeared complains friends that former porn actress is too possessive and not let him go to parties.


How many times a day should ejaculate a porn actor?

Porn star status for a man involves convincing 3-4 ejaculations per day. That means not using replacement actor or “penis substitute” as it is called in the porn.

We know that a man releases about three cubic centimeters of sperm during an ejaculation, which means that the most potent male must ejaculate approximately 23 gallons of sperm in a year while shooting porn scenes.

Fitness experts and other similar matters calculated as a porn star, for example, ejaculate 3 times in 6 o’clock every day in front of the camera, burn between 250 and 400 calories.

I'm a fucking porn star