Top 10 most bizarre sex toys and how much they cost.

Top 10 most bizarre sex toys and how much they cost. Life can become monotonous couple at a time or you may not find the right person with whom to have a relationship. Sex toy manufacturers have sought to people’s needs and produced items for the most demanding customers.

1. Japanese dolls
Dozens of men in Japan queued to pay 6,500 dollars for these dolls. The manufacturer has thought of everything: the doll as a wife not answer when you ask him something, is waterproof and you can make blonde, brunette or bald. In addition, it can be placed in any position.

Japanese dolls

2. Fake hymen
A company in America thought to produce fake hymen for those who want to relive the first night of love in their lives. In a bag you will find fake blood and fake hymen is silicone. To enjoy this toy you have to pay 25 dollars.

Fake hymen

3. Obama‘s Dildo
US President dildo face costs $ 35, is made of silicone and find him in two versions: Auri Democratic Presidential and blue.

Obama s Dildo

4. The bag of elastane
Acetic bag manufacturers have thought of those who prefer to feel your body tight. They say that a person who comes into this bag can even sleep in it because it is comfortable and the bed partner that shares can surprise them with intimate touches in different areas. The bag costs $ 100.

The bag of elastane

5. Eco vibrator
This vibrator is charged by the sun and so protect the environment. It costs $ 70.

Eco vibrator

6. Vagina hi-tech
Hi-tech vagina was designed by a company in Japan and costs $ 150. With this you can control toys vaginal lubrication and sizes. Manufacturers have thought of everything, so you can control the device from your computer or mobile phone, using Bluetooth.

Vagina hi-tech

7. Cup nude
All Japanese were thought of this toy. They made the cup to be used in two ways. Can you drink milk chocolate in the evening or you can use as a vagina because the membrane is put in the mouth of the cup. This item costs $ 20.

Cup nude

8. Hello Kitty vibrator
First time manufacturers have designed a device that neck mass, but due to poor sales, dropped him and turned him in vibrator. It comes in many colors and Hello Kitty logo. To you “enjoy” this unique Hello Kitty have to pay 70 dollars.

Hello Kitty vibrator

9. Pillow nude
Hizamakura Lap Pillow is the exact name of this device. Japanese recommend it for a good nights sleep and say it can be taken even in the office or on the plane. Its price is 142 dollars.

Pillow nude

10. Gold-plated vibrator
The most expensive vibrator in the world. It costs between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500. It is made in Sweden and measured 20 inches.

Gold-plated vibrator



Porn Starlets, bizarre gesture at a charity event. What did XXX stars to raise money.

Starlets in porn make bizarre gesture at a charity event.

What did XXX stars to raise money. At a campaign fundraiser for AIDS patients, 12 actresses porn films from Japan have donated” breasts for 24 hours. Thus, in exchange for a donation, fans were able to reach porn stars young breasts, the event was broadcast live by TV station Sky Perfect TV.

Starlets porn bizarre gesture at a charity event What did XXX stars to raise money

The girls were left PIPA breasts for 12 hours over two days, 30 and 31 August in the charitable event Boob AIDS” held in Tokyo.

The girls raised their shirts for every person who wanted to touch her breasts, men and women alike. Many have thought about girls health and gels used disinfectants to clean your hands before touching the breasts.

The first edition of novelty campaign took place in 2003.


Steve Urkel fucking a midget!

Steve Urkel fucking a midgetSteve Urkel – Porn Video

Ever have you wondered what became of Steve Urkel, the most charismatic television nerd -after the years 80/90? Sure. What few of know, is to put aside his series of black for the porn industry. On the other hand,  chose this video of her porn video library because it is a bizarre pseudo gender, porn with dwarves. In this case, a dwarf. And besides dwarf, white, fat, ugly, hairy, to suit all tastes. If labor will no longer put females with these characteristics, always can take imagination to see the attacks that plays Steve wide pussy dwarf with his Mandingo big, and enjoy the pressure they must feel both by failing to introducing more than half of the tail.




Most bizarre sexual fantasies!

Most bizarre sexual fantasies! Most bizarre sexual fantasies consist of living maximum arousal to objects less associated with sex itself or in the attraction of issues normally convicted in society. Sexual fantasies are common in men and women and, as a rule, do not differ much between them in most couples. A study at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Canada) demonstrated that both women and men shared fantasies regarding sexual dominance and submission. In essence, over 84% of people fantasize about the same. The rest of those shows, but attraction to certain fetishes which are apparent in the most bizarre sexual fantasies.

Most bizarre sexual fantasiesWe present a list of the most bizarre sexual fantasies, bizarre” in the sense that a relatively small number of people are thinking about them and much less put them in practice.

Fetish for fluffy objects

There are people who feel the maximum excitement when see soft objects. It can be mohair or angora sweater in, but it may be and a bed full of plush toys. One of the most bizarre sexual fantasies consists precisely in this last “game” sex in the middle of plush toys children, fluffy and even their use during sex.


Usually sweat after doing sport or the emanated after a busy day of running first invite you to make a shower and then to think about sex. There are people who love their partners to be more sweaty, smelly as possible, and this fetish fits in the most bizarre sexual fantasies because it is quite rare.

Unconscious sex

This fantasy is more common among men. It is also called fetish with Sleeping Beauty in the forest.” Basically, consists in feeling a maximum sexual arousal and an almost uncontrollable impulses to view sleeping partner or, even more, which is in a state of unconsciousness (eg fainted after drinking too much).

Sex in public

Many people experience a state of excitement at the thought that it could be caught while having sex, that is why many of us choose to have sex on the radiator of the window, for example. However, if these impulses are frequent, there are others that are much more rare and which rank as some of the most bizarre sexual fantasies. Basically, it is the excitement felt when even sex in public, for example on a sidewalk or in a pub circulated in his sight. In some cases, this fetish is so strong that men, for example, can not have an erection in the privacy of a room behind closed doors, away from the world, but in public, in front of strangers.

Attraction to fat

A rare sexual fantasy more common in men than in women. However, there are a small number of women who feel attracted to men overweight or even obese. Men, in contrast, even in relatively large numbers, shows a strange attraction for overweight or obese women. So, one of the most bizarre sexual fantasy is sex with a fat one.

Sex with transvestite

There are women who feel terribly excited when their partner wears their clothes and makeup, as are very excited men and women who dress and behave like men. This sex is one of the most bizarre sexual fantasies, as a form involves cessation own genre and embrace the other gender.

Sexual arousal to hair

Do not mention the hair! But a common fantasy in women and men: a state of excitement experiencing and strong partner in order that more hair everywhere. Yup! And for men! There are strong sex representatives who feel excited when they see increased hair on the arms, legs and pubic area uncut years from their partners.


Scatofilia is described as a form of perversion of attraction to dirt. Sexual level, it traspune in urine and feces. One of the most bizarre sexual fantasies involving urination or defecation partner torque or conversely it to urinate and / or defecate to you.

Lastly, we mention sex with children (pedophilia), sex with animals (bestiality) and sex with corpses (necrophilia), but they can not be described as the most bizarre sexual fantasies, because they are paraphilias” sexual deviations not only morally reprehensible, but also criminal.




The most bizarre sex toys in the world

We all know that technology has evolved but I, at least, I thought it would take long until we have sex remotely like in Demolition Man. Well, I was very wrong. Not only did we have sex on the net and we can synchronize with your partner but there are now robots for oral sex.

Top 5:

1. Strap on sex toys for her and for him

Strap on is a vibrator or a dildo attached to a slip or a ham. Some of them are equipped with batteries or can be loaded, while others have operated pelvic movements. Either way, both women and men can enjoy it.

Strap on sex toys for her and for him

2. Sex toys like a tooth

Seems the ideal gift for the Tooth Fairy or whatever, for couples who want to translate different stories from childhood.

Sex toy named Jimmy Jane 2 not only has this peculiar form but is the holder of numerous awards, including a prize for outstanding innovation in the field and sex toy of 2009.

Each of the two bumps is equipped with its own engine to double sensations. It has four and five-speed vibrating ways. In addition, it works up to 4 hours without batteries.

Now that we’ve cleared the technical side, to go and pleasant things. The toy is designed for clitoral stimulation in both ears and can be positioned as you want, because they are flexible.

More than that, you can take in the tub because it is waterproof.

3. Oral sex Sex toys for men

My dear, this is Auto blow: oral sex enhancer for men! Yes, the technology goes so do oral sex alone!

It has multiple speeds, very realistic sensations nor complains of headaches. Therefore, it can be a great gift for couples who have a sense of humor spicier. Ah, but that can be used for oral sex robot must thoroughly before lubricating. And maybe, out to a romantic dinner, even for artistic impression.

Oral sex Sex toys for men

4. Sex toys for women oral sex

The device for the ladies did not look as futuristic and complicated as the men. Sqweel Go works on the principle of fan blades. It comes with 10 languages (sorry) that rotate and play soft sensation of oral sex.

It’s very small and can be transported without any problem in a purse or even in an envelope evening. The toy can be used to stimulate other erogenous zones such as the anus or nipples.

5. Sex toys for remote sex

Farewell long night of waiting. The principle is Kiiro tech version of the phrase “talking on the phone with one hand and with the other I think of you.”

You just need an internet connection and Bluetooth capabilities. Kiiro secure platform, each user has their own username and password. Video chat open channel and synchronize your little gadget that of your partner, anywhere in the world where you have access to the net.