Tribute for Bruna Ferraz: A decade of pure Brazil!

Bruna FerrazTwo decades later, the production company Brasileirinhas continues to operate at full capacity to launch some of the Brazilian productions that manage to cross the country’s borders and commercialize in Europe and the rest of America. And perhaps one of its most representative stars, a lady who has never had space in because we simply have not seen the right moment or the material that deserves, but now that the carnivals come in Brazil we can not lose the opportunity to put On the track of Bruna Ferraz.

Veteran illustrious in her country, will soon be a decade of her debut in the porn industry (precisely in a production of Brasileirinhas) where he has practically done everything and has been able to boast a privileged physique, a talent for the pelvic movement Proper of her origin and a beauty that does not always accompany this type of woman.

PS: The best ass in Latin America.


The promising return of Amber Ivy

Amber Ivy

We met her here a little later than we would have liked in the summer of last year, and we signed the promise that we would follow her step more closely. But Amber Ivy stopped the machinery of her growing filmography a few weeks later and it has not been until today that we have again had the great pleasure of seeing her fucking again. This is a fucking with anal sex in the company of the very accomplished Small Hands, Joanna Angel’s current boyfriend, for the 3rd Degree Young and Anal film, a return to the talk that shows Amber’s only obstacle to becoming a star: It lacks to work with some more famous producers and if it obtains we are sure that it will not stop until crystallize success.



Mia Khalifa: “Gratitude for a special type of man who knows how to ask for an anal”

Mia Khalifa is one of the most popular adult film actresses and was the most searched celebrity on the internet.

Mia Khalifa

She has left this career to become a sports commentator, but is still sought after by many men who hope to fulfill their fantasies with her.

For most, Mia ignores them, but there was a guy who managed to cling to a message. Therefore, the former actress was thought to reveal the story for those still dreaming of a date with her.

During a show on ESPN, the young 24 year old was asked about the messages it receives. “It’s hard sometimes to interact with the messages they receive. Even though I was a porn star, I am still a person. I was not impressed by the attempts of some famous athletes to hang me. Not at all.”

Instead, Mia admitted that receives and positive messages. “Just recently I said to someone who wrote me beautiful, and now I will have a meeting with him.”

She did not want to reveal the names of those who wrote or message content, but on Twitter posted a message enclosures “Great gratitude to the Sned Urban Stems, but mostly gratitude for a special type who knows how to ask for an anal “.


Sophie Dee likes to be fucked hard in the ass

Sophie Dee – Porn Video

Sophie Dee likes to be fucked hard in the ass 2

Sophie Dee likes to be fucked hard in the ass

Sophie Dee boobs is not that bad company outside and now we have a video hardcore porn wisely alternating pussy, ass and mouth. Why settle for less when the busty feel like going? The gray-haired older man takes advantage of the luck you have and makes a thousand dirty tricks busty taking advantage of the work is to realize all your fantasies to pork.

But first you have to recreate a bit with his ass and other curves. So begins the video Sophie Dee provocative plan on moving the tambourine in striptease plan that is a luxury. Spitting a little on the wet tits for what would later serve as a container for a lofty tit. But when the older man can no more before the meat is Sophie Dee show itself is released to give a black kiss. We assume that he also wants to moisten the areas that she has forgotten. What follows is what I already imagine: anal and vaginal sex, A2M and a facial the size of their breasts.


Jynx Maze and her ass

PORN VIDEO: Jynx Maze with her ass in

Jynx Maze

The following boobs in a while know that if we highlight an ass in a headline that ass she have to take very, very seriously. Jynx Maze’s ass has earned the right to be highlighted on merit. You want to know what merits speak? Well, is not that porn star in question has a monumental ass, who has it, it is also used as a true goddess of anal sex. In this porn video her boobs go into the background and even the most ardent follower of boobs will be unable to stop watching her tambourine. The girl not to receive and receive with satisfaction face to another woman what would be sheer torture. Finally, we emphasize once again that in an ass tits you stand out from the breasts it has to be something very special, something like the ass of Jynx Maze, one of the porn actresses and shameless sluts of the moment. Prepare for a session of anal good sex .


Fitness Rooms and the eternal aerobics porn

The great boom of the aerobics and videos tutorials came in the eighties thanks to the energetic appeal of Jane Fonda, but that approximation somewhat perverted to mere physical exercise has endured firmly during the last thirty years. In fact there are places like Fitness Rooms, work of the company Really Useful (responsible for European successes like Lesbea and the saga Fake – Hospital, Taxi, Agent …), where every week a celebration of sex with brightly colored meshes, Heaters and sweat bands with authentic Central European and Russian gems of slender figure.

Let us immerse ourselves in this fantasy to the rhythm of one, two; one two.

Gabriella Gucci

Jasmine Jae

Nathaly Cherie, Nicole Love

Cristin Caitlin, Eveline Dellai

Briana Bounce, Daisy Lee, Ellie Springlare


Mila Ramos, a MILF arrival from Italy

Mila Ramos porn starPorn Videos – Mila Ramos

One imagines an Italian MILF like the classic mamma: brunette, with rather hard features and a pair of gigantic tits, who screams a lot when speaking and has a huge smile. Mila Ramos is supposed to be MILF (although we have not given her birth date) and is Italian, but does not respond to that profile: she has a small body, well proportioned and slender that at the moment only gives in to the pornographic industry limited Own of its homeland. We know that he has not shot more than half a dozen scenes, but you know how we like to enter the national porn of different places, where one finds jewels that otherwise would never have discovered.


Locos by Angela White

Angela WhiteJules Jordan Video – Angela White

The decision that Angela White took to leave aside her most enterprising side and start filming porn for another’s account is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial for the fans: the producers will laugh and she, knowing her cache, only works with the best. And one that is very present in her filmography is the Frenchman Manuel Ferrara; With him has filmed multitude of scenes and his last encounter, already with a level of evident complicity, has been recently for Bra Busters # 8 of Jules Jordan.

PS: She is a goddess, officially my favorite porn actress! I loved this video !!! She’s made for the hard anal, no doubt. But they have to dominate her, but her ass does not yield, she does not totally give in to anal fucking if the actor who accompanies her is not a good dominator. Manuel Ferrara has a lot of feeling with Angela, it must be because he has a dominant position to fuck hard actresses. That clearly appeals to Angela. I hope to see these two again in a totally anal scene and fucking like beasts.


Aurora Jolie, queen of anal sex

Aurora Jolie – Porn Video

Aurora Jolie - Queen of anal sexThe choice today is nothing less than Aurora Jolie (known also by Nikara or Nicara), for several reasons, first by her tits, obviously boobs have predilection for girls with good front, and second by that follows a brunette born in Italy but has always leave in America, and how many of you know became quite famous a few years ago to participate only in movies anal sex and reserving vagina for marriage, something shocking case of a porn actress.

Surely the case of a marketing strategy, however I have not yet managed to see a scene where the penetrate vaginally, and that the girl has recorded hundreds, mostly oral and anal sex, except a lesbian. I said, come and see, and of course enjoy their nice tits and ass mega-penetrated.


Why do men like porn

When the wife is sleeping …

In many nights when my wife goes to bed, the men spend time on the computer, surfing mostly for one thing – pornography. Even if you could claim that this habit every night does not affect the quality of their love life, their partners are not so sure about it. Many disillusioned wife are concerned that their husbands pornography instead prefer to make love to them.


But most women have no reason to worry. “Whatever attracts a man to pornography is just a reflection of their partner,” says sex therapist Lonnie Barbach from San Francisco. “Some women feel threatened because they think they are not as sexy as porn stars, but that’s why their partners (not) come home. For men, it’s just the novelty that excites them.”

Do not despair

This is a completely normal reaction. “It often happens that one of the partners to be more interested in other depornografie and see this thing as a problem,” says dr. Russell Stambaugh, psychologist and sexologist in Michigan. “But rarely is a big problem. Several studies confirm that only 5% of all users of porn sites experiencing serious problems that affect their daily lives.”

This is good news considering the number of people who watch pornography on the World Wide Web.

Mirror Neurons

So the question remains: why do so many men looking at naked people pictures? The answer is not simple. Excitation caused by pornography is connected to many parts of the brain. One of the latest theories argues that mirror neurons play an important role in this case. These neurons are brain cells that react the same way when they participated or just watched specific actions. They are the reason men watch football and women prefer romantic movies. But even if we know the effects of viewing pornography, still do not know why we do it.


Sorry evolutionary

Dr. Stambaugh answer this question through evolution “male brain is made in a way that allows men to get aroused very quickly, and so be ready for sex whenever the opportunity arises. This is an important evolutionary mechanism reproduction and survival of the species. “Since pornography on the Internet is always easily accessible, men like to indulge often and with pleasure.

Pornography? No problem!

Once women begin to understand that pornography is not a substitute for them and once the men are able to talk about how they spend their time at night with their partners, couples will have a full sex life and a happier relationship.

“Pornography itself is never a problem,” says Dr.. Stambaugh. “The biggest problem is communication and openness between partners.” Pornography can even help the relationship. You can watch adult movies together and enter therefore something new in the bedroom.