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Krystal Steal is topless, layed on her back and fucked.

Krystal Steal topless sex. Krystal Steal is topless, layed on her back and fucked. Krystal Steal sitting on her white new bed, with her big boobs out and having protected sex.

Krystal Steal loves to take it in cowgirl position.

Krystal Steal cowgirl. Krystal Steal loves to take it in cowgirl position. Krystal Steal is close to an orgasm. She wants to take it hard and she gets it.

Krystal Steal loves to get some sperm in her throat.


And where was the clitoris?

They think that most men do not even manage to find it; they are willing to go search!

Most women agree that many men still do not know where the clitoris is, but thankfully, not all (for the clueless: the nerve terminal is located on the top of the vulva, hidden in the folds at the beginning of the vagina and it feels like a small little button).

Here are some recommendations for those who want to vibrate his wife of pleasure if you know how to take advantage of this little female boss. Some men, a little more experienced, you know what your geographical location. To these women do not have to give them a map with instructions before going to bed.

The clitoris is packed with millions of nerve endings that women provides extreme pleasure 10 times more than men experience with his big penis.

If this is more than proven, then why not use the clitoris to give her pleasure and at the same time because it suits you?

Porno films are a necessary good, but do not trust everything you see on them. Do not think that the fact that women will enter your penis  the pleasure. What is important is what is done with it in there; and what you do out there, with other tools, with imagination, fantasy and creativity.

So there is the importance of the clitoris: I Place it first and give the finger flick, almost one per second, just a touch.

clitorisThen gently fold away covering it with your two thumbs. Use your tongue in this part and calmly, without haste, give small licks, very short and slow. Take the time to discover it and see how slowly erect. Watch them acquires a pink color, reddish and then fully on.

By this time, it may be more, not sweating and moaning, her hips moving up and down. At that time introduces two fingers and do not forget to play with the other hand as to enter the keyboard. Explore with your fingers slowly and touches especially the back of the vagina with a movement as seen here.

When she can not anymore, then enter your penis, now, and do not stand there in the puts and takes !, keep exploring, playing. Stay inside for a while, stay out another. If you are facing rubs her nipples and licks her shoulders, chest, back of his elbows and the navel; pulls her hair a bit, gently.

If she’s on her back, lying, lame back or just fingers, down to lick the back of the knees and the soles of the feet (the kill you!) … again, gently. She will become a goddess and probably after that will make him a slightly wilder form, which is as you like. So the two of them will be pleased and none forget that moment.


Jenaveve Jolie does not want football players in her bed!

Jenaveve Jolie is porn actress, nude model and exotic dancer. Jenaveve Jolie was born on June 4, 1984, is an American porn starlet, model and exotic dancer nude pictorials. She is also known as Jenaveve Joli or Jenevieve.

Before entering the adult film industry, Jenaveve Jolie worked as a waitress. In 2004 she made herdebut in porn, active with over 300 scenes. In 2006, the fiery brunette appeared in the series “Howard Stern on Demand” and in 2009 in “Entourage.” Jenaveve Jolie came into her skin, politician Sarah Palin for a pictorial in “High Society“, in February 2009 is very uninhibited in bed, but has only one preference: Footballers do not belong in my bed!!!“, said the beautiful brunette .

Jenaveve Jolie porn star

Jenaveve Jolie



Ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Sex Advice: 6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom: After several years of relationship, or months in some cases can become monotonous life couple. And even if there is still love, passion evaporated. If you find yourself in this situation, do not despair. With a little willpower and techniques can rekindle the flame in your bedroom. And no need for major changes. Here are some simple tricks that can improve your sex parties.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Change location!
Having sex in the same place at the same time and in the same position gets boring at some point. So make a change. Discard the bed for a while and find new places for sex. Bathroom or kitchen can be ideal for a passionate sex game. If you are among the brave couples can explore and places outside the home. Make sure however that you try the ones that are protected from prying eyes. You can also make some changes in the bedroom, a new bed or painting walls with a different color.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 2

Sex like in the movies!
Almost all Hollywood movies contain scenes sex couple standing against a wall or stairs. So why not try and you? Not only will it increase the level of adrenaline, but can be extremely exciting. Surprise him with a passionate kiss and lead him to a memorable sex.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 3

Love in the mirror!
What could be more exciting than when you love the reflection of your bodies? Search the largest mirror in the house and love you to her. Doggie style will be much more exciting way.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 4

Use handcuffs!
Want to spice up bedroom activities? Then try sex toys. Shackles, for example, be ideal. Do not use any type of handcuffs, preferably as those of a sex shop, because they are safer and typically do not have the key, breaking slightly. You handcuffs? Nothing? You can also use silk scarves, with which you can connect or can be tied to the bed.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 5

Sweeten your chocolate and cream!
Drop the diet for one night and enjoy the chocolate cream directly on the body of her lover. Lay chocolate or cream on your partner’s body and then lick her body. It’s the perfect way to bring some fun to the bedroom.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 6

Provides him with a feather touch orgasmic
Men are very sensitive to touch. Pamper your lover with tender caresses for maximum pleasure. Ask him to lie on his back and then kissed it gently and walk a feather on the most sensitive areas. I will thank the moans of pleasure. It can be the perfect prelude to a memorable sex.


The sexy things to say to girlfriend in bed

For men: The sexy things to say to girlfriend in bed! Women are beings essentially verbal and men is not exactly easy to find what they like. Women reading erotic novels, watching soap operas and love men with exotic accents. These things are synonymous with what men mean when I see a woman with large breasts. Although they are very different from men, women may be incited the right words. Here are the sexiest things to say to a woman in bed.

For menThe sexy things to say to girlfriend in bed

For Men # 1: “I want to make you feel good
Simple, yet effective. It’s the perfect way to do it to relax and understand that you made the right choice when you took. The best time for this is of course foreplay.

For men # 2: “I like the noise you make when you orgasm
If you know your wife has orgasm and you know, this statement fits. Sometimes women may feel embarrassed if they make noises in bed. But men often appreciate so, being a good indicator of the fact that doing the right thing. Encourage your partner to give up the volume loud telling him how you like.

For Men # 3: “You have an ass so sexy
Instead bottom part of the body can mention much you love her and that she is appreciated and not to arouse controversy. Women are sometimes sensitive when it comes to their body so watch what words you choose.

For Men # 4: What you fancy right now?”
That will encourage them to express their sexual desires and create an erotic atmosphere. The idea is that in these times more likely to say they hidden fantasies that they would not testify in other situations.

For Men # 5: I feel so good, I like so
Again, so will you increase your confidence with a positive feedback. And if you know that something you like in particular is likely to take into account from here.

Men # 6: Your skin is very thin
Women spend more time caring for their skin and moisturizing it with all kinds of lotions. It would be good for men to appreciate this ritual and make a well placed compliment. As a remark seductive, you should be told before sex.

For men # 7: “I want to kiss your whole body
Women love foreplay and want to be pampered. Even if you do not intend to kiss his whole body, she will appreciate the intent. COMMON just love every part of it and it is great to hear that.

For men # 8: ‘I‘ve never felt so good
Women want to feel special, different and unique. If she is special in bed and feel differently than before, and do not hesitate to tell them. Be honest but do not overdo it, will think you‘re trying to cast a spell and you’re faking.

For Men # 9: You’re so sexy!”
It is best to be direct. Be determined and sincere to show them how much you appreciate.

Types of talking in bed
In bed you can talk in two ways: aggressive and sexy. Aggressive is when you use words easily order and degrading it. You have to start easy and pay attention to the reaction and her lines. Sexy is when commenting tied her body and the things you want to do them without using obscene words. Whatever you choose, whether it is the first time you choose to talk in bed should take it easy and see if she likes and you respond or not. Choose your words carefully and you can conquer partner. Adapt phrases above depending on your situation, and you will pleasantly surprise your partner.



What men like in bed: 7 carnal desires!

What men like in bed: 7 carnal desires! When you’re thinking about your partner going crazy, you think you need to know complex sexual techniques that only a woman expert could put into practice. Completely wrong! What men like in bed is not as hard to guess and applied in your intimate moments. Here are seven of the carnal desires of the representatives of the opposite sex!

Men love to watch!

Visual stimulation pleasure any man crazy, so she should do from time to time many exciting surprise. Let your partner to look at you while you masturbate or when sensual touch. Look him in the eye in this intense time and tell her how much you want. Ultimate challenge for him will not let him kiss you or touch you. Such views erotic instant conquer it. The fact that your body can look for it in action will be a powerful stimulus.

7 carnal desires

What men like in bed? Be surprised!

Men love to be surprised intimacy, and this should not amaze you. After all, it is natural to want as you take control. Let shyness aside and enjoy more of your sex parties. Maybe it will be difficult at first, but over time you will gain more confidence in yourself. Come up with new proposals and initiates sexual positions, wear sexy outfits and bring sex toys into the bedroom. To not make the wrong choice, try to find out in advance what your partner likes and what fantasies would want to put into practice.

Manual stimulation or how to conquer your partner with your hands.

Maybe your partner tells you, but would like often help him achieve erection. That does not touch your penis before starting a sex game you can disappoint. So take action and excite your lover with a game manual. Emphasize the areas you notice the effects are stronger on him. For example, some men are excited when a woman reaches the testes, while others feel good when petted the area between the testicles and anus. Do not leave anything untouched – from bottom to top.

Domination in the bedroom should not be missing from the menu.

Among what men like in bed and taking control include, at least sometimes. Your partner will be surprised and at the same time excited to see that you get more involved in your sex life. Do not let your lover always lead action in the bedroom, especially if you have in mind certain sexual preferences. When it comes to your pleasure, you should not feel embarrassed.

7 carnal desires 2

Oral sex icing on the cake

If you’re wondering what men like in bed, should not exclude from the list of carnal pleasures oral sex. Believe us when we tell you word your partner you will remain eternally grateful oral sex after a note 10. But does this step if you want, that sex should not be a long series of gestures not impress you. Everything you do in the bedroom should you enjoy both.

Massage the penis, kissing and caressing him it until your partner reaches orgasm. Many representatives of the opposite sex like oral penetration as deep and as a partner to be to swallow sperm, but it all depends on how far you are willing to go. Therefore, you should discuss ahead of time preference, frustrations or disappointments without there.

Funny sex parties are among what men like in bed

In real life things are not like in the movies. Some erotic positions do not go as you want or certain noises may occur that do not make you feel at ease. Do not let such events to ruin the moment, but amuse yourself with him the situation.

7 carnal desires 3

Men love to be in bed

Typically, women are afraid to be naughty in bed, especially if you are not comfortable with their partner. But this behavior among men what they like in bed, so it would not hurt to adopt from time to time. Not only will it be an interesting approach to sex, but you will have a great time. You can do anything in this regard: it strikes the buttocks, her nasty talk, etc.




The most common mistakes of women make in bed.

Ladies, let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that besides the many mistakes that we find our partners always (always in a hurry to break, never gives us a prelude both to us as we want, nor we kiss like in the movies!) however it takes two in a dance, because we, in our turn, commit enough errors that can harm them and can give rise to all sorts partners.

The most common mistakes of women make in bed

Here is a list of the most serious and 6 common errors that women can do in the bedroom:

1. Do not take the initiative
On many of us concerned not to be too insistent or aggressive cataloged somehow if somehow taken the lead when it comes to sex. According to Professor Les Parrot – professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University, nothing is worse than being devoid of initiative with your partner when it comes to sex. Professor explains: If you come to understand that they only ever initiate advances, men will feel frustrated, unfulfilled and so the couple establishes imbalance. And men have the same sexual desires, so that they too want to be courted and receive advances. In addition, they come to believe that she is not as interested in sex or not at the same level as them. Do not neglect, therefore, partner, show your interest in what concerns him and took the lead. Your partner will appreciate it more than you can imagine this gesture and will not delay to appear satisfaction of both parties.

2. You‘re worried about your looks
Let’s start thinking about how you look when sex is again one of the biggest mistakes you can make that can stop any trace of joy and pleasure that is supposed to feel when you have sex. Not to mention the chances of getting an orgasm is minimal. Experts tell us, therefore, we do not trouble about bacons belly or worry if not we spread mascara on her face. We need to focus only on the idea of pleasure and orgasm. Men want to see their partners in a total drop of pleasure, which is impossible if we haunt all sorts of anxiety states. Helen Fisher explains: Anyway men not see more than half of all the things we see and we are obsessed.As long as we show interest in them, as we have energy and feel of life and are open to ideas suggested by them, do not notice anything else. According to Darwinian theory, men are paying attention instinctively, of course healthy women who give birth healthy babies. So, since millions of years ago, men were looking primarily women fertile. Many of the primary elections have been preserved until today. And rather than thinking obsessively waist or sagging breasts better think about how enthusiastic you are what you watch and how interest in him.

3. To assume that sex is a mechanical issue for men
Leave aside any preconceived idea that sex is something trivial and mechanical coplet for men, while for women only is a complex issue. Because it is not. As women and men are important certain details, such as intimacy in a relationship. Proof in this respect are more specialized studies whose results show that the most successful performance have sex married couples or stable relationships over the years. Another polls opinion conducted by Dr Fisher demonstrates that 50% of women and 52% of men have accepted sex for a night, hoping that the night in question will be extended and will enter into a long term relationship.

Never go on the premise that men would be romantic and would like a serious relationship,” adds Dr. Fisher. “Two big mistakes are made in modern society: the ideas that the women would not like sex for the sake of sex, and the rule that men should have sex only mechanical way and therefore would be romantic enough.

4. To believe that men are always ready to have sex.
Sure, we can say that, but it fits just adolescent stage, when the boys are keen after what sex means. Then, however, the pressure and responsibilities of each day take a toll: family, job, paying bills, shopping and other duties more or less strenuous – all in one place can lead to decreased libido of a man.
The same Dr. Fisher explains, “the news that their man does not have the mood comes as a shock over women. It’s so hard to believe something like that, they begin to become immediately suspicious, even if it’s not the case. “When you partner refuses, the women immediately feel there are loved. Which has nothing to do with the fact that simply, men do not always have the mood.

5. Do not you guide
We know it’s not the easiest thing in the world to talk openly about sex, what we like and what we do not like, even if we are in a long term relationship and we have many years of regular back; all we can feel embarrassed. But to talk honestly about sex is the only way to get a good quality sex life that you satisfy both you and your partner for life.   According to Dr. Fisher, women have a great asset in this regard: Men want very much to satisfy their partners and, therefore, are very cooperative and open to suggestions, if they receive“. So men really hear what they say, especially if you say loud and clear that we are desires. Do not hesitate to communicate. You have only pleasant surprises.

6. His mind when you propose something new
When a couple lives together for a while, nothing more normal than you want to spice up your sex life a bit, to avoid routine and banality. That does not mean they would not be happy with you and all that you offer usually. Do not take it personally, it’s an affront to what you’re watching. It just means that they want to try new things with you. However, nobody is forced to do something you do not like. As such, you do not have to accept, if his proposal does not suit or do not want to try that idea. It is important however to explain why, which is why you do not want to put in practice the proposal. But try not to overdo it, keep your cool and do not mind your partner tried simply.


What do women want to be in bed, according to the zodiac signs?

Specific traits of each zodiac signs influence sexual preference. For this reason, gestures that evoke a woman between the sheets varies depending on the sign of the zodiac.

What do women want to be in bed according to the zodiac signsAries woman

Independence, energy, and impetuousness of Aries natives are specific traits that influences the sexual preferences and make women independent and impetuosity of this sign to be less attracted to the practice of domination in which they are passive role. An Aries woman will not be at all pleased if her partner directs the head by hand in hope to receive oral sex, for example, consider the gesture an act of domination, subjugation. Instead, a native of total sexual ram will open if the man they show respect and dedication during sex, erotic massage, cunnilingus and kissing toes driving her crazy.

Taurus woman

A woman born under the zodiac sign of Taurus is loyal, stable and patient. For this reason, when you develop an emotional relationship, it uses all possible methods and submit her work effort. Sexually, though, is stubborn. Prefer classic sex, positions which he knows helped orgasm, but in terms of comfort bedroom place for sex. The need for comfort, but also its materialistic tendencies make the environment in which sex to matter a lot to her emotional and sexual wellbeing. Such a linen seem more expensive, delicate in a beautifully landscaped and clean is a big turn on for a Taurus woman, even if her sexual partner does not excel in the sex.


Gemini loves novelty and are curious by nature, reason and their sexual preferences are unusual, even eccentric. With a Gemini woman can do anything, always excited to try new things, new positions, sex toys and unusual places for sex. However, if the man has a sexual partner Gemini is not as tempted by novelty and prefer classic” will lose two-time and three motions, because I will not be able to keep curiosity alive.

Cancer woman

Cancer Increased sensitivity level is obvious and touch. For this reason women Cancerians love caresses a good fucking for them must, necessarily, long caresses, kisses all over his body from head to toe. Besides, without complex foreplay and such gestures of tenderness made and during sex, a woman crab is unlikely to reach the heights of pleasure.

Leo woman

The spirit of leadership, self-confidence, but arrogance can manifest specific zodiac lion and between sheets. A lion” even if he was enthralled” by her partner during sex needs and times when she dominate her to dictate the game. Thus the man who wants to really freak out a native zodiac lion should be willing to be dominated, even if it does only apparently retained.


Despite the name zodiac, Virgo native women are offhand, but only when they find a sexual partner with whom to have a strong emotional connection. In such situations, they show sexual generosityis willing to do all sorts of crazy, trying all sorts of positions and sexual techniques in the hope of his partner crazy. Conversely, a man who wants to crazy pleasure a woman of Gemini has to be meticulous, because virgins are, by nature, meticulous. So the man should be careful and execute actual gender adjacent gestures from cuddling to kissing, before, during, and after sex, virgin sex because a woman is not only the actual contact, movements go forth, but the entire ensemble, from the prelude and postlude ending with.

Libra woman

Balanced nature, tactful and diplomatic Libra woman craves love, harmony. For this reason, it is excited by sexual practices that involve a form of imbalance”, such as game masterslave (masterslave). Equality in the game counts. For this reason, if the man wants to get a blowjob from a woman balance, should be willing first and then execute it a cunnilingus. Hugs is another important aspect of women’s sexual preferences balance, it prefers sexual positions that allow visual, and physical closeness high. That is why a woman will prefer the missionary position or balance the spoon position instead of goat”.

Scorpio woman

Scorpio Women want to be adored by the partners place both in society and between the sheets. For this reason, any scorpion makes a woman feel a goddess in bed is ideal to put into practice during sex with a native of this sign: from kissing feet, licking the area behind the knee, the cunilingus and clitoral stimulation.

Sagittarius woman

One of the specific features of this sign is the ability to see in perspective view. And in terms of sex this feature counts. Why? For sex can begin much earlier for a Sagittarius woman. How? By words. A man who wants to go crazy Sagittarius woman should tell her verbally intimate and warm tone everything you would want to make them for sagetatoarei rich imagination will make her emotional live sex before you begin.


Well organized, and leadership tendencies, Capricorn woman wants to be satisfied when! In other words, a partner who wants to make their girlfriend happy Capricorn should not deprive him of sex. Although she does not have a timetable for the sex, consistency counts when it comes to how often they have sex. Also, does it matter how the man makes the woman feel Capricorn. In during sex if she wants to really freak out, you should not hesitate to tell him how much you want, how much he likes her breasts, her ass, her legs or any other body part. Capricorn Women self-image matters a lot, so that the cat feels more beautiful, more attractive, the boyfriend will be attached to them and will give more.


In matters of sex, the mood is one that prevails when Aquarius woman. If moody, angry or partner can not detach from everyday problems (work, family, money, or other), then it’s unlikely to have the mood. To a woman crazy Aquarius, a man needs to know, first, let’s create a state of relaxation, forgetfulness, distancing from everything around. Even if he can do this at every meeting, whether he succeeded a few times, Aquarius woman will immediately associate the well with the man in question, which is why you crave his presence after his body. In terms of actual sex, women love Aquarius positions that allow deep penetration, but not to the point of becoming painful, so any position that the two are intertwined basin is ideal during sex.

PISCES women

Altruistic and even motherly nature, woman fish will always try to protect their partner. He asks in return? Respect and willingness to meet the needs. In other words, if you do not need sex, women over wants to be left alone and will develop a sense of aversion to the man who pressed to have sex when she does not feel. Instead, when he wants sex, woman in native fish rages, preferring broad and deep movements during the game, instead of short and fast.


The 5 “capital” sins that men do in bed.

No matter how hard it would be acceptable to them, even the most experienced men can make mistakes in privacy. British Sexologist Tracey Cox has identified five of the most common sins that make them hard sex representatives bed. In general, men tend to overestimate the benefit” of intimacy until they unpleasant surprise to find that partner is far from being met. Acclaimed British sexologist Tracey Cox, author of 14 books on the psychology of the couple, identified five of the most common unfortunately they do in bed male representatives.

The 5 capital sins that men do in bed

Haste makes waste.
Women know they need “trainingfor intercourse. If you, foreplay is a step unnecessary things and not just for them. Unless that both intercourse and gird you consume quickly, kisses, caresses and whispers should not miss a sex and you should check if it is ready for you, British sexologist recommends.

Drunken sex.
“If you went out with the guys and find your sleeping partner, both a service if you do snore in another room“, says Tracey Cox. Unless they both have consumed alcohol, one sex is not the most pleasant experience for you and not for your partner.

Parties too long.
Yes, there are exceptional circumstances and times when you both want a game to last six weeks, but, as a rule, sex that lasts longer than 20 minutes makes women yawning rather than moan says sexologist.

Orgasm simultaneously.
There are very few situations where both partners simultaneously reach climax. “First, only 20% of women manage to have orgasm through penetration (case no clitoral stimulation). Secondly, the chance that it coincides with you is low, it is not the norm. Does not mimic orgasm and all your previous partners, but offers them her first orgasm and then enjoy your without feeling guilty “, advises Tracey Cox.

Often change positions.
Men who believe stallionsin the bedroom are convinced that they will impress your partner if they change positions often during sex and, if not, try acrobatics. “If you want to change position, move easily in a similar position“, Tracey Cox recommended.



Things that scares men in bed

2 things that scares men in bed!

sexHave you ever thought why your boyfriend is afraid to bed? Among them the creeps worries that men are the size, duration intercourse and partner experience.

1 Comparisons with former / ex

Even if you do not like at all to talk or hear about their beloved former partners, men can not help but wonder if the other was better in bed. In a dark corner of the brain arises the idea that it could be the second most favored lover.

2 Time

If the size is on everyone’s mind, nor during intercourse is not simple. Most men want to “praise” with impressive times of tens of minutes. But despite their desire for extreme performance, experts say that the ideal length for sex is 7.5 minutes without foreplay