Samantha Saint is no saint…

Samantha Saint is no saint

Samantha Saint is the embodiment of a profile outdated porn actress and declining.. Blonde, big tits … Last scene in “Pornstars Like It Big” series Brazzers where adult film star promulgated to the four winds her passion.

Cylindrical cuts aside, the beautiful Samantha Saint plays in this issue to a corrupt police officer who takes advantage of her position to peddle dubious morality services. Unfortunately for her internal affairs agent Danny D will be lurking and after subjecting surveillance for several days, eventually catching her in the act in an abandoned warehouse.

Is this the end of the police profession of our beautiful protagonist? Will they reach some agreement that benefits both parties ?. ¿Why are you still reading this and you’re no longer enjoying the material down ??


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Ginger Devil love Halloween.

Georgiana Boureanu, aka Ginger Devil is probably the most sexy adult film star from Europe . She chose everything a superhero costume, just like Superman‘s sign over the chest but do not stay more than a pair of silicone breasts very inviting.

Ginger Devil is Superman




Crissy Moran, before porn actress, now prof of religion

Unbelievable! Porn star, Crissy Moran movies abandoned erotic scenarios to teach religion to church every Sunday!

Crissy Moran

Crissy Moran starred in porn for 6 years before to give up this career for the church. Pastor John Hohe took her under his wing and they now keep their jobs Sunday together. Jesus told us three stories, of which the most important is the prodigal son.” said the pastor, trying to argue the decision to invite the church Crissy.

Lutheran Church in the town of Powell, where Crissy lecture

I hope in this way to understand that sinners may return to God anytime.the priest added. Crissy says it is very happy to have reached this way and that he was sorry that he gave up salary of $ 15,000 (50,200 million) per month, you have the porn actress.

Now Crissy Bible teaches parishioners who come to church Sunday

Crissy speaks every Sunday on the teachings of the Bible and her experience as adult film star. However, the services of the Lutheran church in the town of Powell (USA), where Crissy sermon, are prohibited for children under 12.


Confessions of Holly Henderson, adult star brought death threats

NEWS: An actress who has made ​​a successful career in the adult film industry has sparked outrage after appearing in a TV show. Confessions of Holly Henderson, adult film star actresses brought death threats!

Holly Henderson

Porn star, Holly Henderson, her real name Jeannette Worthington said during a program broadcast on Channel 4 that make a fortune clearing” money men rich and generous.

The public reaction was very tough, young receiving threatening messages on the Internet.

Some offended, saying that is bad, others say it is a disgrace to other women, because it is able to make some money through honest trade.

One man even wrote that the actress deserves to be ill with cancer.

In reply, Holly said that it was a TV show and in real life has a job that he brings enough money without having to take the men.



Look how looks now, Eva Kent! Regina of adult film!

Regina of adult film: Look how she looks now, Eva Kent!!!

Eva Kent is taking a while ago with incendiary stances in which public display. Blonde, of course, the fact that she was already a famous adult film star. Subsequently, Oana Oprea, whose real name has disappeared from the public landscape. Well, do not think that there was a woman of the house. Currently she works as a model in Spain, where it also established. Of course, not up to being provocative for its Facebook page is full of … “wonders!

Eva Kent new pics:

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Nong Nat, an adult film star became a housewife after she get married: “I prayed to have a good husband!”. Who is the man!?

A former star of films for adults, Thai origin, became a housewife after she married a man with 39 years older.

Nong Nat, an adult film star became a housewife

Nong Nat, 31, says she is happy with her husband of 70 years, which she found after she prayed and meditated.

Authorities in the country they have sentenced to suspended prison when found in her films scenes “too dirty”. That was when Nong was converted to Buddhism and began to pray and meditate for her life to change for the better and have everything she wants, including money.

Thus, she says, she has met Harold Jennings Nesland Jr., an American Millionaire architect , which was and married in 2012. Starlet says that man is what she wanted in life, especially that gives monthly income consistent. Periodically, she posted on social networks images of their privacy, including photos, in which she changes his socks, images that will look harmony and happiness in a relationship.

Occasionally, Nong Nat seems to be engulfed in nostalgia for ancient times and put in Instagram many a picture wearing summary outfits.

เอาบุญมาฝากทุกๆท่านค่ะ…เมื่อวานเรา2คนได้โอนปัจจัยไปถวายให้กับท่านพระอาจารย์ที่จังหวัดร้อยเอ็ดค่ะ…ท่านพระอาจารย์ได้นำเงินไปสานบุญให้กับทางเราต่อคือนำไปซื้อดินถมที่วัดเพื่อสร้างห้องน้ำให้กับทางวัด และได้นำเงินไปซื้อน้ำเปล่าเพื่อทำโรงทานถวายให้กับพระภิกษุ ขอบุญกุศลทั้งหมดส่งผลให้ข้าพเจ้าและคุณพี่รวมถึงทุกๆท่านได้มีความสุขพ้นจากสัพพะทุกข์ สัพพะโศก สัพพะโรค สัพพะภัย สัพพะเคราะห์เสนียดจัญไร ทั้งปวงนะเจ้าคะ🙏😇 #เรา2คนก็มานวดตัวก่อนออกไปเที่ยว #มาอุดหนุนกิจการทุกๆอย่างที่เป็นของคุณป๋าบรรจง #รักป๋าบรรจงรักFairtex สุดหัวใจ💕💕

A photo posted by น้องแน๊ต เกศริน ชัยเฉลิมพล (@natkejsarin) on

หนูบอกพี่แล้วนะว่าอย่ามาทำร้ายหนู ไม่อย่างนั้นคืนนี้พี่จะแย่ งั้นพี่จะทำร้ายหนูทั้งคืนเลยได้ไหม #อีนี่ดูดีตอนจะอาบน้ำจริงๆ #คือพี่บอกแล้วนะว่าถ้าเรื่องส่วนตัวแบบนี้พี่จะไม่ยุ่ง #เกิดมาเป็นอีหนูชีวิตมันก็เลยสบาย😂😂😂 #พี่ว่าหนูมาถูกทางละ…ทางไหนคะพี่…ทางใครทางมันไง😱😱😱 #OH..My😤😤😤

A photo posted by น้องแน๊ต เกศริน ชัยเฉลิมพล (@natkejsarin) on


There were hundreds of people present, but they were not inhibited at all! An adult film star made ​​XXX show with two women, at her birthday!

There were hundreds of people present, but they were not inhibited at all! An adult film star made XXX show with two women, at her birthday. Was celebrated of evening, so no inhibition started to entertain guests as she knows better. So, without a moment to sit thinking, started to make a show XXX adult movies worthy of appearing. True, there were only a few hundred people present, but … not intimidated.

Cristina Nitulescu xxx star

Cristina Nitulescu because of it it is one of the XXX stars from Romania who over time have gained huge fame through his appearances abroad by the lack of inhibition when it comes to sex in front of cameras. Day, blonde bombshell turned 26 years old, so perfect for a hot party that did not lack other stars from the world of adult productions like Jasmine Rouge and Ginger Devil.

As the birthday girl wanted her birthday to be a memorable one, and the party is one with totally unique, with a friend of hers, all blonde, all tuned, and as sexy as her began to make a show downright incendiary. The Cristina Nitulescu and Kamilla, as is known buddy XXX star did not hesitate to dance together in the most provocative way possible. They comforted kissed, they mimicked sex, and when the atmosphere is hot, applause viewers, touching forbidden appeared, blondes touching his private parts are fully through, groaning and making their appearance. ..

Obviously, one did not come Cristina show, so hot well, took her to the dance and another XXX star, Ginger Devil. And debauchery spiked two showing all which is why they have become so popular in the world of adult film.

Cristina Nitulescu porn star

Moreover, Cristina Nitulescu recognizes that everything is passionate about her job means even more scenes involved with another woman causes him greater pleasure. The second man in my life was porn. I discovered my sexuality and I realized that I love to do this. I have not got the money, which is different. No nympho, are a woman who likes sex. (…) I shot with a woman and a man. Anyway I had a small side with women. I’m bisexual, I’m … just a little story XXX star.

Cristina Nitulescu


Tiffany Shepard aka Leah Lust, a former biology teacher is now adult film star

Tiffany Shepard aka Leah Lust reshaped: Former biology teacher to adult film star! reshaped: Former biology teacher to adult film star! Tiffany Shepard says she sent resumes to over 2,500 companies, but no one wanted to hire her. Therefore turned to the pornography industry.

She lost the post of professor of biology and become porn actress. It’s an American of 31 years. She was fired from the school where he worked, on the ground that was photographed in a bikini, and the pictures had appeared on the Internet. Upset that can not find any job, she decided to take revenge” became a star in adult films.

“I take pride in my profession. To be honest, I really dislike,” said Leah Lust

. “I’m an educated woman, I never thought I’d get to do that.”

Stage name” of the former teacher is Leah Lust. Until now, women occurred in five pornographic production.

All actors in porn are the analyzes to date. I have a document certifying that does not suffer from any venereal disease“, says Leah Lust.

Leah Lust


Confession in tears from a former porn star. What does she advise young girls!

Former porn actress Bree Olson worked in the adult industry since she was 19 years and up to 25 years, then decided to give up and try a career with which to be proud. Unfortunately, the former star believed had no luck.

Bree Olson  confession

“People look at me as a pedophile” she wrote. “They looked at me like I mean less in all aspects and imagines the worst for me, in every way possible.”

Bree Olson is now struggling to find a job for any serious company that wants to hire her. So girl, in tears, explains one of the saddest ironies of the film industry for adults: “It’s the only industry where the more a woman has more success, the more it will suffer more, for the rest of his life “.

Young says he won well, but now it’s broke, because not receive any money from broadcast rights of its films. Knowing what he knows now, Olson says he would not have given up so easily porn, not before to put money aside.

“I gave up porn world like me. But I still do not like me and I will never love.” She does not blame the porn industry for this, but the way society treats because it was porn actress. Olsen has some advice for young women that consider a career as she was: “Do not do it. Money will not replace the pain that you will cause the company for the rest of your days.”

Bree Olson  confession