Remember? Playing cards with naked women!?

Remember? Playing cards with naked women!? You peep package of cards in your father’s desk drawer. They were the ones that you and your friends in the neighborhood, all teens are curious, you were not allowed to use them because they were with naked women.

That gives pornography! You had no internet, there were no porn magazines (at least not so stalls, that you see everywhere). Your parents and some neighbors gathered around sometimes in the evening and watching XXX movies. You were sitting in your room and eavesdrop on dirty comments and men, if they were present at most of the ladies ashamed that they could not believe what those people are doing there.

But sometimes you put the hand on something “forbidden” and that one seemed way out of exciting and amazing: playing cards with naked women. Beautiful, sexy and as dreamed to see and you live in a day.

If you believe that the world is tired of so much pornography on the Internet, in magazines, on TV and in the press, you will be amazed to learn that the hard sell Americans (and buy) on Amazon, playing cards with naked women, similar to which surreptitiously ogle in childhood.

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Playing cards with naked women (1) Playing cards with naked women (2) Playing cards with naked women (3) Playing cards with naked women (4) Playing cards with naked women (5) Playing cards with naked women (6) Playing cards with naked women (7)




Positions to fuck with a big penis

10 positions to fuck with a big penis! Many men have the fantasy of having a large penis, but this can become a problem. Here we suggest some positions for hours of pleasure … Regardless of the size!

bipdickOne of the most entrenched myths about sexuality is that men with bigger penises are the ones that give more pleasure. That’s why hundreds of men have the fantasy to have a big penis, almost like porn actors indicates the blog “Give Your Woman”.
The urban legend has been debunked several times, but many men do have large member. Unfortunately, many of them women and incomodete see him.

This is because a large penis does not ensure a night of pleasure, and that is if a penis of huge proportions is not well used, can become a dangerous weapon I screwed sex sessions indicates sexologs.

To prevent the pain becomes pleasure, it is necessary to use lubricants, increased clitoral stimulation and sexual positions that will increase the joy. Here we suggest some of them.

1.Misionero. This classic position there is greater control over depth during intercourse.


2 Mariposa. Here you can have control over the level of thrust, to not push yourself too.


3 The union of the lovers. Standing and facing each other. This position involves less penetration, but also less likely to leave the penis.
4. subject. While the man lies, the woman standing over him, but his back. So it regulates the depth of penetration.


Fusion 5. Here the woman also lies on the man, but both front and can get up a little with his arms and he does not moves, she can keep the pace.


6 Description of the Merger. He has to lie down completely and she should be on top of him, face to face.


7 The dragonfly. They both have to sit down, she should give it back and lift the top leg to penetrate her. This depth is half; can reach deeper penetration, but must be careful not to hurt.


8. catapult. The woman has to rely on the man’s thighs while he is waiting to enter her knees. She can bend your legs resting your feet on the man or stretch the chest. Here the female hips and back rise, and great feelings are achieved. But penetration is much less.


9 Binding Bee. The woman has to sit on her partner’s penis; he should be seated with the legs deployed forward. So it controls the depth of penetration, while he can caress the breasts.


10. Amazon. The man must be seated while she sits on Amazon on one of the muscles of your partner. When penetration is achieved you can control your vaginal muscles contracting. The movement is limited and shallow penetration, which will help prevent pain or discomfort.

What you have to look for are positions he can have control of penetration. Avoid sexual positions where there is deep penetration; for example of “puppy”. Remember, the key is to try until you find those that are most suitable and comfortable for both.