The technology revolutionizes love and sex.

The technology revolutionizes love and sex

Very interesting video report that Vice guys have done on the industry of digital love. The Oculus Rift virtual reality and bring us more and more to a fully interactive porn. The adult entertainment industry is molded with the latest technologies and sharpen their goals to be the protagonist in love and sex of the XXI century.



Richest actresses in the adult industry

The top 10 richest actresses in the adult industry.

Adult entertainment industry is unique by the fact that it is one of the few (if not only globally) where women make more money than men, and more, have more than their celebrity.

Even if the subject dualism love / hate from society, this industry is very popular and its productions are seasoned relationships bedroom or helps newbies” to satisfy curiosity.

Whatever people’s opinion, the fact is that professional actresses make good money from movies, presentation websites or magazines.

So here is the list of actresses with the highest incomes made ​​career:

10. Gianna Michaels – 2,2 millions of dollars

Gianna Michaels

Before attempting modeling, Gianna Michaels was a waitress in a fast food Seattle situation where fervently wanted to leave. modeling experience helped in his next career move that proved to be the lucky one in 2004 he started working in the adult entertainment industry, which is active today.

9. Sasha Grey – 2,5 millions of dollars

Sasha Grey porn star sexy

Although retired, Sasha Grey was a star of the industry and at one time was seen as the “new Jenna Jameson“. It is still a promoter and defender of the adult industry and does not regret a moment chosen career. Besides the fact that it was a successful actress, Grey wrote an erotic book in 2003.

8. Audrey Bitoni – 2,5 millions of dollars

Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni has joined the industry in 2008, the year in which she won the award for best new starlet (Best New Starlet Award) and appeared on the cover of the November issue of Penthouse Magazine. Work and talent was rewarded in the years that followed many professional awards.

Interestingly, the first contact with the industry had in 2004 at a pre Playboy, but preferred to continue their studies and then to pose naked.

7. Jenna Haze – 3,5 millions of dollars

Jenna Haze

She entered the industry at age 19 and, between 2001 and 2006, she worked only with women, because of a promise made ​​to her boyfriend. Jenna realized early enough that it does not need an agent, so to manage alone. Since 2009 she has his own production company, Jennaration X Studios.

6. Kayden Kross – 4,5 millions of dollars

Kayden Kross

His career started back from university and was very successful as witnessed by the numerous awards won. In addition to the fact that the industry is still active, working with items in a number of publications.

5. Katie Morgan – 4,5 millions of dollars

Katie Morgan

Even thoughs he retired from business, income earned places in the top half. The decision to become an actress was taken by need, it is lending money to bail after she was caught transporting marijuana from Mexico to the United States, but did not think he regrets step taking into account the income.

4. Bree Olson – 5 millions of dollars

Bree Olson porn star

She began her career at 20 years and between 2006 and 2013 she won no less than five million dollars for the 280 films.

It is one of the ladies that Charlie Sheen lived in 2011, during separation from the sitcom Two and a Half Menand picture PETA Lettuce Lady, being an avid supporter of veganism.

3. Jesse Jane – 8 millions of dollars

Jesse Jane rich porn star

Jesse Jane is the typical image of the American girl. She grew up in a soldierly lifestyle, took dancing lessons, was a cheerleader in high school. Cindy Taylor her real name was inspired to join the industry for adults to an article on Tera Patrick, so he signed a contract with Digital Playground. Besides practicing acting, Jesse Jane has a production line of vodka.

2. Traci Lords – 7 millions of dollars

Traci Lords

Traci Lords‘s career began with a scandal, she is 16 years old and coming from a broken family. One who launched” was his mother‘s lover. After modeling and print Lords came to film and created his own production company.

1. Jenna Jameson – 30 millions of dollars

Jenna Jameson rich porn star

Jenna Jameson is one of the most iconic figures in the entertainment industry. It started as a stripper at an early age, to her mother’s footsteps. From the undressing undressing actress arrived, and still successful.

Apart from modeling and acting, Jameson has written two books, one fiction and one autobiographical, and is also a successful entrepreneur.






The porn industry needs help from state.


Although it seems hard to believe adult entertainment industry is also affected by the global economic crisis. Adult Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild general manager, Joe Francis, the leaders in this area, the Congress filed a joint application requesting a $ 5 billion government bailout, just to help us shone in difficult times “, said Francis.

Congress seems willing to support the country’s most important industry, we believe we are entitled to the same consideration. In difficult times of economic, Americans turn to entertainment for relief. Increasingly more, the type of entertainment they’re looking for is the one for adults “, he added. Flynt disagrees and believes that the recession has caused Americans to forget sex. “Lack of sex is very unhealthy for the nation. Americans can do without cars and such goods but can not survive without sex “, he said. Adult entertainment sector has felt the effects of the economic crisis bringing decreases of 22% in sales and rentals of DVDs. It seems that the average American now prefer the Internet to search for adult entertainment. It is time for US legislators to revitalize the sex drive of the Americans. The only way you can achieve this is to support rapid adult industry , said Flynt.

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