Butt Chugging: ingesting alcohol in the ass

The insertion of fluids through the rectum is nothing new, much less. Mayan priests, to mention one example, used potent concoctions of alcohol, tobacco, and hallucinogens for religious purposes. They even had the kindness to document perfectly the anal rite in beautiful stone reliefs that have lasted until our days. Now this curious tradition of the Mayan civilization has an extraordinary parallelism with other current ceremonies. Like Butt Chugging or drinking alcohol in the ass. The idea is to increase the effect of alcohol as well as the speed with which one is placed. Everything to achieve a legendary without the cumbersome.

Butt Chugging

Just as the Maya documented their bottles by glyph writing have been two beautiful damsels who have done the same by publishing a video on Liveleak. Without further delay, let’s turn to Butt Chugging.


Aimee Spencer, adult film actress, dead during a party with drugs. The man suspected of killing her was released!

Aimee Spencer, a young 27 year old from the UK who was a model, actress in adult film and star in Geordie Shore reality show , died this summer during a party at which there were drugs and alcohol.

Aimee Spencer, adult film actress

In July this year, Aimee Spencer was at a party in the apartment of friends in the city of Brighton. Nobody knows why, the young woman fell from the first floor of the building and landed on the sidewalk in front of the house. After a week of torment, where doctors struggled to keep her alive by machines, she died!

Police arrested a man aged 28, alleged to have had a connection with the death of Aimee Spencer, and a girl of 29 years for possession and sale of drugs. The authorities have freed man, 29 years young but remain in custody and await trial.

Aimee was model, the adult film actress, made video chat and became known for participating in reality show Geordie Shore. Finding her death, fans have posted hundreds of messages of condolences on social networks.

“Our daughter, beautiful, unique style, which was our sister and girlfriend died Monday, July 18, at 4:47 p.m..” grieving family said in a press release.


Jenna Jameson suck! A star admired by all the men were caught in the fact and received a sentence today!

Porn Star Jenna Jameson suck! A star admired by all the men were caught in the fact and received a sentence today!

Jenna Jameson xxx starJenna Jameson, adult film legend, goes through the difficult times. Aged 38, she was sentenced to three years probation after an accident she did in Orange County, under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Police also discovered when she had a driver’s license expired. XXX movie star escaped but with a fairly light sentence after the court showed that traces of drugs actually come from two prescription drugs, Ambien and Suboxone.

In addition to three years probation, Jenna Jameson was forced to enter a rehab program for three months and is part of the Association of Mothers who are against drunk driving.”

It is a new trauma suffered by Jenna Jameson, after another few that have marked his life. At 16, Jenna Jameson was raped by four boys. The young Jenna returning from a football game in Fromberg, Montana, and thought the boys her colleagues will go home safely. Marked by the trauma, then Jenna started porn, to bury” terrible reminder!

Born on April 9, 1974, in Nevada, Las Vegas and dubbed The Queen of Porn, Blonde 1.70 meters and 50 kilograms played since 1993 in more than 150 erotic films, directing even a part of them.


Steps to have sex with you on the first date

9 steps to take to have sex with you on the first date: The first meeting can be trailblazer and even the bedroom door. If the man knows how to behave, even the most insecure woman can get between his sheets even on the first date.

9 steps to take to have sex with you on the first dateEvery man desires in himself, to get in bed with the woman who took her on a first date, but the main obstacle that stands between him and a hot night you prejudices. No matter how self-confident woman is or how man is attracted, she would invariably ask the question: “If you do not think I’m the bitch?”

This is the main obstacle over which a man must pass when they want the woman who came to the first meeting between the sheets to get his (or her). For managed to beat this obstacle, his behavior is essential.

As in any relationship professional, familial, friendly or amorous communication is the key, exactly what every self forward. If from the beginning, man, through his words and gestures, suggests the woman who would have even a touch of misogyny, the sense of superiority to females or bias, then this can take its goodbye to a night of sex. No woman wants a man with her upper believed them, regardless of what terms.

Step 1: To prove that no preconceptions

So, from the beginning, the conversation must start on an equal footing. In other words, in the discussion, even when the subject will not target them both, but just a comment on a situation involving two other people (can talk about two distant knowledge that we have in common) man should not in any way show strongly, you should not criticize or judge (regardless of what‘s true). Maybe she talks about the act of infidelity of a friend or an acquaintance Mr. his. It is indicated that the man who came to the first meeting to show that the decision adulterous person (whether one knows it or not) and give to understand that it is aware that any act of infidelity has two causes, namely, both partners in the relationship official. He should tell that to one another, it is not his job and that is not the kind of person interested in the lives of others, that he was wrong when he was young,” and that is not to judge anyone. Moreover, the relationship partners can only comment on the act of infidelity of one of them, because they know best what happened in their relationship.

Conclusion: the man does not have to prove prejudice of any kind on the first date if he wants the woman beside him feel at ease, relaxed and mostly open to adventure. So he tells the indirect her he will not judge if you do something seemingly “out of the ordinary.”

Step 2: Look its best, without giving the impression that boasted

Everyone has at least one thing that keeps him and who takes pride in himself. It is the best in him. The first meeting should be to highlight just that, regardless of its nature. Maybe he had a friend, an acquaintance or even came across an unknown hospital urgently needed a blood transfusion and he offered to help him because it was compatible. Such a chance worth saying further, especially on the first date, but without self-praise! Or maybe he found when he was little and even recently, a cat or a dog on the street and took pity and took him home. Any woman, even if it does not like animals (little chance!) Will be thrilled by this gesture human. Or maybe the man tells him a chance to work on him when he took the blame belonged not just to help his close colleague in difficulty before the boss. In the meantime, no matter the story. It matters only to be told with modesty and, of course, be still true!

Step 3: To show him that she is really interested

Some men do not know how to show interest in a woman. An invite to the city and are looking for long minutes on your smartphone or talking about themselves. Well, for a man to really attract a woman must first show their interest in it. I can do it by having all sorts of questions about her life and listen with interest the responses. A first sign that a man is interested in a woman that you listen despite distractions. After the first half hour that conversation, he can enter into discussion and statements pertaining to her beauty, her style, her tastes: You’re one of the few women that I met the matching wallet purse or I know that may sound a bit, but I’ve noticed scarlet eyes because Basques felt that you wore when I first met. ” It even showed the man to say clearly what first attracted attention when he saw her that he liked her. True, should avoid confessions likeI could not take my eyes off your ass!” Even if Ugly Truth.

Step 4: To spend more time with her

The first meeting should not be limited to one hour in a café. If the man has plans great”, then you should ensure that he, and she can stay longer at the meeting. So, after the cinema or theater, after dining out, after coffee, he should offer him a ride which lengthen it on purpose. For the wanted and unwanted discuss, one can take in arms if she is cool, can take advantage of decoration, night lights that give the atmosphere more romantic. All this opens all doors in physically approaching her, kissing her and you stir in arousal.

Step 5: Do not forget the benefits of alcohol

Maybe it’s too cold for a long walk, where you can not or it is not appropriate with shoes (women and their heels!). Then the best option to spend more time together and “warm” atmosphere is alcohol. Do not say that a woman must be esteemed drunk to bed, but the atmosphere between a woman and a man can relax exactly as if there should be a bottle of wine (or something) in the frame. Even if she says she does not typically drink alcohol, all man can lure a female cocktail. For every woman there is at least one alcoholic drink right. Can not give crazy about dry wine, but maybe she likes the sweet liqueur may not like country, but is sure they taste a cocktail containing strongly. All you have to do is to find the man (and asked her simply) that drink drink occasionally, likes or dislikes the taste. Either way, a glass of alcohol (for relaxation), a small table (for physical proximity) in a bar semiluminat (the atmosphere) are prelude” perfect for a night incendiary.

Step 6: To achieve when you have

After following the above steps, the man out on a first date with a woman free wave to touch. Obviously, thundering with hands on breasts or buttocks, but above all on tomorrow! Hands are an erogenous zone exceptional women. Moreover, caresses and kisses on the hands that offer excitement transmit, also, a sense of respect from man to woman, feeling that men often do not recognize, and women simply adore. So must start with hands touching, to continue with the arms, throat, his face and only then with others. Over a bottle of wine (or two bottles) or two rows of cocktails all they can weave perfectly, including physical, to enhance a woman’s arousal.

Step 7: To delay separation

As a man to increase his chances to a night of sex since the first meeting, had to postpone the separation of the two. In other words, to show that he wants to end the meeting because it feels so good and he likes her company too much. The more you insist on this issue, the question “Would you come to me?” Or the statement farm “Come to me!Will seem more natural.

Step 8: Invitation home

Up to this point, significantly increased sexual tension between the two. Therefore, man should not put stupid reply “Come to me to see a moviefor both, and he, and she, I know only too well not to see movies! “We have an exceptional wine at home. Keep it for special occasions, but a better one than this girl can not see into the future, so let’s try it! “” Let me show you the old pick-up that I have! Still going and I have some discs that you would like, no doubt, “” I want to show you collection of stamps. I‘m so glad that I met, finally, a woman who does not consider me crazy with my collection “or” Let’s make you a coffee. Believe me, no one makes better coffee than me! These are just some of the lines that can be used to invite the woman home without giving the classic line” You want to see a movie?

Step 9: Accommodation in house

If the man came to the woman who brought her to the first meeting at home, using a certain pretext, would be good to indelineasca pretext”: that is to remove the wine promised to make them coffee, il collection of stamps show or listen to songs to pick-up. In this way, proves that it was serious. Only after this point, after it is installed somehow in the house, on a chair or couch, after is comfortable and relax, man may initiate the foreplay, in the true sense. In version that he came to her home, that she invited him to her house, then the man can leave everything to them, for a woman to date seldom invite man to her house just to talk dressed.



The effects of alcohol on sex.

The effects of alcohol on sex. The effects of alcohol are, at least at first glance beneficial. Using alcohol to boost libido is used since ancient times, even today is considered among the effects of alcohol include and increase sex drive. Ovid said in his famous poem Ars amateurs drink is bad, but to pretend you’re drunk helps you be forgiven because of bad manners or poor sexual performance. Including Shakespeare spoke about the effects of alcohol on sex: causes desire but decreases performance. Here’s what you should know about the effects of alcohol on sex:

The effects of alcohol on sex

Effects of alcohol # 1: Triggers desire
Alcohol in moderation reduces anxiety. Therefore, a glass or two of alcohol will help men to overcome shyness and approach women. Especially for men who are afraid of rejection, alcohol can be a great ally. But especially for drinks, more is not better at all. Conversely, if a glass gives courage 3-4 creates the premises for a total failure.

Effects of alcohol # 2: Reduce shyness in bed
A slight change in the emotional state due to a glass of alcohol is enough to get rid of nervousness, leading to the expression of uninhibited sexuality. A glass or two of drinks can knock down barriers over which normally can not pass. But stress: only a moderate amount of alcohol makes sex be more interesting.

Effects of alcohol # 3: Do not overdo the drinking
Always pay attention to the amount of alcohol consumed. In general, half a milligram per kilogram of body alcohol is the maximum recommended dose, everything is over, will reduce a person’s sexual capabilities. But as not all people are the same amount of alcohol may vary from one person to another. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know their limits.

Effects of alcohol # 4: Results abuse
Too much alcohol ingested can cause disasters. Beyond impotence and low performance, alcohol increases their aggressiveness of men in relationships with the opposite sex, which means danger for both women and for themselves.

Effects of alcohol # 5: How are influenced women
Not only men are influenced by alcohol, but also the emotional state of women is affected. In studies published in the journal Nature since 1994, was told that alcohol increases the libido in women. According to this research, alcohol increases testosterone levels in women, which means increased sexual desire. As in men, alcohol delete” shyness and reduce inhibitions.

Effects of alcohol # 6: Absinthe
It thinks about certain drinks that help potency. For example, absinthe was used by Europeans as an aphrodisiac, especially by French artists and intellectuals by. But this drink was banned in March 16, 1915, due to toxicity of some of its ingredients.

Effects of alcohol # 7: Beer
In a top aphrodisiac beverage beer last place. Because of the low percentage of alcohol in beer, it requires a larger amount of fluid should be consumed for testosterone levels to achieve a reasonable level. But much beer makes men often go to the toilet. And this is not generating sexual desire.

Effects of alcohol # 8: Liqueur
On some types of liquor, developed in ancient monasteries are said to have an aphrodisiac effect. Chartreuse green version, and Benedictine are recognized for their ability to increase sexual desire. Other types of liquor such as overcoming shyness normal effects and reduce inhibitions. How this has greatly drinking alcohol and its consumption decreases sexual performance need to know your limits very well.

Effects of alcohol # 9: Wine
Port wine is regarded as having one of the most powerful aphrodisiac effects. About this drink is said to promote acts of love, especially when served with strawberries. It seems that White has the best assortment aphrodisiac effects. The wine generally is considered aphrodisiac especially if it is properly seasoned. For example, Burgundy red wine mixed with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and sugar is known as the Hippocratic aphrodisiac. But, as with any alcohol, excess is bad and sexual desires.


Unvarnished truth about women in porn

From the psychological point of view, women in the porn industry are even healthier than others, according to a study by researchers at Shippensburg University.

Unvarnished truth about women in porn industry

The study has found that adult movie actresses have higher self-esteem, better quality of life and feel better about their bodies. Enjoys also a higher level of sexual satisfaction and, not surprisingly, have more partners than other women, writes “The Independent”. Researchers said they found no evidence to support the idea that the actresses involved in the adult industry downturns and backgrounds are less psychologically healthy than any other woman. Some of the protagonists of the pornography industry descriptions refer to drug addiction, homelessness, poverty, despair and sexual abuse in childhood. Clichés against those involved in the adult industry have been used to support or to condemn this area, and to justify political views on pornography. However, the true characteristics of these actresses are unknown, because no study has been performed on such a group to date , say researchers.

Drugs and alcohol

Psychologists have compared the data obtained from 177 actresses in the business (aged between 18 and 50 years of experience in the field and at least three and a half), with the women belonging to the same range age. Over a third of them were married or in a serious relationship, and 44% were single. One of the main claim of this industry is that actresses were frequently subjected to sexual abuse in childhood, but have not found any research results major difference between the two groups compared. The study showed that porn actresses sleep better and have more energy. First sexual experience they had at the age of 15 years earlier than the average of about 17 years. The downside is the fact that adult film protagonists have been linked to drug and alcohol problems and personality. “Study prejudices facing women working in the sex industry,” says Cynthia Graham, lecturer in health psychology at the University of Southampton, USA. It is dangerous to generalize when such large industries. Successful women who have control over their career is not all. The objective of the study seems to show that not all women are exploited porn industry, although no one claimed it. Attenuation of aspects of this type does not help anyone , says Dawn Foster, a feminist.


5 truths about women, sex and alcohol

For many couples, alcohol is the solution that perfectly solve things between the sheets. The truth is that there is a strong interaction between sex and enough alcohol, highly nuanced, both in terms of physically and in terms of mental, psychic. However, researchers say that people tend to give an extremely high alcohol important when it comes to sex.

5 truths about women, sex and alcohol

1. And women react the same way after drinking beer

Both women and men after a glass of beer, react the same way when it comes to the law of attraction: suddenly see their partners more attractive and interesting. However, the alcohol effect lasts longer in men. Attractiveness to women is based on the symmetry of the face, when it comes to male criteria. In a Brazilian study in 2008, men were slightly giddy obviously less able to grasp the face symmetries than those who ate no alcohol. And so it explains how many men get women to sleep with downright ugly. In another university in Bristol after sample of men and women who were undergoing the experiment were “treated” with vodka, it was found that both sexes have started to see girls out much more attractive than they were in reality.

The biggest differences occurred the day after a few hours away from the effect of alcohol: in t6imp why men still saw things similar to the previous night, gave women the visible signs of consciousness.

2. Women are more receptive after 2 cocktails

Alcohol has a direct effect on the region of the pre frontal cortex, which normally controls inhibition. Disappears inhibitor you about the second glass of wine, researchers say. And it’s the same in women and men: interest in sex increases in both sexes after the second glass of wine. However, the effect of alcohol on sex is directly related to the amount ingested. If after two drinks increases interest in sex after four or five … the man in question is silenced. The larger the amount of alcohol grows, the more it’s more likely that those who drank little to be absent during intercourse.

3. The condom – a problem

Industry studies show that the higher the amount of alcohol consumed is higher, the less it works IQ individuals, people are prone to more crazy than when they are “wake up”. As the body becomes intoxicated, the more information is processed mental side. It’s called “alcohol myopia”. Thus, men and women who consume alcohol regularly and in large quantities, are even more likely to come home with different partners and more and engage in riskier behaviors in general. Also in these situations increase the risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases. To avoid embarrassing situations, maybe it would be bad to make sure that before the third glass voribiti with friends, conduct and follow you when I see you crazy, you go home. Single.

4. Sex is better after a glass

That is, a glass of alcohol will always help you, whether you are male or female, you feel better because uninhibited effect that alcohol has. However, men sober, perfectly lucid, were always able to get an erection much more quickly than their counterparts. Alcohol has more effect in time: they drink, people are more cheerful, cooperative and sociable, but while drinking can also lead to depression. Same happens with erection.

5. She will lose sobriety and inhibitions

After all, when it comes to drinking and sex, all about expectations. Expectations are those sets, often, what happens later in the bedroom. The impact caused by alcohol sometimes sex is nothing more than … staging and projection. If people think that alcohol will make dezihibati and relax and sex will be a tremendous means that it will. The alternative to disinhibition is not only alcohol, but also a sincere and total openness to the person next to you.

Alcohol is better to remain only in a glass area for socializing and not determine sexual performance.


Mary Carey, a porn star was ejected from a plane

Mary Carey was ejected from a plane! If you drink alcohol and you get behind the wheel, chances are big enough to get hurt. Well, sometimes if you get drunk on the plane you have problems

American porn actress Mary Carey was ejected in a flight to Florida because of the fact that she was blind drunk. According to TMZ, the star had to go to a party for adults in Florida, but flight attendants noticed that consumed so much alcohol, you do not have longer allowed to travel by air. However, the actress XXX organizers had sent a car to reach her, to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination.

Mary Carey porn star drunk



Enemies of sexual life

10 enemies of sexual life: Fatigue, routine daily problems, health issues There are many factors that contribute to lower libido. See below a list of their possible remedies to overcome the impasse.

10 enemies of sexual life.

1. Stress and fatigue

Restrain excessive work sexual life! Once home after a day at work very hard, you just want to get into bed as quickly to sleep. We must prepare for a new day job, right? And until morning remaining few hours of sleep. Do not even think about the moments of intimacy you could relax as well as a night when you sleep unconverted.

2. Lack of time

Between work, kids and chores, barely find time for yourself! Try to solve them all in one day and sexual life is one that suffers because always find things more urgent to do, then you’re too tired to have sex binge. As it is unlikely that you will ever have more time available, prioritize changes even occasionally.

3. Routine

Yes, this is the most feared enemy of sexual life. Boredom is gradually install and prioritize other aspects of daily life inevitably lead you to a point where you can not get out of the routine. But with a little imagination, things can change for the better. A little surprise from time to time is all you need to do to remember how was the relationship from the beginning.

4. Hormonal Problems

Hormones are responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Have the ability to self-regulate, but when a hormone is missing or incorrect quantities delivered, all sorts of problems. For women, it is about estrogen and progesterone, and the male testosterone. Decreased sex drive is almost a rule where there are hormonal imbalances. Once diagnosed with a problem can be solved by treatment with synthetic hormones.

5. Relationship problems

Tensions couple have a direct impact on sexual life and frequent conflicts have no way to get closer to your partner. If you experience such problems, the best advice would be to turn to a specialist or to reconsider the foundations of the relationship.

6. Depression or lack of self-esteem

Whatever you want to not be true, most enemies are capable psychological sex. In this case, all you have to do is to realize the problem and try to fix. In women especially, loss of desire may be caused by depression or low self esteem. If you are in this situation, you may need therapy. Depression affects all aspects of life, not just intimate relationships and to solve the problem as soon as possible, the more it will be better for you.

7. Alcohol

A glass of wine can increase desire, but drinking large amounts of alcohol creates problems both partners: for him, erection problems, and for her, decrease sensations. Great care that relax intention not to turn into a total failure

8. Tobacco

Experts believe that smoking reduces blood flow by narrowing the blood vessels, causing erection problems. That in addition to other health problems they can cause and you’re probably aware.

9. Drugs

20% of sexual problems are caused by medication side effects or interactions. Antidepressants cause, in most cases, decreased desire and inability to achieve orgasm. Allergy medications or pills can also reduce libido.

10. Drugs

Narcotics and tranquilizers decrease sexual desire. Amphetamines stimulate the desire in the first phase, but prevents reaching orgasm. Consumed consistently lead to decreased libido.