Find out how many days it is normal to have sex, according to age! What happens to the benefits after 60 years, especially in women?

Find out how many days it is normal to have sex, according to age! What happens to the benefits after 60 years, especially in women? Number intercourse is variable from person to person depending on age, nutrition, rest, stress, illness, attractive partner and cultural factors.

Find out how many days it is normal to have sex according to age

Given all this, the renowned gynecologist and sexologist Vasile Nitescu conducted a table showing the rate of normal sexual activity, mediocre and excess (which you can see in the picture below). As is normally the maximum frequency belongs to the period of 18-35 years of age, then it should be reduced gradually. Between 35 and 46 years gradually decreased libido, sexual appetite of people registering an increasingly reduced to the age of 60, after which obviously decreases sexual potency, especially in women.

In men, the sexual act can be repeated at a variable interval of time is directly related to its biological potential and qualities partner. Doctors believe that libido and sexual activity of unmarried individuals are higher than married people work.

Vasile Nitescu feels that the frequency of sexual relations especially in men is a fundamental indicator of the health of the individual and a sure indication of aging. The table conducted by sexologist anyone can conclude whether or not a normal sexual life.

If not surprise anyone that can be considered as a level 3-4 exaggerated reports / day in young people, surely many will wonder to learn that 79 years is normal to make love at least once every 10 days!


Appetite for sex women increases with age! Find out how to keep up!

Appetite for sex women increases with age! Find out how to keep up! Just like wine principle, according to which it is becoming increasingly good and noble with the passage of years, it seems like sex benefits from the same trajectory.

Happy romantic mature couple with drinks relaxing by the pool

Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study scientifically demonstrated how women craving for sex once it grows older. After analyzing a sample of 806 women concluded clear that after 40 years, women taste” the most sex, a lot more than they did before, and a 70% of them said they touch orgasm guaranteed. Everything is explained simply by the fact that with the wisdom of the ages, women accept and even learn to love your body as it is, escaping complex and misconceptions.

However, gentlemen, do not, however, worry: you can have good sex as 20 years. For that, here is what you have done.

1. Masturbate you more
With age, muscles lose their elasticity, so we have practiced. Like all muscles of the body, including pelvic and vaginal muscles must be part of as much exercise. Masturbation do this is an excellent exercise. As a practice more often, the more you will maintain musculature in shape.

2. Healthy Eating
Eat as much fish, experts recommending a minimum of two servings of fish quality as fat, twice a week. Omega 3 is an important component not only for the heart and penis, but also increases dopamine levels in the body, which has a direct connection with the excitation influencing it.

3. Keep your weight under control
Belly undoubtedly affect men sexually clear in two ways: lowers testosterone and cholesterol buildup affects penile erection. Therefore, a slender body with less fat not only gives you a more pleasant, but improves your sex life. In addition, a quality erection quality means blood – circulation which can not be obtained with fat deposits in blood vessels.



How old are the most popular porn actresses in the world according to the application that guess years in pictures.

Recently there was an Internet application that can detect a person’s age just by using a photo. This program to determine the age of porn actresses.

The application that guesses the age and sex, from a photo was released by Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian Coromant engineers at Microsoft. Website How Old Do I Look supposed to be just a little test, saying he hoped that developers will test around 50 people. The number of those who accessed the page he was in the tens of thousands.

“I was shocked. Within hours, over 35,000 users worldwide have accessed the site”, say the two engineers.

Recently, the most popular porn starlets in the world have not escaped the application timing and wanted to verify the age of the photos, thus proving the connection of sexual life and aging.



















How many times you must make sex in a week, depending of age.

SEX ADVICE: The normal frequency of sexual contacts start to decrease with age. Undertaken in this area statistics show that gereral, a couple of 30 years is about two to three week sex, their frequency decreasing as the years go.

How many times you must make sex in a week

A reputed English specialist in the field, Thomas Glynn, said the pace of sexual activity is influenced by biological constitution of everyone, age and environmental factors, cultural, social, aesthetic. An essential role they play and rest, nutrition and attraction for the partner. Sexual intercourse can be repeated at a certain interval of time (from several minutes to several hours) depending on the potency male partner qualities. Course, intercourse should be used so as to meet physiological needs, hormonal balance and the natural tendency to perpetuate species “, said Glynn. Another problem that can occur after a few years the couple’s life is decreased sexual desire. It is absolutely normal for a couple for 40 years not to have sex with the same frequency that would make a couple for 20 years, says Thomas Glynn.

Three celebrity of the area, Alfred Kinsey, Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin, I think that old man has a great influence on the frequency of sexual intercourse. Therefore, experts conclude in a study, the frequency of about 3-4 times a week is possible around the age of 20 years. 30 years to reach 02.03 weekly contact and at 40 years 60 years 2. But often, people have intercourse a week.

“It is needless to say that the recovery time is long enough for a man and more for each additional contact on the same day. Instead, by nature, she is multiorgasmica. Sometimes, a few minutes are sufficient for it to be able to know a new orgasm “, says Alfred Kinsey.

Specialists in obstetrics and gynecology doctors say that a young man can have sex daily or even several times a day. As time passes, however, will be harder to keep in shape. Specialists also make reference to other factors, such as partner behavior, erotization intercourse, nervous tension, physical fatigue, stress. In addition, add the doctor Erghin Calil, a man should not try to beat the record or counting” after how long can have another erection or to compare with other men. It is important to make love every time you want.

Sexual rhythm depends on the individual’s sexual constitution. Sexologists say that, in general, the frequency of intimate relations is very “elastic” in 77% of cases analyzed, persons 18-33 years have up to six weekly sex and the age group 34 -46 years was a decrease of interest in sex. So, as the years pass, the rate is reduced to remember around the age of 60, after which sexual potency diminishes appreciates specialists.

Number of sexual intercourse by age

20 years, 4.3 contacts per week

30 years, 3.2 contacts per week

40 years, two contacts per week

60 years, one contact per week