Madeline Madison: She starred in a XXX movie , she fainted when she met partner. Who was the man!?

Madeline Madison: She starred in a XXX movie , she fainted when she met partner. Who was the man!? An American porn actress has not ever imagine that will go through such an awkward situation. Madison Madeline sues his art studio because producers would be forced her without her knowing it, to film a sex scene with her brother, who was also adult film actor.

Madeline Madison - She starred in a XXX movie , she fainted when she met partner

It all happened when, arrived on the set, Madeline Madison was informed that must film a scene of oral sex through a hole in a wall. Then she saw and recognized partner.

“Manufacturers do I let them know it before, something that I felt strange because we usually know and we salute before shooting. I like to establish an emotional connection with my partner before a scene. Just try and fall in love with her quickly, if I may, because I’m easier way. The Japanese love incest. They pull millions out there. They paid only $ 100 for the stage, and I’ll pay a living, I need psychiatric help. I’m an alcoholic, but I left it. In a few years will have to pay again for rehabilitation. I can not watch my brother in the eye. My life is ruined” she said.

Representatives house productions but an alternative and younger argue that knew who her partner.

“It’s a lie. She would do anything for money. Usually we pay 25 dollars on a stage like this, but I agreed to give him 100, since it was her brother” said company pornography.


Opinion of those who believe that adult film actresses earn money EASY!

A XXX film actress agreed to reveal what is actually active in the porn industry and argues that it is not a easy job. Acting talents of women who play in adult films should be appreciated at their true value, if we follow the words of Aurora Snow, who says that pain and endurance involved in sex scenes performed in front of the cameras would do anything athlete to give back.

Aurora SnowPortrait of the actress in action: I sweat streams flowing girl barely keep my legs tired, my jaw hurts because I sat with my mouth open too much and my throat burns because it was turned into an unnatural angle.

Being adult film actor to win easy money does not mean, as some might think.

I smiled during some scenes hard, then I got home sickened by what I had done, I curled up in bed and I was wrong. There is always a price to be paid; effects on the body will not only see a few years.

Actresses in adult films, said Aurora Snow, are prone to internal breakage, as athletes are prone to tendon rupture. Nobody talks about it, so it’s hard to monitor how often it happens.

Wounds are not part of the routine, but many actresses, including Aurora Snow, have had enough incidents of this type. The first random painful Aurora career was overlooked by the director, who suggested to use more lube and continued to film. It was awful, but the actress reveals that filming should continue regardless of the circumstances, because otherwise, no one gets the money for the work before.

In addition, the gains are not as big as believed not get paid overtime, that means that if you shoot a few scenes for 2 days, get the same amount he receives another actress for a few hours of shooting, if the interval was recorded exactly as written in the contract. In addition, no health or unemployment insurance in case you do not find work.




2,274 movies, sex with 14,000 women. The story of John Curtis Holmes, the most incomprehensible adult film actor!

When he died, just at 44 years old in 1988, mankind has realized that his life has beaten much, all over the 2,200 pornographic films had played. Infected with HIV for over two years. Continue to have sex with men, with women continuing to take drugs. After his death, the adult film world has changed!

The natural question is: Why would write about an adult film actor a whole story and, especially, why would anyone read these things? And let us have what even life stages must walk a guy who had sex with 14,000 women?

The answer is “YES” to understand that in most cases, life beats the movie!

John Curtis Holmes

On March 13, 1988, John Curtis Holmes die at no 44, due to complications caused by the fact that he was infected with HIV at a hospital where he had spent the last five months of life. He was adult film actor. She had been diagnosed with the deadly disease two years ago but had not told anyone. Continue to play the film in a moment in which the actors in the industry started to realize what dangers they are exposed.

He drove in his youth ambulances. Became dealer, gigolo, pimp for her friends. Possess all the “advantages” to end, life in federal prison when, in the early 60s, clandestine affairs with film for adults gathered clot as a manifestation the sexual revolution that hit the road and every day , conquering more and more followers. He don’t lost time. Possessing the kind of mother with a penis that, erect measure 37 centimeters, he began to play in these films. John Curtis Holme interpret it Johnny Wadd , a private detective, a parody movies with investigators from the great Bogart style.

John Curtis Holmes

2,274 films (some say as many more), sex with 14,000 women. He was christened “Mr. Penis”. In the mid 70s, his problems with cocaine intensified. He became violent, paranoid. Clashes, serious police. It was associated with a cartel in Hollywood, he was arrested but released. Prostituted with women but also men, who paid a fortune to have it the “King of sex”, the famous actor.

In 1986 it was announced by doctor that he is HIV positive. He was told to abandon hist “job” they did. Holmes did not want to hear. He go to Italy, he starred with Cicciolina, Tracy Adams and Amnber Lynn, “goddesses” of such films. Miraculously, none of them was infected!

His death meant, ironically, the awakening of the sleeping minds who believed that nothing serious can occur in such an industry. Porn star started to use condoms, actors and actresses made their analyzes every day. As Holmes was cremated and the remains scattered in Oxnard, California, by the second wife of his. Final worthy of a character who had a character all his life.


The industry turns back on James Deen!

The industry turns back on James Deen! Things are getting very, very bad for the actor and director James Deen after his ex-partner, actress, director and writer Stoya, denounce this weekend in Twitter being raped by him (more on this link). After the occurrence of testimonials from other actresses who claim to have suffered similar assaults, now is the industry that is closing ranks, showing all his rejection of a behavior that already assume as true.

The industry turns back on James Deen

The first to publicly demonstrate, within a few hours to diffuse allegations Stoya, were representatives of the website The Frisky, where James Deen regularly signed a section called “What Would James Deen Do” which was responsible for addressing inquiries the readers:

“After multiple James Deen women accused of rape and sexual assault, The Frisky has taken an immediate decision to end our affiliation with porn star and cancel their sex advice column. Besides believing that it would be inappropriate to continue publishing sex advice of someone facing these serious allegations, The Frisky is committed to the belief and solidarity with the victims / survivors that have come to light. After analyzing and serious consideration, we have decided to stop the columns published in The Frisky indicating this disclaimer, as we believe that there is an obvious gap between the tacit consent suggested by Deen and allegations of rape against him, to be domain public”

Late yesterday, the APAC (the committee responsible for safeguarding the rights of adult film actors) issued a statement that James Deen had tendered his voluntary resignation, leaving his position as chairman.

“The APAC recognizes the seriousness of the allegations made by actresses of the community and that indicates a serious conflict between a board member and other members of the organization. The board of the APAC wants to assert unequivocally that is with actors and other sex workers who are victims of any sexual assault. APAC is committed to being a safe space for actors and create a healthier and safer industry ”

The industry turns back on James Deen 2 Almost immediately, one of the most important studies in thematic BDSM, spread another official statement announcing the termination of any relationship with the actor.

“For the community of, the largest community BDSM, consent and respect are sacred. With immediate effect, cease all ties with James Deen, both as an actor and producer. Our actors, sets not only safe, but the ability to work without fear of being attacked deserve. Rape or sexual assault, with or without security word outside shooting or inside, should never be accepted as a danger of productions for adults. While many of the accusations against Deen are new, the pattern is alarming. In the coming weeks and months, we will review our Legal Statutes to strengthen the rights of actors outside set, and work with large industries to help artists who have been assaulted to get ahead more easily ”

Meanwhile Evil Angel, one of the most influential industry studies, has also decided to close the tap Deen. Its founder, the legendary John Stagliano, made the following statements:

“In light of recent allegations against James Deen, Evil Angel decided today not to sell any new scene in which he participates. While our company has fantasies about rough sex or aggressive agreed, these charges are of such a nature contrary to our values we feel obliged to suspend sales until more information is available ”

Finally Chad Braverman, director of operations of the firm Doc Johnson (company that markets a line of sex toys with the image of James Deen) has also expressed its intention to stop production.

“We’re taking very seriously the allegations against James Deen. And in view of the recent allegations we have decided not to continue with the products we produce under his name ”

It is not yet clear whether James Deen have legally liable for acts attributed to him, it seems indisputable is that (guilty or not) his image has been damaged so definitively that this may mean the end of his days in the porn industry. Sad climax to one of the most outstanding performers of the last decade …

We will continue to watch for any developments