Bree Olson: Advice women who want to enter in the XXX industry

NEWS: Bree Olson – Advice for women who want to enter the adult industry! Bree Olson, a celebrity in the adult entertainment industry, published a letter to the young who are going to enter into porn production.

Bree Olson - Advice for women who want to enter the adult industry

Bree Olson said that the sex industry is not necessarily bad, but that for a woman such a decision brings isolation for life. Society is mercilessly after playing in a movie, the actress confesses.

Olson has advised young women to avoid this method of gain. Prejudices are too high, do not you find any other job if you decide to quit pornography at some point, the industry itself is not exactly kind to its actors: you can stay at any time without new commitments. The men of industry have no problem, women will bear a stigma long after they filmed a scene hard core young.

No normal life after the child, Bree Olsen writes:

“When you enter the child automatically become a part segregated society, a victim of prejudice without any support from human rights activists.

Pornography is not bad. How people treat you is bad for the rest of life.

Then there are the children. Do you want kids bullied at school? Would other children’s parents not to let your kids come home because they think it’s a circus continuously porn in your living room? ”

Bree Olson has 29 years and has appeared in over 200 adult films between 2006 and 2011.


Tips for painless anal sex

SEX ADVICE: Month of anal sex , so the internet began to circulate all sorts of advice on how to try this sexual practice without feeling pain and eventually find it orgasmic.


1. If you do not think will happen, then it will never happen. This is probably the most important tip of all. Anal sex is not for everyone. You have to want and need to imagine it happens successfully. Your mind is the most powerful tool and an important element in this type of sexual act.

2. You must know your own body and should feel clean and relaxed. If you favorite positions for vaginal penetration, try them first those for anal penetration, because you will feel more relaxed. Take a shower before that to be 100% confident.

3. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate! Experts say that the best results are obtained when using silicone lubricant. Silicone grease remains soft and slippery and does not become sticky water-based products. Nor will dry as water-based lubricants. The anus does not lubricate like the vagina alone, when you’re excited, so water-based products are not sufficient for this area.

4. Use a condom for anal sex. Use a condom even other sex toy that anal use both you and your partner. It is much easier to clean later.

5. Women stimulates her clitoris porn during anal penetration. Orgasm and clitoral stimulation can bring blood flow to the pelvic region. When placing a toy on the clit, it stimulates the “legs clitorisand help the sphincter to relax. If something hurts, stop. Anal intercourse should not hurt.

6. Use your fingers or a small anal toy to warm up for anal sex. Never use a sex toy anal, unless an obstacle to the end so as not to lose anal cavity. Arousal can shoot sex toys in the rectum, and thence to the ER at 3 am.

7. Sex porn stars are athletes. Male partners must understand that we are not porn stars. Ordinary women can not do what porn stars do in movies. Women need to take things slow and control the penetration. Allow the woman to move the penis. The man should not ever control the insertion and penetration.

8. Last tip but not least, the woman should use its muscle to push as you move the penis. Pushing helps to relax the muscles of the anus and set it open a little more penetration.



Teach your lover to talk like a porn star! Advice from an expert Nina Hartley!

Teach your lover to talk like a porn star! Advice from an expert!

One of veteran XXX movies, Nina Hartley, has some advice for women who want to improve their sexual and their crazy life of beloved. Nina Hartley gave some examples of how dirty should talk a woman in bed and what should sound out to make your partner feel like a XXX movie.

Nina Hartley

Some women often feel pressure to behave like a porn star in bed and I say we should forget this. To act like a porn star is not necessary to use dirty words. Talking dirty to a partner not mean to say what you think he wants to hear. Talking dirty supposed to tell your partner what you need to know using a sensual tone of voice. In this tone women just give instructions about what they want to do partners “, explained Nina Hartley , then did a demonstration.

Nina Hartley studied medicine at the University of San Francisco, where he finished with flying colors. To be able to pay for his studies, he worked as a stripper and later became one of the most popular XXX celebrities , her career was the pinnacle of success in the 70s.


Secrets of sexual life, you need to know

10 secrets of sexual life, you need to know. We all hit by rumors and half-truths about how to be caring for the privacy or other aspects of your sex life? Here’s what the experts have to say about sexual health secrets. About secretssome women, everyone seems to know another option. In fact, we are surrounded on all sides by more or rumors. And about sex and intimacy issues, the internet is flooded with opinions … so it’s no surprise that every woman is believed expert in giving advice to others about everything related to these topics 🙂 So will all hit by rumors and half-truths about how to be caring for the intimate area? Here’s what the experts have to say about sexual health secrets.

10 secrets of sexual life, you need to knowGynecologists have a lot of patients who intrude into their offices in tears because they have read or heard something about gynecology that I think apply to them and not true. But many of the things you read about gynecology or how they have to worry intimate area are either exaggerated or simply false.

To help you distinguish rumors from reality, we offer expert advice on sexual health and care intimate area topics about which many women are too embarrassed to ask their doctors. What the experts say may surprise you. Here are the gynecology secrets that you should know.

Secret. 1: Contraceptive pills can reduce sex drive

If you wish to make your head is not the same since you started taking pills, not only the imagination will play tricks. It is 100% true that birth control pills can reduce sexual desire of many women, experts say.

This is true not only for women in the reproductive years. This is true for menopausal women who can use a small dose of contraceptives to control symptoms such as hot flashes and sudden changes of mood.

What can be done to restore sexual desire at before?

Experts believe that changing the brand of contraceptive or combination of substances sometimes help. If you do not help, consider switching to another type of contraceptive measures (such as a strilet) if you are in a monogamous relationship or condoms. Another option would be to take the pill less often and use another method of protection to avoid pregnancy. If you use pills to relieve symptoms like hot flashes, talk to your doctor about dose reduction.

Secret. 2: To reduce some of the side effects of birth control pills nausea insert them into the vagina

The introduction of the pill into the vagina is not harmful, doctors say. And it can also be very effective, especially if you suffer from nausea or vomiting for various reasons, including the pill.

This little secret came to light thanks to an Israeli study published in the journal Contraception. Doctors compared two groups of women using contraceptive pills. One group took oral contraceptive pills; Another group took them vaginally and left them there to dissolve. The Result? Women who took the pills vaginally had less nausea, dizziness, headaches, tension in the breasts, menstrual pain and upset stomach compared to those taking oral pills.

Secret. 3: Headaches can increase sexual desire – and orgasms can do to stop headaches and menstrual cramps

Sex may be the last thing you think when you have a migraine. But you should not be surprised if you feel a great need for intimate contact during a migraine walker up to 24 hours before. Doctors are not sure why this happens. According to studies conducted by researchers, may be related to increasing levels of serotonin. This brain chemical may be related to sexual appetite.

Moreover, recent studies have shown that up to 20% of women, an orgasm can stop a migraine situated about to occur, immediately easing pain. But it is not the first time orgasm is linked to reduced pain. Doctors say that some women said that they help get rid of menstrual cramps – possibly due to elimination of biochemical substances that flood the body and relax the uterus, easing pain.

Secret. 4: Avoid sexual intercourse and makes sex be painful

Many women believe that avoiding sexual intercourse and vagina leaving to rest is the best antidote to sexual pain. Experts say just the opposite. There is a certain amount of truth in the axiom that says if a body is not atrophy. Ending sexual contacts make their resume to be more difficult, experts say and the physically and in terms of desire.

At the same time, pain with intercourse are not normal. They often occur when the partner does not excite you enough. In other cases, vaginal dryness caused by hormones as if you are breastfeeding your baby or menopause can also cause sexual discomfort. A drop of lubricant product or estrogen cream applied directly into the vagina, doctors say, is all you need to remove pain from intercourse discomfort caused by hormones.

If arousal is the problem, doctors should talk to your partner about extending foreplay. Then do whatever it takes to get the optimal level of arousal and prepare the body for penetration.

Secret. 5: It is easier to contract a sexually transmitted disease during menstruation

Although it is less likely to get pregnant after a sexual intercourse menstruation, it is likely to contract an infection. The Reason? Changes in acid-base balance of the vagina during menstruation facilitates bacterial growth, say doctors.

Normally, the vagina is acidic environment unfavorable bacteria. But this substantially increases blood pH level, causing the environment to be more alkaline environment which allows bacteria to grow.

If you are not 100% safe sexual health partner, always use a condom.

Secret. 6: Cotton underwear and change laundry detergent helps reduce the risk of vaginitis

Doctors say that these axioms are not only ancient stories of old women. Vaginitis is an irritation of the vagina. It causes excessive vaginal discharge, burning and itching. Wearing cotton underwear and change laundry detergent can reduce the risk of vaginitis. Another way to avoid risk is to avoid using perfumes, deodorants intimate, or other scented products in the vagina. If you do not even notice a reduction in symptoms of vaginitis soon after you make these changes, it is best to go to a doctor. The problem could be bacterial vaginosis, an infection caused by a fungus, a sexually transmitted disease, or another infection requiring medical care.

10 secrets of sexual life, you need to know 2

Secret. 7: To reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome when traveling abroad, carry a spare pads

The risk of deadly infections by TSS is growing again. It is still linked to the use of superabsorbent tampons intense. These pads are sold not only in your country but, depending on the country you are traveling, you may find them in stores possibly together with the safest, less absorbent. If you are familiar with the instructions very well written in that country, they can be confused easily. To be safe, it is best to take your home buffers type you use often and do not leave them inside the body too long.

Secret. 8: Avoid using tampons against leaks caused by incontinence

As a tampon inserted into the vagina exert pressure on the urethra (the tube through which urine is eliminated when the body) can act as a buffer stop. This can prevent accidental urine leakage. Doctors say that it is okay to apply this method from time to time for example, if you tend losses when you go to the gym, but warns that you should not become a habit and it is good to remove the tampon immediately you leave in the gym.

A dry swab inside the vagina can cause significant irritation and skin microscopic cracks. Irritation and cracks can lead to infection later. To control the leaks daily, you can use the new special external buffers against incontinence. Absorbed much better than menstrual and are safer than tampons.

Secret. 9: Sex with penetration does not increase the risk of recurrent fungal infections, but give oral sex

Studies at the University of Michigan, USA proved that in general, men do not transmit infection with cuperci women during penetrative sexual acts. According to the author of the study, it appears that the risk of recurrent infections is related to something else – perhaps the woman’s body immune reaction to the fungus.

However, it is interesting that the study conducted on more than 200 men and women reached a different conclusion, quite surprising. Women who have oral sex have a higher risk of having recurrent vaginal infections caused by fungi. This risk was found regardless of whether or not their partner have signs of fungal infection of the mouth.

Doctors do not intend to suggest that oral sex is a problem for everyone, but if a woman has repeated fungal infections, these activities expose it to a risk. According to reports from the US CDC, up to 80% of women over the life of at least a fungal infection. A hormonal imbalance, high sugar level in the body, certain antibiotics, birth control pills, or stress can also lead to such infection.

Secret. 10: The smell like urine around the vulva may not be urine at all, but sweat and you can fight

As the sweat gland secretions have some components that are found in the urine, it often happens that some women feel much sweat smell like urine in the vulva or even underwear. But before you rush to the conclusion that you have a problem of incontinence, try to wash more often intimate area using water and mild soap. Add a pinch of starch to absorb moisture.

Avoid nylon underwear, which tends to keep warm and to increase perspiration. If the smell disappears by washing, it was likely sweat, no urine. If the odor persists, seek medical advice.



Want a better sex life? Here’s what doctors give advice!

Every man wants to be a god in his own bedroom and have a better sex life. But it takes so desire, as well as science to be part of that dream sex. In addition, it should and that partner‘s recognized status and share the same opinion on the sexual life of the couple.

Want a better sex life

However, and no matter how much they try man, the sexual life of the couple can leave to be desired. And it’s not necessarily technical. Female mind works by other principles, and if men do not understand, then I have no chance to be gods bedroom.

Here the advice is dr. Laura Berman, sex therapist and counselor for a perfect sex life. Read them carefully, analyze them and apply them. It will be a pleasant surprise for both partners.

What should I do to keep the fire of passion to have a better sex life?

For you and your partner become closer and must be willing to talk honestly about your sexual desires and about why not having what you want.



Spice up your sex life! Here’s the 7 places that must necessarily sex!

If you want to try something new in your sex life, you need to consider our advice. Look hottest places is a must to have sex:

Spice up your sex life in 2015

1. On the floor. It’s basically yoga. Yoga sexy!

2. Washing machine. You know how they say if you stand on a washing machine during operation you have an orgasm? What do you think will happen if you have sex then?

3. On the kitchen table. You must not destroy mass disturbs the office or to that of living in some instances any kitchen.

4. In an armchair. Few positions can not be addressed here – the chair is made to take advantage of it in the sexiest way possible.

5. On the couch. Did it feel like a game made hot boyfriend while were following a movie? No longer must you move up in the bedroom. Take advantage of mobile at hand!

6. In the forest. A variant of trying to spring you just need a blanket and a remote.

7. At the hotel, the curtains gently pushed aside. You are not exhibitionist but you could use a little adventure? Try it!


Confession in tears from a former porn star. What does she advise young girls!

Former porn actress Bree Olson worked in the adult industry since she was 19 years and up to 25 years, then decided to give up and try a career with which to be proud. Unfortunately, the former star believed had no luck.

Bree Olson  confession

“People look at me as a pedophile” she wrote. “They looked at me like I mean less in all aspects and imagines the worst for me, in every way possible.”

Bree Olson is now struggling to find a job for any serious company that wants to hire her. So girl, in tears, explains one of the saddest ironies of the film industry for adults: “It’s the only industry where the more a woman has more success, the more it will suffer more, for the rest of his life “.

Young says he won well, but now it’s broke, because not receive any money from broadcast rights of its films. Knowing what he knows now, Olson says he would not have given up so easily porn, not before to put money aside.

“I gave up porn world like me. But I still do not like me and I will never love.” She does not blame the porn industry for this, but the way society treats because it was porn actress. Olsen has some advice for young women that consider a career as she was: “Do not do it. Money will not replace the pain that you will cause the company for the rest of your days.”

Bree Olson  confession


Two famous porn stars give advice about sex. May not be what you expect…

Two porn actresses summarized in 5 tips which, in her view, should change in sex so that everyone could enjoy them! Belle Knox’s career as a porn actress, something that has allowed him to jump to international fame was paid. Belle Knox’s career as a porn actress, something that has allowed him to jump to international fame was paid.

Belle Knox

What do we mean when we talk about feminist porn? Is such a thing possible? Some say that in no way an industry aimed at a male audience and almost exclusively in the hands of men can take into account the role of women emancipated when designing their products. However, more and more actresses, and not talk only about movements like porn post openly confront militants trying their work from a feminist perspective.

Often, this happens simply by remembering that their work is not the result of a traumatic childhood, but a conscious choice that makes them masters of their own body, as they have claimed Sasha Grey or, more recently, Asa Akira in his memoir. This position, criticized as a form of consent with old paradigms imposed by man, sometimes is complemented by designing new rules that redefine the role of women in pornography.

There are new theoretical and practitioners, such as inter-gender star Jiz Lee who have tried to bring conventions male pornography a vision in which all enjoy equally. Beside him is the least committed Belle Knox, the ultimate feeling of the American porn after, harassed at Duke University where he studied, their identity in public. Although it is defined as “feminist”, there are few who have criticized his lack of commitment. Anyway, a recently published article Mic compiled some of the statements that both stars were made to different media and in explaining his view of sex (happy and feminist).

Consensual sex is sexy

One of the common situations pornography presents one of the partners taking advantage of a weakened state cause another to fall into their networks. It is a narrative convention which, unfortunately, many men have considered an ideal situation for sex. “If a girl is absolutely drunk, you can wait for it to happen to make love” she noted wryly Knox, who also reminded that we must define the limits of the sexual act before starting to practice, to prevent a person look forced to do something you do not want. “Make sure you have made clear the rules of the game before starting”. “Create a safe word, put borders”.

The first rule about orgasm is not make it a goal

As many experts have stressed, one of the most misguided beliefs in Western sexuality is that sex must end in penetration and orgasm. Lee explains that there is nothing more damaging to the satisfaction of the couple who maintain very specific about what must happen before lying in bed expectations. “Take off the pressure off. Nothing happens if it does not work the first time or the fiftieth “ . “It is quite likely to stop paying attention to the clues of body and sexual responses, making it harder to achieve your goal and preparing for future disappointments.” Instead, the columnist recommends “face sex with curiosity to try new things, but without any expectation of what might happen”.

Heats up

And not just your mind. It is necessary to prepare both psychologically and physically, because, as Lee remembers, “it is impossible to enjoy sex if you skip the first step.” In addition, for some women the penetration can be painful if they are not excited enough. Preliminary should be the first course of the evening menu, just as we would launch not playing football or doing a marathon without putting us up. And, as in sport, preparation is essential to improve the final mark.

Do not forget yourself

Sometimes, we become obsessed therefore satisfy the partner (or simply fulfill) that we forget our own enjoyment. We do wrong. The better you spend, the more you have of the other person share the good feelings you. So Knox recommends comment to that which excites partner. “Each girl has her preferences. Communication is important at this point. “

Do your homework

Sex not only learn by practicing, but also seeing and reading about it. Although still a strong taboo, worth seeing pornography, educational videos, attend courses in sex shops or resort to other products if we want to improve our performance in bed. Lee remembers that we could spend a lifetime learning about sex “and never get to know everything”. For actress of Eastern origin, the human body is designed for pleasure, and therefore worth stand before the mirror and explore your body. What most satisfying of all? “Discover him someone something that you have learned.”

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The five advantages of dating services

Dating-LogoThe Dating is fashionable, more and more people are pointing to this flirting online. In tits we decided to see what makes people increasingly opt for this option when it comes to meeting new people and here are our conclusions.

Needless to say, properly speaking, we have registered as users and have “come to the end”, or even where they have left us, to see how the whole process. Like everything in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but we understood why more and more people are pointing to these services Dating …

The five advantages of dating services :

1- Save money

Let’s start at the pocket, which is what we most often imported at all. It is true that all serious services are extra if you want to use all its options, but you end up saving money. The reason? Generally, the money you save on drinks and invitations to the desperate … Believe it, at the end of the month you save money.

2- People will seriously

When a person signs up for service Dating knows what he wants and goes for it. We did not find silly or unnecessary “sickness”. Maybe she likes you or not your target, but here it goes rather more straightforward.

3- Know where you get

People are usually very serious, there is always an exception, so you always know what you’ll find when staying. Maybe your appointment has hung a photo of a couple of years ago, but we all know that’s nothing when compared to the surprises that we have all taken to wake up after a night of drinking.

4- Contact prior

There is no need jump wing pool like crazy, in fact not what you suggest, these services are designed to tanteemos calmly to the person of interest. Thus, when we are, we know we safe.

5- Variety of options

The last major advantage we have found is the variety of options available to us. Obviously, not all the people you will want to be interested in you, but more than you’d think at first …

In conclusion I will say that, although we have been very pleased with the service, it is something you should find out for yourself. Our advice is try and judge. Here is the link service that we liked most of all we tested. Do you dare to try?