Signs that you are boring in bed!!!

Signs that you are boring in bed!!! Boredom occurs in any relationship, but it is important to realize this and take action. See how you realize that you are boring in bed.

Signs that you are boring in bed

Not wearing sexy lingerie
Your pajamas and fluffy hearts are comfortable and cute, but he might not like him so much, especially if you wear every night. Men are visual and want to see you, even sometimes dressed in something sexy. Surprise him dressed in a provocative lingerie and you’ll see how your relationship will become more interesting.

Make love in one place
If you do not want to have sex than in the bedroom, do not be surprised if I tell you, at one time, that was tired. Numerous studies have shown that having sex partners in other rooms were happier and more satisfied with each other. If you want to do something really daring, you can try sex in public places something.

Do you want to try new things
Men want to try new things, and if you say no to every proposal that do not be surprised that you will get bored. Some men want to talk dirty, others prefer to use sex toys, whatever, it does not hurt to show that you are willing to try.

Make love slowly
If sex has become a problem to be solved once a month, you should think well if you want to be in this relationship. Men want to feel wanted, and when sex is mechanically programmed and not be surprised if you think you’re boring.


Ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Sex Advice: 6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom: After several years of relationship, or months in some cases can become monotonous life couple. And even if there is still love, passion evaporated. If you find yourself in this situation, do not despair. With a little willpower and techniques can rekindle the flame in your bedroom. And no need for major changes. Here are some simple tricks that can improve your sex parties.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Change location!
Having sex in the same place at the same time and in the same position gets boring at some point. So make a change. Discard the bed for a while and find new places for sex. Bathroom or kitchen can be ideal for a passionate sex game. If you are among the brave couples can explore and places outside the home. Make sure however that you try the ones that are protected from prying eyes. You can also make some changes in the bedroom, a new bed or painting walls with a different color.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 2

Sex like in the movies!
Almost all Hollywood movies contain scenes sex couple standing against a wall or stairs. So why not try and you? Not only will it increase the level of adrenaline, but can be extremely exciting. Surprise him with a passionate kiss and lead him to a memorable sex.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 3

Love in the mirror!
What could be more exciting than when you love the reflection of your bodies? Search the largest mirror in the house and love you to her. Doggie style will be much more exciting way.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 4

Use handcuffs!
Want to spice up bedroom activities? Then try sex toys. Shackles, for example, be ideal. Do not use any type of handcuffs, preferably as those of a sex shop, because they are safer and typically do not have the key, breaking slightly. You handcuffs? Nothing? You can also use silk scarves, with which you can connect or can be tied to the bed.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 5

Sweeten your chocolate and cream!
Drop the diet for one night and enjoy the chocolate cream directly on the body of her lover. Lay chocolate or cream on your partner’s body and then lick her body. It’s the perfect way to bring some fun to the bedroom.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 6

Provides him with a feather touch orgasmic
Men are very sensitive to touch. Pamper your lover with tender caresses for maximum pleasure. Ask him to lie on his back and then kissed it gently and walk a feather on the most sensitive areas. I will thank the moans of pleasure. It can be the perfect prelude to a memorable sex.