Porn Starlets, bizarre gesture at a charity event. What did XXX stars to raise money.

Starlets in porn make bizarre gesture at a charity event.

What did XXX stars to raise money. At a campaign fundraiser for AIDS patients, 12 actresses porn films from Japan have donated” breasts for 24 hours. Thus, in exchange for a donation, fans were able to reach porn stars young breasts, the event was broadcast live by TV station Sky Perfect TV.

Starlets porn bizarre gesture at a charity event What did XXX stars to raise money

The girls were left PIPA breasts for 12 hours over two days, 30 and 31 August in the charitable event Boob AIDS” held in Tokyo.

The girls raised their shirts for every person who wanted to touch her breasts, men and women alike. Many have thought about girls health and gels used disinfectants to clean your hands before touching the breasts.

The first edition of novelty campaign took place in 2003.


Did you order condoms with home delivery?

You are in the middle of a passionate love parties and realize that you have a condom handy. Now there‘s no reason to panic: you can call the guy who delivers condoms at home!

condom heart

Delivery condoms in three Swiss cities
New Swiss initiative is part of larger multimedia campaign fighting AIDS, which is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for AIDS and the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. A phone call is enough for the guy who delivers condoms to climb on the bike and deliver it to the person who ordered. Distributors bikes can be found in three cities in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva, Zurich and Bern, and deliver packages 3 condoms, worth eight Swiss francs (about 6 euro).

Come before the finish!
Bettina Maeschli represented Swiss Foundation for AIDS, which is the largest Swiss organization for the fight against AIDS, said the main purpose is to remind people of the rules of safe sex and the need to use condoms in the unexpected and unplanned. Cyclists deliver condoms wherever needed, without judgment or prejudice. The first statistics on the number of condoms supplied will soon be available, but the fact that more people spreading positive messages about the initiative is a result good enough for now. We wanted to spread the message in an unusual way, so that people become more aware of the problem.

Swiss AIDS campaign was a success for the past 20 years
Stop AIDS Campaign is one of the longest campaigns (started in 1987) and is one of the most influential programs on awareness and the fight against AIDS in the world. The first target was a gay men, but the disease has spread, and the campaign was extended to all segments of the population.
The main objectives of the campaign are to increase the use of condoms to reduce discrimination against people with HIV and increase solidarity among people infected and healthy.



She could be the mother of your best friend

HOT GALLERY: She could be the mother of your best friend

Lisa Ann is 39 years old and is the dream of every young mature woman. By becoming some old lady just become greedy in major men will always, at least for an evening, to have a woman in bed with a few years more than them.

Why? Probably hoping that it will let you stay in bed while she will make every effort to steal items from it.

Lisa Ann fits into the pattern of women past 35 years that a man wants to make her head. Lisa Ann can be mother (MILF) that friend that you invite yourself and become his best friend just to watch her huge breasts that jerk state of clothes around the house.

Lisa Ann is 39 years old, fulfilled on May 9. She began her career as a dancer in 1990 to raise money to pay their school, where he went dental assistant. He became a porn starlet in 1993, but withdrew in 1997 for fear dreadful disease AIDS.

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Condoms in LA porn films

NEWS: Mandatory Condoms in LA porn films


The business sector and its related groups expressed discomfort immediately and understood the measure as an overreaction by the authorities.

Authorities in Los Angeles, California, yesterday approved by a large majority a city ordinance requiring porn actors to use condoms in filming to prevent transmission of HIV, Los Angeles Times reported.

On January 10 city legislators voted on a measure to require these actors to use condoms in filming. The result was 11 votes in favor and one against, but must be confirmed by the city council.

Yesterday this pipeline went ahead with the support of nine of the 10 votes cast and a severe blow to the billionaire in the sector with San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles, the main productive zone porn movies in the United States.

The measure was sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation after years trying to mobilize local politicians to impose the use of condoms during the filming of pornographic films eventually be heard when they decided to force a referendum on the matter.

That achieved the necessary foundation to be decided at the polls in June this year the appropriateness of condom in the pornographic film shot in Los Angeles firms, but the city council finally chose to save the electoral process.

The newspaper said in its website, local politicians assumed reported last week that the city voters approve the initiative on the ballot and the referendum would have been a cost of $ 4 million, so the initiative chose Vote themselves.

“Personally, I have every chance to do something that can reduce the spread of AIDS always take advantage. I think there is no doubt, the voters would have seen this as a common sense, “said Councilman Paul Koretz.

The new ordinance, and require condom use, provides a tax-producing adult film in order to fund surprise inspections at film shoots.


The business sector and its related groups expressed discomfort immediately and understood the measure as an overreaction by the authorities.

“This is not about the health and safety of the actors, is about the government regulating what happens in a relationship for two consenting adults” said Diane Duke, the trade association for the porn industry Free Speech Coalition.

Michael Weinstein, president of AHF, a foundation to fight AIDS, said the vote was a step toward regulating “the machine encourages unsafe sex” in the porn industry in the United States.

But Nina Hartley, porn actress since 1984 and nurse, criticized the decision. He explained that films require intercourse lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, and with a condom can cause injury and therefore an increased risk of disease transmission.

“It’s a disaster for health care. You know it looks different from the outside, but will not work and will not protect anyone “ he added.


During the last two years filming porn movies in the Los Angeles area had to be suspended several times after cases of HIV infection among stars of the genre were detected.

In late August 2011 the producers of these films suspended filming after an actor reportedly tested positive to an HIV test.

The Free Speech Coalition called for a moratorium on filming “prudent to sin and eliminate any risk to the artists,” after revealing that he learned of a possible HIV case.

“The incident occurred outside of California; however, the community of Los Angeles production voluntarily agreed to the moratorium as an appropriate response to the current situation “ the coalition said in its blog.

From October 2010, and for several weeks, at least four major film producers stopped after porn actor, 24, Derrick Burts, tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.


Julia Ann against Prop 60

If you follow closely the topicality of the American porn industry surely you will have noticed that activism against Proposition 60 is more evident than ever. Much blame for this lies with the veteran performer Julia Ann, after adapting his profile picture on social networks with the button “No on 60” -the work of photographer Isabel Dresler – and encourage their peers to imitate his steps , it has become the forerunner of a campaign of unprecedented online protest.

Julia Ann against Prop 60

“I was very frustrated with ads Prop 60 AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation, whose president Michael Weinstein is the only precursor of the initiative) and was very upset to know that we can not compete with that kind of campaign because they do not have economic means “ actress said in a recent statement.

“However, the adult industry has cultivated a strong presence in social media and thought that with an initial effort could shed light on what is really happening to us and what we truly believe. So I sat with existing buttons ‘No to 60’ and created templates for social media to educate voters and to show our opposition. ” “I’ve done over 400 avatars so far. My ultimate goal is to make 800 and requests keep coming. I can not repeat it enough. Our security and our livelihood is at risk. The public is being misled about what is actually Prop 60. I am very protective of those who work hard in the industry and pay taxes to put a roof over their heads and food on the table for their loved ones “

Julia Ann against Prop 60

For those not familiar, Prop 60 is a bill that in principle is intended to ensure the safety of performers becoming mandatory condom use in all porn productions filmed in California, in addition to requiring that producers take responsibility for the costs of vaccination and medical examinations related to sexually transmitted infections. However in wording are some shady spots that are the main causes of conflict, such as that example that encourages citizens to denounce alleged offenders, thereby facilitating the start of a potential harassment campaign. “Those who do not pay now benefit from viewing pornography are illegally by detecting an alleged offender and sue for personal gain!” Says a meme that has been widely retweeted by the opposition. It is also argued that Prop 60 could be a smokescreen whose real goal would be to harm the so ill-considered among the most conservative sectors of the population porn industry.

Julia Ann joins the Democratic Party of California, the California Republican Party, the Libertarian Party of California, Equality California, Transgender Law Center, Los Angeles LGBT Center, AIDS Project Los Angeles, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, San Francisco Medical Society, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Adult Perfomer Commitee Advocacy and Free Speech Coalition in a long list of organizations and industry professionals who oppose Prop 60.

The decision will be made at the polls on Nov. 8.


HIV and actress in porn in studios of Los Angeles

Studios in Los Angeles are cast adult films have been closed indefinitely after a porn star tested positive with HIV, announced on Thursday, representatives of the industry. The actress, who works under the name Cameron Bay, was tested positive for the virus that triggers AIDS, said Free Speech Coalition. The group said that porn producers have established a moratorium on the production of genre films from Wednesday evening, and will not resume filming until all partners who filmed Cameron Bay will be notified and tested. The incident takes place in a time when most companies conducting adult movies protested against a law passed recently in Los Angeles, requiring porn actors to use condoms during filming. Adult film industry, generating revenues of several billion dollars, is concentrated in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.




Reasons you did not want to be a porn star

5 reasons you did not want to be a porn star! If in the past it was downright “cool” to play in porn to sex with hundreds of girls perfect out today where the porn industry has reached saturation, to be porn star” is a job” already breathed.

Here are five reasons why you did not want to be a porn star:

1. Injections for erection. When your job depends on how long you can keep an erection, you sometimes need to turn to drugs and chemicals. Unfortunately, the penis is not a machine and even science has come so far. Besides Viagra and Cialis, to which the body becomes immune after a while, porno actors and call some injections to maintain erection. The chemicals contained in them is bad for the body, which can lead to impotence.

2. STDs. The porn industry is not quite as clean as you think. According to a recent study, 66% of actors have herpes. In tests, they ensure only serious diseases such as syphilis and AIDS. Otherwise, infection can come anytime. Condom is not an option because the males use movies are so well sold as passion killingvisual.

3. Little money. Men are paid five times worse than women. In addition, more men than women, so everyone can be easily replaced.

4. Sex outside would not be so pleasant. If your job is to have sex on the treadmill, when you get in the marriage bed will be so much passion. The body will become immune to sex .

5. Pornography is not a career. No long term contracts, pension, stability and continuity. In addition, if you want to get a job elsewhere and asked you what you did in past years, porn actor” is not just a reference that the employer wants to hear.

5 reasons you did not want to be a porn star