5 things that nobody told you about SEX!

5 things that nobody told you about SEX! We already know that sex is an enjoyable and extremely beneficial to our body. There are a lot of other things that we do not think, but love related parties.

5 things that nobody told you about SEX

Researchers do not hesitate to discover something new every day about our sexual side. Here are some of the newest things you have learned about sex:

1. The higher there is a desire for sex, the women become more demanding. To choose partner for getaways, they analyze more than normal, while men prefer any woman, as appropriate for love.

2. Couples traveling together are part of intense love. Researchers have found that partners who have at least a vacation together are more intimately united legally and have some beautiful moments together.

3. An average game of sex can burn only 21 calories. Although normally the sex excuse fire, burning more calories, makes us overlook hours at the gym, know that this is not a good enough reason.

4. Those who have studied the economic field have some more “action”. Who says love can not be bought? It seems that a study shows that students in economics faculties have more partners than others from other faculties.

5. Spouses who do more housework have less sex than some usual. It seems that men who used to wash dishes or clothes seem to be less sexy than repairing the kitchen sink.


Top 5 places where women like to be touched.

Most men think that if you touch women breasts, ass or vagina will get spectacular results. The truth is that breasts, ass and vagina contains many nerve endings women, but all women’s body is covered by sensors pleasure. Therefore there are many other parts of the body, often neglected during foreplay or the game of love that if you stimulate your partner will feel really special. Top 5 places where women like to be touched.

Top 5 places where women like to be touched

 Here are the top 5 places that women like to be touched:

1. Legs
Foot massage is one of the best ways to help you relax, especially after a full day at the office in which he stood. To properly perform a massage oil or lotion uses. Pay attention fingers and ankles.

2. Hair
Crossing fingers gently through her hair is the safest way to produce furnicatiuri spine. Let your fingers to massage the temples and circular area between the neck and will be yours forever.

3. Scruff
When you are alone, kissing or licking lover’s neck will increase your heart rate.

4. Earlobe
Touching, kissing or biting the ear lobes slightly will make her happy. These are very sensitive and delicate areas most women enjoy the sensation of lips loved lobes.

5. The inside of the thighs
Stimulate your inner thighs without venturing into the vagina is a great way to bring in a condition suitable for sex. Use your hands and gently kissing mouth and inner thighs, you maddeningly slowly approaching the most sensitive area of her body, then back off, once and again, before going to the end.




Advice of XXX producer: 5 tricks for sex like in porn

Pierre Woodman, one of the best porn producers who held over 5,000 castings for choosing XXX actors and had sex with over 3,000 women, is in Romania, participating in erotic fair “Eros Show”, which has place Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest, between 16 and 19 May.

Porn Girl Logo

Romans manufacturer offers several tips to get a more pleasant sex and to have a more intense orgasm. We present below 5 tricks for sex like in porn, Pierre Woodman advice provided by journalists.

Love your body. Adora your body, look complex and you will enjoy good sex!

Experience as many positions. Positions like: doggy style, camel, snake. I am certain that you will produce both you, and your partner intense pleasure.

Do not forget anal sex. This type of sex is extraordinary and often practiced in the world of XXX movies.

Use whipped cream and chocolate. “GetDirty” Do not be afraid to get dirty and try cream, chocolate ice cubes. The goal is to get as much pleasure. However anoint the body partner and then lick the morsel morsel.

Be aggressive. From time to time, can easily be aggressive in bed, stimulating your partner with some dirty words, mischievously or whipping it linking it to bed. You, however, take care not to exceed the limits.


Riley Reid ready to show us her XXX body!

Riley Reid ready to show us her XXX body!

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Positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty.

Sex: 5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty.. One of the secrets to a satisfactory sex life is confidence in your own body. Accepting small defects helps you relax and enjoy intimate moments experienced more than two. On days when you seem more annoying imperfections ever, there are solutions to help you feel more confident in your power of seduction. Do not remove sexual partner and try positions that will showcase your physical qualities will make perfect lover’s eyes.

Positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty

Shoulders pleasures
Positions that highlight the best woman’s body are where it stands above. In addition, they facilitate orgasm for women. One of the most creative positions where the woman sits above it and “Shoulders pleasures“. Your partner should stay sitting down, leaning on hand, and you sit down on top of him, her legs spread wide, placed on his shoulders and with hands-sustaining. Come-and-go will give you pleasure and I‘ll give your partner a very sexy sight. This position emphasizes your bust line and shoulders that can be admired the most of your lover.

Positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 2

Lie down on a table or desk, legs dangling to the floor. Standing partner sits in front of you, clasping hands and feet. This position is ideal for deep penetration. In addition, I put the body in a favorable light. If you are not satisfied with the roundness abdomen in this position will flatten and your lover can enjoy your breasts will. This technique allows you to carry out in any room of the house, from the kitchen to the office. In addition, it is ideal for when you hurry and do not have to give up all his clothes.

Technique is perfect if you want to make eye contact and admire you. Stand face to face, and you, all you need to do is to lift one leg to give free access to partner penetrate you. You can support the foot on his hip or can be helped by a partner, which I support with one hand. This position allows you to admire and to provide bold touches. It is the perfect position for sex in the shower.

Positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 3

As the name implies, this position involves being somewhat suspended, depending on partner support. Your boyfriend will sit on the bed, sitting down, with feet flat on the floor. Sit in his arms and give yourself as much as you can on the back, holding his hands up. Arching your back and push your body to partner for deep penetration to be one. What would you highlight? Breasts, abdomen and neck line (which will seem flat).

Positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 4

Rider reversed
If you have a perfect buttocks sexy back, then show them in this position. Your boyfriend is lying on the bed, and you sit on top, back toward him. Lean on your hands and you get one that dictates the pace, movement and depth of penetration.

Positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 5




Adriana Chechik good day for sex.

Adriana Chechik good day for sex. 

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Emma Mae: These tattoos made ​​her famous in XXX movies!

Emma Mae is a very well known porn diva. It is appreciated not only for its benefits in adult films, but for very many of her tattoos.

Emma Mae

American magazine Inked”, specializing in the art of tattooing, it is on the cover and in a pictorial hot on one of the most popular porn starlets in the world. Emma Mae conducted an incendiary pictorial, appears scantily clad, exposing her body full of tattoos.

In the February issue of the publication, XXX film star posed on all sides, so as to see all the designs, different sizes, colors and with different meanings, it has on the body.

Emma Mae pornstar


Want to be closer? Menstruation sex!

96971f12d7-pSEX ADVICE: Want to be closer try menstruation sex!

If a woman has a prolonged menstruation, for example for a whole week, this time can be a longer period of time that couples who are accustomed to regular sex. Take advantage of this time to experience new positions and forms of foreplay you do not practice often. Especially in the early days of menstruation, the bleeding is strong, try different types of sexual games.

For example, you can do between the breasts or try new techniques of manual and oral stimulation. Teased one another just kissing and caressing you and make you a few days when menstruation becomes weaker sex.

If your partner is disgusted by sex during menstruation, tell him that you need to show you that you still want and show them what other ways might satisfy you. Sex in the shower you tried?


How to reach orgasm: book of unfulfilled woman in bed!

How to reach orgasm: book of unfulfilled woman in bed! Orgasm can be operated by remote control, but you must learn to touch it, enjoying every stage of sex. If you happen often that the intensity does not increase too much pleasure during a erotic game  necessary to carefully study guide unfulfilled woman in bed. Here is how you reach orgasm more quickly and every time!

How to reach orgasm book of unfulfilled woman in bedKnow your body and mind!
Unfortunately, not all women are able to reach orgasm easily. Furthermore, there are representatives of the fair sex who confess that they have never managed to experience sensations. And in field studies show that many women I know the big “O” after accumulating some experience and learn to enjoy sex more than an erotic act or get rid of inhibitions in the bedroom.

If you are not satisfied with your sex life, you have to know our body and mind. Pay attention to sensations that cause you pleasure to touch and excite you right erotic positions. Learn to amplify your pleasure thinking about fantasies you have. There is nothing wrong if you cheat a little. Perhaps you will not feel at ease from the start, so it is advisable not immediately practice with your partner. Remember that the best way to get to know you from sexually is masturbation.

Hot ideas to help you reach orgasm
Who said you have to asptepti prelude to excite you? Use your imagination just a few hours before you meet with your lover. This is a good way to heat the spirits unless you know how to get an orgasm. Think of all the time you wish to make your your partner. View every detail spicy. Your desire erotic intensity will increase gradually, and the glorious outcome will not let waited too long during sex.

Makes appropriate sexual positions
If you do not know how to get an orgasm, the clitoris and G-spot are the places to be are best stimulated during a sex party. Put erotic scene several strategic positions and you will definitely reach the highest peaks of pleasure. Woman on Top (woman on top) is perfect in this case, that allows you to control the pace, depth of penetration and the right angle. Not just perform moves up and down, but alternate with some oval. And doggy style is among sexual positions that will help you reach orgasm faster. It allows deep penetration and G-spot stimulation favors Additionally, researchers in the field say it is ideal for spot stimulation A – located between the G and cervix. For a game with a final sexual dream coccyges muscle tightens, the one you contract to control urine during any erotic positions. Such movements will become more intense friction. Read about Kegel exercises!

How to reach orgasm book of unfulfilled woman in bed 2

How to reach orgasm ever
No need to collect your frustrations within reach orgasm if not every time, because there is nothing wrong with you. Communicate better with your partner and tell him what you like best, where you want to achieve and how. Do not expect him to guess fantasies that you might not ever you can enjoy them. If you feel embarrassed to explain exactly what you want, show her that you would like movements to put them into practice. Or invent a specific vocabulary sexual activity. Any idea will turn up the heat in the bedroom Hot worth trying.

Erogenous zones play an important role when you do not know how to reach orgasm. How no one said it would be stimulated only one at a time, your partner should be “handle” of all. No sex toys should not be excluded from erotic landscape. Another trick that may help you in your sex life is Hot literature. Surprisingly or not, passionate books will enrich your imagination and you will sharpen your senses to feel that sexual ecstasy that every woman dreams.

Forget the failures of the plane erotic! How to reach orgasm faster and each time there will be an equation with unknowns to come to you.



Remy LaCroix is now ready for sex. Are you ?

Remy LaCroix is now ready for sex. Are you ?

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