Love and sex: Top 28 amazing things about sex.

Love and sex: Top 28 amazing things about sex. Sex is a topic much discussed but never exhausted. Always discovering new and there are other things to learn. The fact that men, on average 11 daily erections or orgasm prolongs life that are less known curiosity.

Top 28 amazing things about sex

1. Sex can function as medicine, especially against headaches. During sex, the body releases endorphins, the hormone that relieves pain by acting on the central nervous system.

2. The average size of an erect penis is 12.7 inches.

3. Sperm can be used as anti-wrinkle face cream or prevent acne. It contains a natural antioxidant called spermine, which, according to studies, moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents acne, but has these beneficial effects only if it is extracted and processed in the laboratory. A Norwegian company has launched on the market a face cream called “Spermine” which producers say is 30 times more effective than vitamin E skin and slows by 20% skin aging.

4. A teaspoon of semen contains about 250 million sperm. A man without health problems produce up to 60,000 sperm per minute.

5. The speed with which a man ejaculates is an average of 45.1 km / h. However, once in the vagina, the sperm get in about 5 minutes in the cervix, and the strongest of them reach the egg within 72 hours, according to Mark Elliot, director of the Institute of Psychological and Sexual Health Ohio, USA.

6. A teaspoon of sperm is between 5 and 25 calories. The product ejaculation is only 1% in the composition semen, consisting for the most part of the protein, vitamins and minerals, up to 200 in number, including vitamin C, citric acid, lactic acid, fruity, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium , vitamin B12 and zinc.

7. The vibrator was invented to relieve states of hysteria, in the nineteenth century.

8. The average length of a flaccid penis in a state is 8 inches.

9. In 1850 BC. Hr., Egyptians used crocodile excrement for contraception. In addition to this strange solution, the Egyptian longer inserted into the vagina honey or sodium carbonate.

10. During orgasm, the heart beats up to 180 beats per minute.

11. According to a new study, 44% of men and 36% of women have tried anal sex at least once. Although many heterosexual men have enjoyed the experience of anal sex, women who have had a greater extent, homosexual. Studies show that 12% of women have maintained, for once, intimate relationship with another woman and only 5% of men said they had sex with a person of the same sex.

12. a man’s orgasm lasts on average 22 seconds.

13. A woman’s orgasm lasts on average 18 seconds.

14. During sex is issued an antidiuretic hormone that prevents urination. This is called vasopressin and is released by the pituitary gland.

15. pheromones secreted by the body makes men more attractive to women.

16. Men have, on average, 11 erections per day. However, erections are not necessarily the result of sexual arousal. Some scientists believe that this is the way to keep penile tissue elasticity. Also, erections can occur sometimes reflexively, when a man is angry, scared, excited or stressed because of enlarged prostate because of drugs or need to urinate.

17. Sex can adjust the sleep cycle, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. During orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which induces relaxation and sleepiness.

18. The testicles are increased by up to 50% during intercourse.

19. A woman’s vagina is, on average, up to 10 inches in length, but can double due to excitation.

20. Pineapple juice and other citrus juices alter the taste of sperm. The porn actress Annie Sprinkle, who has tasted” the sperm of hundreds of men ejaculate vegetarians product has the pleasant taste, consumption of fruit and fruit juices hours before sex improves sperm taste, while nicotine, alcohol, meat and onion make it less enjoyable.

21. Clitoris are up to 8,000 nerve endings.

22. There are people who are sexually attracted to objects. In general, those who suffer from such problems are not just sexually attracted to a particular object, but also develops feelings, thinking, perhaps, in reciprocity. In extreme cases, people suffering from this disease can not understand normal relations between people. For example, a woman named Erika La Tour Eiffel is drawn to the Eiffel Tower, marrying” with the famous tower in Paris. She swore loyalty and devotion tower during a ceremony, and then changing the name.

23. A man produce up to 53 liters of sperm in life.

24. There is a fetish called formichophilia defined by sexual pleasure to have insect genitalia.

25. Some scholars argue that masturbation can combat depression by releasing endorphins in the body orgasm.

26. a woman’s vagina natural lubricant is found in shark liver. Substance called squalene.

27. Studies have shown that pornography is a cause of erectile dysfunction in men over 40 years.

28. orgasms you can prolong life. During orgasm, the body hormone (DHEA dehydroepiandrosterone) which strengthens immunity. In addition, orgasm burn calories and regulates sleep.