Molly Cavalli, an adult actress was bitten by a shark while testing underwater a new technology for streaming live video

CamSoda is one of the most innovative adult content makers. They are the ones who have recently launched the first holographic streaming service called “live holographic streaming”. Holo-Cam videos are filmed in a special studio, and users can see them using some pyramids that work with desktop computers, phones or tablets.

More recently, CamSoda wanted to make an underwater live broadcast. But things took an unexpected turn. Shortly after actress Molly Cavalli entered a protective cage, the young woman was bitten by a shark.

Fortunately, Molly Cavalli only escaped with a cut that required 20 stitches.

The incident happened while CamSoda tested a technology that allowed actresses to make live broadcasts for customers from anywhere in the world.


Experts: Adult film actors will be replaced by virtual people

Robots and artificial intelligence will be responsible for the disappearance of millions of jobs, according to experts. In Japan, robots have already appeared able to install protective film for phone screens better than men, and one billionaire says that the job of driver will be the first to disappear in a few years it will be replaced with autopilot systems on intelligent machines. It seems that adult film actors will remain unemployed.

Experts believe that in the near future they will be replaced by virtual people, generated by special software programs. Virtual actors are so well designed that it will hardly see the difference. New technologies will significantly reduce costs for companies that produce adult content. “A man will not be able to compete in this world,” says futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, who produced a report for the company Bumblebee. In brothels there will still be people because there is an emotional connection that can not be replaced by machines, but we will not require adult film actors, according to him.

Pearson estimates that by 2050 more people will be having sex with robots and other devices for sex than other people. “In the beginning a lot of people will be reserved when speaking of sex with robots, but as you get used to them, this will change,” said Ian Pearson.

He estimates that by 2035, most people will own sex toys that can be used with virtual reality devices.

Adult film actors will be replaced by virtual people

And Elon Musk, the billionaire who runs the company Tesla and SpaceX spatial co-founder, thinks that people will have to change in order to compete with robots in the future. According to him, people will have become cyborgs.

As artificial intelligence systems grows, people will have to compensate for weaknesses that they have biological integrating computers into their brains, said Musk World Government Summit in Dubai. Thus they will benefit from higher processing power and be able to compete better with robots in the competition for jobs. P

Two companies, CamSoda and Holodexx, have already announced that actors get direct services to home users through devices projecting holograms.

Videos “Holo-Cam” from CamSoda will be filmed in a special studio, and users will see content using pyramids that works with desktop, phone or tablet.


Gloria Leonard pass away, a famous actress adult movies

Gloria Leonard died, a legend of the adult film industry. Former porn actress, publisher of High Society magazine erotic and promoter of freedom of expression, Gloria Leonard died at the age of 73 years.

Gloria Leonard death occurred in a hospital in Hawaii, according to the Daily News. She had suffered a stroke at her home in Hawaii, the last day of January. Gloria Leonard was found in serious condition after about 24 hours and was transported to hospital. Following stroke, Gloria could not be stabilized, so that he died on February 3, being disconnected from the apparatus that kept alive.

Gloria Leonard entered the adult film industry at the age of 35, as a divorcee who take care of a child. Between 1977 and 1991, Gloria Leonard was publisher of High Society magazine, which published nude pictures of famous actresses like Jodie Foster and Barbra Streisand.

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Leonard began appearing in adult films in 1974 and has made about 40 films. She has worked with famous actresses in the industry, as Constance Money, Leslie Bovee, Sharon Mitchell, Jennifer Welles or Samantha Fox, but was also as director of productions for adults.

For 14 years, Gloria Leonard was publisher of High Society magazine. Margot Kidder and Barbra Streisand sued the newspaper after it published nude photos of them. Gloria Leonard was also the president of an association of the adult film industry.

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ALARMING! Young people and adults, no longer have sex. What’s more dangerous choose instead…

Pornography is present in all the media, especially in the current period, the rapid development of technology According to a study by the agency surveys Barna Group, youth, and adults in the US prefer online pornography at the expense sex because considered more dangerous to health than erotic movies. Moreover, 57% of American pastors argued that viewing adult movies, but they’re trying to get rid of this habit.

Young people and adults, no longer have sex

The survey was based on interviews with 3,000 subjects and aimed to identify how pornography is understood by consumers to achieve their moral profile. Although the final results will be available only in April, the agency representatives were held, however, to make public some of the preliminary findings of the study.

The Porn Phenomenon in the report, researchers have shown that pornography is much better defined function that has only its form. Specifically, erotic films are watched for that transmit the sensation of sexual arousal and not because the screens are shown nudity.

Pornography is present in all the media, especially in the current period, the rapid development of technology. Thus, as diversify distribution channels and consumer behavior is increasingly varied. For example, most test subjects in this study argue that pornography is harmful to society, but opinion changes if younger generations. However, a small proportion of adults said they feel guilty that viewing erotic films, but the attitude is totally opposed to people who regularly practice a particular religion.

According to the same study, 57% of Americans said that pastors face pornography addiction. Also, 87% of them say they feel guilty for what they do. When questioned about this attitude of priests, 41% of adults surveyed claimed that they should be fired.

Subjects aged between 25 and 50 years confessed to viewing erotic films “to feel better” and “because they are safer than sex”. Moreover, 95% of young people surveyed said that their group of friends discussing about pornography without any caution.


It is relatively easy for someone to find out what do you do when you visit adults sites. But this will change!!!

Most sites are unsafe for adults, and is relatively simple for someone skilled seeks to find out what these sites a person and to use that information against it. Although some of the most visited sites on the Internet, XXX sites do not have a simple security measure. It is a function called HTTPS. But this will change soon.

It is relatively easy for someone to find out what do you do when you visit adults sites

Organizations Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), which represents more porn sites, have announced a partnership that will help portals for adults become safer.

Explained, HTTPS, whose presence is signaled by a small padlock in the address bar of the web browser, creates a kind of digital tunnel between the user and the site. If a site XXX has enabled this security measure on all pages, someone who pursues a user can find out what site it is located, but not what to do there (which clips sees and what preferences in matters of sex is ).

Technology missing HTTPS and other popular sites, such as the news. That’s because many vendors advertising does not look kindly. If one page technology is not well implemented, browsers will warn the user that something is wrong and they might scare and leave the site.

According to a study by Google, three of the largest sites for adults, Pornhub, YouPorn and RedTube, lack of HTTPS. These three online destinations are visited every day by over 100 million users.

But the good news. The organization includes the three sites, called “Pornhub Network” announced that HTTPS is working on implementing all its online properties.



Leah Francis posing XXX!

Her breasts, the pride of England! Leah Francis posed XXX!

Leah Francis

Leah Francis is one of the most popular British models in magazines for adults. Originally from Southampton, she quickly attracted attention with its forms worthy of a porn star. Even if production is not tainted hard, Leah Francis poses challenging every time.

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