Yes, gentlemen, women are watching porn.

It is still widely believed that pornography is for men and men only. You believe that a woman can watch porn, but only in the company of her partner and only then to imitate what they saw? The truth is that new women, we like to look at porn.


The myth that women are not interested in porn is based on the belief that women do not want to enjoy sex as much as men. Such opinion but does it seem outdated? Women have sex to enjoy, to excite and to look at porn.

As confirmed by the following fact: Brigham Young University sociologist John Carroll has conducted research on the Internet among students about watching porn. Most of the 813 students responded that they feel okay pornography. 83% of men said they had seen at least a porno in the previous year, declaring him the same thing and 31% of women.


Although this percentage is not very high, one third of women admitted that they watched porn at least year. The percentage of women who watch porn is probably much higher, but they are not willing to admit that I do something that is traditionally considered “masculine”.