Apple beat Android. Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple products.

Apple beat Android. Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple products. Although the Apple tries hard to limit access to content overlooked” on its devices, iOS is the champion when it comes to accessing pornographic sites, according to The Guardian. IPad tablets bring more satisfaction than those with Android.

Apple beat Android Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple productsOne of the biggest sites on the Internet porn clips, Pornhub, released a report showing that Safari – now only on iPhone and iPad – is used to access the site from a mobile device . In the last year we have seen a major change in types of traffic on our website. Of the 38 million daily users of Pornhub, more than half come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets , say representatives of the site. The Apple devices account for 73% of traffic from mobile devices. In second place is Google Chrome browser, which is available both on Android and iOS with 13.6%. Android default browser (the one that comes preinstalled on all devices) conducted only 7.8% of mobile traffic. Information not really that surprising when you consider that the iPad dominates tablet market is developed. In the US, Apple’s market share in the segment of tablets was 54.5% at the end of 2013 and in the UK, 59%. However, not only iPad owners are guilty” for traffic on Pornhub. And iPhone users are avid consumers of pornography, given that 38.2% of traffic from Safari is made of the smartphone and tablet no. Curiously, only 29.4% of those using the Android browser accesses the site on your phone and 18% of those using Chrome enters the cell.



Hustler porn app launched for Android

If you want porn, buy an Android phone, recently said Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief. It seems he’s right. But who said it is not needed and so as not to provide XXX content, ok? Maybe just the Pope. People must have access to anything they want on the phone giving money.

Hustler porn app launched for Android

Hustler has just launched an XXX app, operating platform owned by Google, which costs $ 3 and provides access to magazine models in the last 36 years.

In addition, customers have access to the video content (do not think the nonsense) behind the scenes interviews with the girls in the foreground, and cartoons.


The largest consumers of porn on Mobile

The largest consumers of pornography on mobile phones

A recent study published in the pornhub comes with a very interesting statistic about,, consumption “of porn on mobile.

Those from Pornhub is behind one of the largest online bookstores pornographic. Meanwhile, when it comes to studies about pornography, the amount of information they need to provide some graphics very well anchored in reality.

About a year ago to acknowledge formally that smartphones have become the ideal tool for consumption suddenly porn content. Starting from this premise, we now have enough information on the subject to share platforms and smartphones to get a new set of interesting statistics. As can be seen, the leading Android devices posted the top, with 48.34% of the traffic. Second place is occupied iPhones, with 40.60%. The same is also top Windows Phone and BlackBerry, but the few percent for these platforms are insignificant.

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mommy loves porn 23


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Robots will deflowered teenagers. A renowned professor warns: Sex with Android dolls will prevent people from forming normal relationships!

Noel Sharkey, emeritus robotics professor at the University of Sheffield, warned that Android sex dolls could have harmful consequences for society.

Sex with Android dolls will prevent people from forming normal relationships

He said that, as the propagation of content on internet porn surprised the British government, robotics revolution will create multiple consequences. In the future, teens can lose their virginity because sex robots, he warns.

“It is no problem having sex with a car. But if this is your first interaction today? What do you have then about the opposite sex? What you think it is: a man or a woman? This will come into habit, stopping people to form normal relationships with people in real life”, said Professor Sharkey Cheltenham Science Festival.

Sex with Android dolls will prevent people from forming normal relationships 2

Robotic sex dolls resembling people are already on the market in the US and Japan. Professor Sharkey believes that these dolls to be sold to a buyer that old age does not reach the hands of teens.

“Robots sex are now accessible and certainly will be common in the next decade. I think there will be an age limit, it certainly should be, but even so, if the father or mother had a doll sexual teenager would able to find and to use “, added Sharkey.

Sex robots are already available and have a range called TrueCompanion. Roxxxy is female model and male model Rocky. Such sexual doll, costs the US about $ 10,000. The dolls can be customized, and the company offers a variety of skin tones, faces and colors from which customers can choose.

However, the robots still can not “think” and not fully autonomous.

Another expert in robotics, Kathleen Richardson, De Montfort University, advocates for sexual dolls of this kind should be banned from import into the UK.

“Sex Robots seem to be a growing emphasis in the robotics industry and the models they produce, how they will look, the roles they would play, are truly disturbing. We believe that such robots will contribute to the worsening of relations between men and women, adults and children, men and women, women and women “,concluded Kathleen Richardson.