Bomb in the adult industry. What are they doing these two XXX actors defies logic!

A man and a woman will make the premiere, sex in outer space, but not to procreate, but for a new production of pornographic funded Pornhub, one of the most successful profile sites, writes The Independent.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind: Sexploration. Adult film will be filmed most likely in 2016, production costs are estimated at $ 3.4 million, a sum which hopes to gather online with passionate donors adult videos and novelty of the scientific aspect of the project “love for science and sex “, as it shows people from Pornhub.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins – Starring holders!

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins 2

The site offers substantial rewards co-sponsors, which would then be before the general public will follow as shooting positions use, production scenario etc.

The main roles were assigned adult film stars Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia who will be trained at least six months before the original space mission. “Pornhub joins’s pioneering missions Neil Armstrong and Gagarin, in a move that would defy gravity and made history. Sexploration will definitely be the first adult movie made by man in space “ writes Pornhub.

Photo Gallery:

Johnny Sins astronaut



How do you think this woman earn their living. You never have expected that, if you see how it looks.

Sabrina Sabrok realized that the adult industry has become extremely dangerous and decided to go out of business. Although he still has “tracesof its benefits visible porn star, Sabrina became the girl home and enjoying increasing success in Argentina.

Sabrina Sabrok

There is a TV show host, and agreed to sing with a band cyberpunk. Starlet has concerts without number” and even working on an album for her fans.

Sabrina Sabrok 1 Sabrina Sabrok 4 Sabrina Sabrok 5


Sky Kota leaves us! :(

“Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse” is a famous quote commonly attributed to legendary actor James Dean (not to be confused with his alter ego pornographic, the equally famous James Deen). In fact, they say that these words are part of a dialogue of the film ‘Knock on Any Door’ by Nicholas Ray (director also of ‘Rebel Without a Cause’) but in case it does not matter since neither intend to open a debate about the authorship of that phrase nor is that nobody died …

In our story today we travel to the sunny land of Tampa (Florida) to meet a person born in the spring of 1994. girl many Can that may know for his professional alias Dakota Skye, although a couple of months ago saw forced to change it by various pressures (it seems that there is a film called ‘Dakota Skye’, an exotic dancer and even a brand of sunflower seeds …). Not that I had done on purpose; at the time of Brooklyn called himself Webcammer K until one day someone found him like XXX actress Dakota Fanning (as the name was added homegrown by the color of your eyes).

Sky Kota

Anyway, Kota Sky started in porn in July 2013 when she was 19 years old and soon. The mixture of her smallness, her face good girl and her sexual predisposition soon get noticed. In just over six months he had done so many scenes and many (and important) different production even confessed she lost count. In early 2015 his work was featured in several nominations in the most prestigious awards of the business (XBIZ, AVN and XRCO), but eventually had to settle for the title of performer anal best in the Awards Alt, after suffering the misfortune of match Carter ‘freight train’ Cruise in major competitions. But not everything in this world for the awards comes down right ?.

In February, we assume that due to increased his growing fame, would the episode to which we referred earlier about name change. But apparently she took it with humor, after all Sky Kota sounded phonetically similar and even letters were saved …

And last week, without anyone expecting, we threw the cold water from her Twitter account:

Sky Kota twitter

The (and goings) return in the adult industry are practically our daily bread and never as nothing can take the decisive, however it is still striking that someone who decides to go ahead with such a risky project and stigmatizing such as porno, and also it makes forecasts as optimistic planting in such a short time, decide to leave right at the time when it begins to reap successes. No doubt they will have their reasons (I have not managed to find them) but can not get out of my head the idea that perhaps her foray into the adult film was not a decision too thoughtful. This reminds me of the debate that originated in Milkyway Channel a couple of years ago when Axel Braun announced her intention to veto the under 21 in their movies: Should there be a limit of mental maturity to engage in porn ?

By the way, it is possible that in Spain we are experiencing a similar situation and we have not heard … Does anyone know where she is Daytona X, according to the actress revelation Ninfa Frontline awards last year? …


Ashlynn Brooke: Porn actress combining sex parties from real life with sex parties from the glass.

At 23 unfulfilled, Ashlynn Brooke can be considered an accomplished woman. Even if she had to do something like that in the eyes of others to compromise to enter the adult industry. But American is far from regret the step taken. Not only secured financial stability, but it and love chosen profession. And try to be the best in the industry.

Ashlynn Brooke in red dressAshlynn Brooke has over 30 XXX films and is one of the highest rated American porn star. Gloria was unpredictable only three years ago when the great born in Choctaw, Oklahoma, was driving another car sale.

Actress in XXX movies to get rid of inhibitions.

Now, two years after entering the industry, not only afford almost any new car, but it spoils under the California sun, living in the city of stars, Los Angeles, and can make future plans quiet. Especially no shortage of contracts, including television, art that wants to dedicate all will end her career after XXX. But until then, Ashlynn Brooke is divided between red quarrel movies and erotic performances, supported throughout America.

As for what attracts the adult industry, she believes that the option was appropriate. She wanted to exhibit sexuality and got this. In addition, she likes to travel, meet new people and fans And, strange or not, here she met the love: none other than her fellow guild, Tommy Gunn. And as their relationship goes, it is not excluded to witness, before long, a wedding XXX

She want to have sex in an airplane toilet

Beautiful American has a life motto as. If I find the right man, have fun with the wrong one“, said in an interview with Fox magazine, a publication which has just developed a pictorial “hot”. However, Ashlynn has a pretty bad opinion about the men in her country: Are all children. Many have no idea what they want from life. I do not even know if I want to be with you or if you prefer to do the bachelor still. “For this reason, Sexy blonde announces loud and clear that it wishes to offer her male compatriots in lessons of love. Not the other, but it is considered a true expert. I would like to have sex in the elevator or the stairs of important buildings. Or in the toilet of a plane or of a bar. Unfortunately, we have failed so far. Anyway, I am a skilled woman. If a man feels he does not have, you can learn more ” , said porn actress .

My father supported me when I announced that I would be porn star

Ashlynn knew what she wants out of life: to enter the XXX industry. It was very exciting, and shy. I was not sure how to do the movements with another girl at the time, because it was the first time I had sex with another woman completely. I had fun making that video over and I will always remember that day“, confessed the star, who admits that her favorite scenes are very erotic and oral sex. What gave up with this step?

We lost some close, but for me not really friends if they prevented it. On the other hand, both the mother and father supported me and I know all about my adventures. I know that working in the porn industry, but we sat down to talk for hours about it “, added the American. Undoubtedly, however, in addition to material advantages, industry experience has seasoned blonde XXX movies and sex life, along with her partner. By far, my work has had a positive effect on my personal life because we put a lot more imagination to the test and reproduce various scenes. But sometimes our gender is inspired productions, sometimes not. Depends if we make love or sex.

Ashlynn Brooke pictures:

Ashlynn Brooke beautiful Ashlynn Brooke big ass Ashlynn Brooke crazy porn star Ashlynn Brooke excited Ashlynn Brooke in jail Ashlynn Brooke in prison fucked Ashlynn Brooke in red dress Ashlynn Brooke lesbian act Ashlynn Brooke naked in jail Ashlynn Brooke naked Ashlynn Brooke nakeg with big tits Ashlynn Brooke nasty Ashlynn Brooke play with a dildo Ashlynn Brooke play with her vagina Ashlynn Brooke porn star Ashlynn Brooke pornstar Ashlynn Brooke ready for a fuck Ashlynn Brooke sexy lingerie Ashlynn Brooke sexy porn star Ashlynn Brooke show her tits and vagina Ashlynn Brooke show her vulva Ashlynn Brooke teen Ashlynn Brooke xxx starAshlynn Brooke



Sasha Grey, most desired porn actress in the world, could return to the adult industry

American Sasha Grey, porn actress most desired in the world, who turns 29, is showing signs that she wants to return to the spotlight. The actress was retired from the porn industry in 2011, but her films still have a huge success.

Sasha Grey, most desired porn actress in the world

A survey by a famous adult site in dozens of countries highlighted Sasha as the most popular XXX Diva and most desired in the world, her films making now making millions of dollars house productions that worked.

But three years ago, the actress who gathered a fortune of over three million dollars in porn decided to try his luck in serious films in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Grey starred in the famous film director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Eleven) and caught some small roles alongside actors like all Adrien Grenier (series “Entourage”) and Keira Knightley.

Recently, however, the actress posted on her social account image that gave her fans the opportunity to hope for a comeback.


Victoria Rae Black. Confessions of a porn actress.

Victoria Rae Black, a porn star and former Bunny” Playboy, told the Reddit social networking site looks like the adult industry today and how it manages to separate their personal life from that writes Business Insider.

Victoria Rae Black

Sex in front of the camera is NOT the same as the one in my sex life private. There was an adjustment period with my friend, but once I open emotionally, was the most passionate sex of my life. The fact that working with other men makes me appreciate more sex with my boyfriend “, the actress confessed.

About her friend, Victoria Rae Black says he loves how it really is and that he had seen movies before you know. Also XXX diva told that often mimics pleasure while they have sex in movies.

You have to fake sometimes. If someone finds it shocking that, to try to have sex with many strangers several times a week, given that some of them do not feel attracted “, Victoria RaeBlack wrote on Reddit.

She spoke about cameramen and shattered the myth that, for them, every day at work is a pleasure. Those guys are so indifferent to what happens. I see it every day, sometimes twice a day, six days a week. I have not met a cameraman whom to care“, said the actress, who has already told internet users and how things work in her industry economically.

I think the economy is starting to recover slightly. We have seen a decrease in the number of shots you‘ve had in the last two years, but now the situation is improving, companies make more money and therefore produce more content. I think the entertainment is generally a transnational state, consisting of TV / video and Internet. Our industry has suffered for years because of competition from online. Only recently have companies begun to find innovative ways to make money to go directly to them and not lose because of circulating free porn on the internet, said actress adult movies Victoria Rae Black , quoted by Business Insider .

Victoria Rae Black porn star


BREE OLSON, porn star in PLAYBOY!

BREE OLSON known American porn star (born in 1986, under the name Rachel Marie Oberlin, a Ukrainian immigrant family) started working in the adult industry in 2006. In 2008, 1.60 meters tall blonde debut Penthouse magazine, then in Hustler. In 2011, apparently retires, from a brief relationship with actor Charlie Sheen, and he fired from the show “Two and a Half Men”. … Bree is vegetarian and atheist activist and PETA “Lettuce Lady” honorary. Recently, she posed for Playboy USA, according to Egotastic !. As a porn star, BREE OLSON has appeared in hundreds of XXX material, see etc. He received 11 industry awards and in 2007 entered porn in XXX actresses top 20. Here it is in the magazine photos of Bunny, but also images from XXX sites ( and personal website – She’s in Playboy porn star: BREE OLSON!

Bree Olson has a fuck Bree Olson has a fuck1 Bree Olson has a fuck2 Bree Olson has a fuck3 Bree Olson has a fuck4 Bree Olson has a fuck5 Bree Olson has a fuck6 Bree Olson has a fuck7 Bree Olson has a fuck8 Bree Olson has a fuck9 Bree Olson has a fuck11 Bree Olson has a fuck12 Bree Olson has a fuck13 Bree Olson has a fuck14



Sandra Romain speaks exclusively about benefits porn star life

Sandra Romain speaks exclusively about benefits porn star life , favorite position and the title of “Queen of anal sex“!

Sandra Romain queen of anal sex

The new edition of the Eros Show opened its doors last night, an event hosted by Sunday Polyvalent Hall.

Porn stars, sexy cheerleader, sex toys and lingerie, that I admired Wednesday night at the opening Eros Show!

Special guest is Sandra Romain at Eros Show , the most famous porn star in the world who gave us an exclusive interview.

Sandra Romain anal sex

Sandra came not only from Eros Show, but along with her ​​younger sister who she says “took one decision to enter the adult industry.”

Sister of Sandra Romain

Sandra performances were classified as extreme, Sandra is known for XXX scenes extremely hard and gang-bang scenes and gonzo. Although it has only 34 years, Sandra has appeared so far in over 300 XXX productions.

Sandra Romain porn star at eros show 2 Sandra Romain porn star at eros show


Richest actresses in the adult industry

The top 10 richest actresses in the adult industry.

Adult entertainment industry is unique by the fact that it is one of the few (if not only globally) where women make more money than men, and more, have more than their celebrity.

Even if the subject dualism love / hate from society, this industry is very popular and its productions are seasoned relationships bedroom or helps newbies” to satisfy curiosity.

Whatever people’s opinion, the fact is that professional actresses make good money from movies, presentation websites or magazines.

So here is the list of actresses with the highest incomes made ​​career:

10. Gianna Michaels – 2,2 millions of dollars

Gianna Michaels

Before attempting modeling, Gianna Michaels was a waitress in a fast food Seattle situation where fervently wanted to leave. modeling experience helped in his next career move that proved to be the lucky one in 2004 he started working in the adult entertainment industry, which is active today.

9. Sasha Grey – 2,5 millions of dollars

Sasha Grey porn star sexy

Although retired, Sasha Grey was a star of the industry and at one time was seen as the “new Jenna Jameson“. It is still a promoter and defender of the adult industry and does not regret a moment chosen career. Besides the fact that it was a successful actress, Grey wrote an erotic book in 2003.

8. Audrey Bitoni – 2,5 millions of dollars

Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni has joined the industry in 2008, the year in which she won the award for best new starlet (Best New Starlet Award) and appeared on the cover of the November issue of Penthouse Magazine. Work and talent was rewarded in the years that followed many professional awards.

Interestingly, the first contact with the industry had in 2004 at a pre Playboy, but preferred to continue their studies and then to pose naked.

7. Jenna Haze – 3,5 millions of dollars

Jenna Haze

She entered the industry at age 19 and, between 2001 and 2006, she worked only with women, because of a promise made ​​to her boyfriend. Jenna realized early enough that it does not need an agent, so to manage alone. Since 2009 she has his own production company, Jennaration X Studios.

6. Kayden Kross – 4,5 millions of dollars

Kayden Kross

His career started back from university and was very successful as witnessed by the numerous awards won. In addition to the fact that the industry is still active, working with items in a number of publications.

5. Katie Morgan – 4,5 millions of dollars

Katie Morgan

Even thoughs he retired from business, income earned places in the top half. The decision to become an actress was taken by need, it is lending money to bail after she was caught transporting marijuana from Mexico to the United States, but did not think he regrets step taking into account the income.

4. Bree Olson – 5 millions of dollars

Bree Olson porn star

She began her career at 20 years and between 2006 and 2013 she won no less than five million dollars for the 280 films.

It is one of the ladies that Charlie Sheen lived in 2011, during separation from the sitcom Two and a Half Menand picture PETA Lettuce Lady, being an avid supporter of veganism.

3. Jesse Jane – 8 millions of dollars

Jesse Jane rich porn star

Jesse Jane is the typical image of the American girl. She grew up in a soldierly lifestyle, took dancing lessons, was a cheerleader in high school. Cindy Taylor her real name was inspired to join the industry for adults to an article on Tera Patrick, so he signed a contract with Digital Playground. Besides practicing acting, Jesse Jane has a production line of vodka.

2. Traci Lords – 7 millions of dollars

Traci Lords

Traci Lords‘s career began with a scandal, she is 16 years old and coming from a broken family. One who launched” was his mother‘s lover. After modeling and print Lords came to film and created his own production company.

1. Jenna Jameson – 30 millions of dollars

Jenna Jameson rich porn star

Jenna Jameson is one of the most iconic figures in the entertainment industry. It started as a stripper at an early age, to her mother’s footsteps. From the undressing undressing actress arrived, and still successful.

Apart from modeling and acting, Jameson has written two books, one fiction and one autobiographical, and is also a successful entrepreneur.






He died one of the most important actors in the adult industry.

He died one of the most important actors in the adult industry. Harry Reems, one of the most famous actors in adult films, has died at age 65, says the Huffington Post.

Harry ReemsHarry Reems, who starred in “Deep Throat“, considered the best XXX film in history, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and despite chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, his condition gradually worsened.

On March 5, Reems was hospitalized, and a few days later went into a coma. Reems died on March 19.

Harry Reems decided to enter the porn industry in the late 60s, when he realized he could no longer pay the rent. He became known thanks to his role in “Deep Throat(1972). In total, Harry Reems starred in over 100 adult films.

Harry Reems old Harry Reems porn star