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After recently separated from her, ran to the bedside of Charlie Sheen ex-girlfriend, Brett Rossi. Porn Diva is hospitalized after taking an overdose. Scottine Ross real name , Brett was immediately visited by actor Charlie Sheen in hospital in Los Angeles. Charlie Sheen, at the head porn mistress!

“Charlie and Scotty have kept in touch. Charlie is still molten after Scotty and continue to wish all the best said the star’s agent, Jeff Ballard. They announced that broke the engagement on 14 October. Some say it would not have supported the separation and had attempted suicide. Others say that he would have to give it up to be able to return to the series “Two and a Half Men”, because that would have required manufacturers. Gossips say that Brett Rossi was more interested in wealth actor 125 million dollars. Charlie Sheen has been married to actress Denise Richards (43 years) between 2002-2006 with having two girls (10 years) and Lola (9 years). The star has been married Brooke Mueller, between 2008-2011, and Donna Peele, between 1995-1996. Sheen also has a daughter, Cassandra, 30 years, and twin boys, Bob and Max, 5 years.

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi



Charlie Sheen’s career affected by his girlfriend, Brett Rossi, porn starlet.

Charlie Sheen’s career affected by his girlfriend, porn starlet. What happened to the actor because of her. It seems that Sheen‘s relationship with adult film actress Brett Rossi unpleasant effects of the actor’s career, already in decline.

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi

Filming on the plateau series “Anger Management” has been temporarily discontinued after Charlie Sheen got sick of laryngitis, American newspapers write.

Source close to Sheen, quoted by “Daily Mail”, say many parties where the actor goes with his girlfriend Brett Rossi are to blame for the situation.

The actor, aged 48, was forced to miss work two days last week and the rest to shoot only half of the program because of painful health problems.

A friend of the actor said, in fact, that if Sheen is not reviewing its adolescent behavior, is likely to suffer another crisis like the one that brought fired from “Two and a Half Men”.

Filming Charlie stopped last week because he suffers from a terrible case of laryngitis. He could not talk all week and worked only half of the program this week, because his voice is not 100% ok. Practically ceased filming Charlie appears in every scene. “

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi KISS

 “The reason is simple laryngitis did. Charlie going nonstop since he met Brett.”

It seems that the relationship with the controversial star XXX affected and those around Sheen. His manager, Mark Burg, PR or Solters Larry‘s attorney, Jake Bloom, and resigned after all they have managed to understand the actor. And it seems as if he would have done it, and Sheen have given out. All because the three have expressed concern about his relationship, he told another source close the star.

Brett encouraged Charlie to get rid of Mark, Larry and Jason because he thinks I do not like and that he sabotaged the relationship. Brett take decisions now in Charlie’s life, although the two are known only 6 weeks!” Said appalled a source close to Charlie Sheen .


Charlie Sheen odds with Rihanna!?

Rihanna and Charlie Sheen are caught in a scandal. Charlie is upset because this young artist has refused to meet and talk with fiancee actor when they met in a restaurant.

Wednesday, Charlie is in a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles, where his fiancée, actress porn Brett Rossi celebrated his birthday. Once learned, incidentally, that Rihanna lunch with some friends on the same premises, the two wanted to see the singer, expressing in this respect, the desire of her entourage to organize a little “meeting”. But Rihanna has denied the request, arguing that there were too many paparazzi outside the restaurant. Charlie did not sit well refuse, then posted on Twitter that negative messages against Rihanna, criticizing it for physical appearance (young woman wearing a pink wig bon-bon), but also so perceputele high horse”.

Rihanna Charlie Sheen



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Charlie Sheen: “If don’t stop saying porn starlet, it happened bad!”

Charlie Sheen is on fire and that mischievous look on him remember his fiancee, Brett Rossi is a porn diva. 48-year-old actor feels very upset that media and XXX starlet says he‘s been threats. Recently, blonde 24 years, her real name Scottine Ross graduated from nursing school. Charlie wants the world to refer to it as Scotti, the name it uses in personal life.

Brett Rossi



Charlie Sheen: Attempted murder!?

His ex-fiancée, actress porn Brett Rossi, aged 25 years, says the nightmare she went through with Charlie and whenever he was on the verge of being killed. Brett Rossi seems like a good piece of fortune star!

Charlie Sheen Attempted murder

By February 2014, it was that Charlie was engaged overnight with Brett Rossi, now known as real-Scottina Ross, giving him a diamond ring worth $ 100,000. There was talk of a wedding for November 2014. But in October, still paradise collapsed, the two announced they parted, and in November, the month in which even should have their wedding take place, Scottina was admitted, According to rumors, following a drug overdose.

Only now Scottina came out in the press, telling the “National Enquirer” whole nightmare. “You want to see tomorrow ?!” This was the question that Charlie often rushed over her, squeezing her throat with violence. Moreover, Sheen was so violent with her, that Scottina often run terrified to hide the panic room. Disclosure was published as belonging to a witness, but it was most likely made even Scottina, threatening to sue the actor. It seems, however, that former porn star wants to get a favorable deal with Charlie: her silence for a sum of money beautiful!


Charlie Sheen marries Brett Rossi, a porn star.

Brett Rossi and Charlie SheenNEWS: Charlie Sheen + Brett Rossi = LOVE!? MARRIAGE?

This is the fourth marriage for the actor . The contentious and controversial actor has announced he news of his link via his Twitter account , hanging a picture of happy marriage in the former French consulate city of Reykjavik, where in 1986 a summit was held between President United States Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev laying the foundations of the end of the Cold War.

This is the house in which Gorbachev and Reagan did something great . It is also where S and we got married ! ” Published . ‘ S ‘ is the nickname of Scottie. Brett Rossi is a porn star and has become the fourth wife of Charlie Sheen, after this has been married to Donna Peele (1995 to 1996) , Denise Richards ( 2002 to 2006) and Brooke Mueller ( from 2008 to 2011 ) .

The actor is the father of four children. The result of her marriage to Sam and Lola Denise were born , and his union with Brooke, twins Bob and Max .

Now Charlie Sheen is also in another controversy after he called inept to Ashton Kutcher.

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Charlie Sheen not takes Brett Rossi like wife because she keeps him whipped!

Charlie Sheen not takes Brett Rossi like wife because she keeps him whipped! Charlie Sheen was tired of attacks girlfriend!

Charlie Sheen (48 years) on 22 November promised marries porn actress Brett Rossi (25 years) because he loves over his head. That was until the young woman to move into his mansion in Beverly Hills.

Brett Rossi porn star

According to his friends Charlie, porn actress has no problem having sex in group with Charlie, but prohibits out drinking with his friends and he is controlling your eyes out when she comes home smelling of drink.And because the actor keeps his freedom more than anything, Sheen‘s girlfriend told never to stir the wedding preparations that its kinda changed my mind. Bad luck for Brett Rossi, who feels that her elusive prey” for 125 million dollars.

charlie sheen actor


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