BiBi Jones is back!

Last July, BiBi Jones announced her retirement from porn crocodile tears, resulting kidding her partner Riley Steele. Half a year later, rookie of Digital Playground announced that returns to business with the same company, which has already recorded ‘Community Sex, a new film with Kayden Kross and Bill Bailey. (And next week premieres ‘Code of Honor’, overproduction recorded before retiring). BiBi Jones says she needed a break, find herself and see what they really wanted, and says that she wants to return to porn and make a career of it. Anyway, welcome back, BiBi Jones.

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Tell me what sexual position you like and I will tell you who you are.

Sexuality and masculinity are, for centuries, the topic of discussion. Always and especially now, in modern times, is talk about it, nay, all sorts of tapes recorded with such discussions, the kind with Paris Hilton, for example. There are men who prefer fast and forceful style, while others prefer the one. Some women prefer flexible, can try the strangest and most difficult positions, others, on the contrary, remain dedicated lovers of the missionary position.

Tell me what sexual position you like and I will tell you who you areHere’s what people say about sexual positions and about men who prefer them:

1. The missionary position
Are you the kind of guy who does not like it at all risks and play by the rules well established. For the same reason today working for years at the same company in your city, instead you have followed childhood dream in which I strongly believe that you get a great astronaut. And luckily, your girlfriend does not love you the exuberant fantasy that you have in bed, but the same monotonous tone and sure that you use in every circumstance of life. In addition, it is possible that when the mood to make the head, to call your brother with athletic body.

2. On the back
It appears that feel real contempt for women and not lose any opportunity to discredit them. The significance of this feeling is rooted in insecurity you feel always in their face and insecurity that is rooted somewhere in adolescence, when all suffer rejections and failures in love. Now, the acne period has passed and you‘ve regained your self-confidence, along with clean skin, feel the need for revenge. Having sex with her in the back seems to be the best method.

3. Position cowgirl”
The truth is that you do not really like his work and prefer that all your fault for granted, on the tray. Perhaps you are the only child, so most likely you’ve been spoiled all my life and everything was better you offered. Even your girlfriend is the daughter of family friends and the only reason you stay with you is like yours have helped her to get a well paid job, and besides that you have made a gift and a villa. And when you think about it that does not take more than 5 minutes when stand above you, so you can finish all your smiles great.

4. Position spoon
There is nothing in this world more important to you than to have a stable relationship. As such, all your life you were made fun of by friends, which is why you fell too much self-respect. But the idea of staying alone cause you great anxiety. The only accepts and loves you as you are is your beloved. She always tells you you’re too skinny, you hair too thin and that in general you need vitamins. And you adore, so that you always take care to fill his wallet and help her to make nails.

5. Position the cat
If you like “flower-power” and sex is third favorite thing in the world (do not know which are the first two!), You are and the kind that prefara orgasms more spiritual than physical ones, the souls you implestesc bodies before. Unfortunately, your girlfriend refuses to give you a little too tantric state. At least, not until you have a ride to the shower.



Sex in the back is more complicated than you think!

Sex in the back is more complicated than you think!

Sex in the back is more complicated than you thinkI do not know if most guys realize this, but the other thing turning a girl during sex is quite complicated. Guys do not ever realize when to do or what is the procedure, so anticlimactic end of many sexual gossip is: And then I suddenly overturned, asshole!Then all the girls around sighing and shaking their heads knowingly .

From my experiences, the timing is the biggest problem, so here’s a tip for guys who want to fuck in the back: whatever you do, do not tip over when you see a girl approaching orgasm, especially when you just want to back into it about half a minute and you let go immediately.

I could give you an example here, but that would reduce the size of the problem. Every single experience included sex in the back when I flip one sucks. My life is full of guys who can not analyze the situation, and this happens especially when I enjoy a great game, during which scream, “Lord, I have a little, I have a little and get up immediately that stops to overthrow me and give me the back painfully hard, which causes them pleasure a single personnel (not me!).

I do not understand where it comes from this movement. They think that if sex turns extreme sport, sure to give way a girl? Actually I’m not surprised, I’m sure it’s because of pornography. What I find strange is that when they give specific sexual instruction (Go on, it feels very much” or “Do not stop“), they ignore them completely. It’s like I’d have sex with you and you tell me I’ll give you pussy narrow wayand I would get overturned on the belly and ass I would FUCK completely ignoring the fact that you do not Do you love.

Why do not you guys understand that what they like (sex rushed), it’s the best choice to meet a woman, especially one who has and you say that? I do not understand. There are only two ways to know for sure that a girl wants from behind. Ask and say yes. Or returning alone and give back to you. If you insist, however, to be “spontaneous” or are rude, here’s some advice to not screw:


Conclusions are not sexy. When overthrow girl, watch what you around. If you are not able to pay attention, then do yourself a map of the room before you start. It has a shelf beside the bed has a nightstand? ‘s Bed against the wall? Ideally, you should not give head to any of these. I do not know the other girls, but I feel obiectiv the guy does not know where it starts and ends my body, but uncertain where the hole and does not care if the rest sacrifice while and moistens dick in it.

Pay attention to the rest of BODY

You get to the next point. There are other elements besides erogenous hole. They’re called nipples” and “clitoris”. If you do not want to be a selfish bugger, it is time to play with them, while you enjoy the view of her ass.

Squeeze legs

Many guys do not understand it, but now say last word: sex in the back is more fun for both partners, if the girl keeps knees paste. Forget everything you’ve seen in porn! Sex in the back does not involve a girl bandy knees apart in a demented gives her beat like butter. Also, take it slow and go in different speeds to see what he likes. Do whatever you like it to like it and they, and sex is an exercise in cooperation.

Do not assume you can do ANAL

When a girl leaves you back to fuck her in the back that does not mean she wants anal. Ask her before I put SOMETHING in the background! That’s my new mantra. Should I make stickers with it.

There is no time to give a paw

Honestly, if the girl liked what you were doing to overthrow, I think it will be too cheerful to feel like masturbating over her ass.


How stupid do you think we are? You think just because you do not see what we do not know? The guys who tried to bring down the condom after they turned face are like babies who feel they do not see, if you put your hand to the eye. It’s insulting and even slightly illegal to do that. We reserve the right not to be infected with venereal diseases and your childrens!

ONLY pull hair bitches

I noticed that usually when guys are fucking up, they’re looking pretty big smardoii and I am a little girl, and if I come to power hair, it’s just painful and not sexy. Although sometimes easily put his hand through his hair is ok, if accompany the gesture with a kiss firmly, do not know why guys feel the need to draw up the ridge just when you ride on the back as if you are their mare.

Let her breathe

Even if you manage to overthrow properly for sex, that does not give you permission to choke. I know I caught the frenzy, but be sure that if you keep the neck (which can be fun), you risk choking her in the pillow so he can make sure to breathe. I say give him a diver tube while fuck her, but at least be careful not to confuse her cries for help clogged with moans of pleasure.