Condoms in LA porn films

NEWS: Mandatory Condoms in LA porn films


The business sector and its related groups expressed discomfort immediately and understood the measure as an overreaction by the authorities.

Authorities in Los Angeles, California, yesterday approved by a large majority a city ordinance requiring porn actors to use condoms in filming to prevent transmission of HIV, Los Angeles Times reported.

On January 10 city legislators voted on a measure to require these actors to use condoms in filming. The result was 11 votes in favor and one against, but must be confirmed by the city council.

Yesterday this pipeline went ahead with the support of nine of the 10 votes cast and a severe blow to the billionaire in the sector with San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles, the main productive zone porn movies in the United States.

The measure was sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation after years trying to mobilize local politicians to impose the use of condoms during the filming of pornographic films eventually be heard when they decided to force a referendum on the matter.

That achieved the necessary foundation to be decided at the polls in June this year the appropriateness of condom in the pornographic film shot in Los Angeles firms, but the city council finally chose to save the electoral process.

The newspaper said in its website, local politicians assumed reported last week that the city voters approve the initiative on the ballot and the referendum would have been a cost of $ 4 million, so the initiative chose Vote themselves.

“Personally, I have every chance to do something that can reduce the spread of AIDS always take advantage. I think there is no doubt, the voters would have seen this as a common sense, “said Councilman Paul Koretz.

The new ordinance, and require condom use, provides a tax-producing adult film in order to fund surprise inspections at film shoots.


The business sector and its related groups expressed discomfort immediately and understood the measure as an overreaction by the authorities.

“This is not about the health and safety of the actors, is about the government regulating what happens in a relationship for two consenting adults” said Diane Duke, the trade association for the porn industry Free Speech Coalition.

Michael Weinstein, president of AHF, a foundation to fight AIDS, said the vote was a step toward regulating “the machine encourages unsafe sex” in the porn industry in the United States.

But Nina Hartley, porn actress since 1984 and nurse, criticized the decision. He explained that films require intercourse lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, and with a condom can cause injury and therefore an increased risk of disease transmission.

“It’s a disaster for health care. You know it looks different from the outside, but will not work and will not protect anyone “ he added.


During the last two years filming porn movies in the Los Angeles area had to be suspended several times after cases of HIV infection among stars of the genre were detected.

In late August 2011 the producers of these films suspended filming after an actor reportedly tested positive to an HIV test.

The Free Speech Coalition called for a moratorium on filming “prudent to sin and eliminate any risk to the artists,” after revealing that he learned of a possible HIV case.

“The incident occurred outside of California; however, the community of Los Angeles production voluntarily agreed to the moratorium as an appropriate response to the current situation “ the coalition said in its blog.

From October 2010, and for several weeks, at least four major film producers stopped after porn actor, 24, Derrick Burts, tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.


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