Olympics Adult version of the Trojan. An advertisement of a company producing condoms have some Olympic sports from sexual perspective.

Olympics Adult version of the Trojan. An advertisement of a company producing condoms have some Olympic sports from sexual perspective.

Olympic Games for Adults

At the beginning of the commercial clip created by the folks at Trojan pair evolving American gymnastics vault. Championship held in Bucharest, as communicated commentator sporting event. The new Olympic events in this video are by way of fiction and should not be tried at home, because it can result in serious injuries for both partners.


Alina Plugaru loves a stripper

Porn star Alina Plugaru loves a stripper!!!

Porn star Alina Plugaru has a new boyfriend. A few months after splitting the mysterious businessman who had a relationship for years, Alina was shown, recently, Capital clubs at the Flamingo Boys stripper arm Cristian Ursu. Sources close to the couple told us that the two have been together for three weeks, but that for now, prefers to remain silent about their relationship.

Alina Plugaru

Alina Plugaru


Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office!?!?!?!

Lovers of big natural busty, we present Jasmine Black (aka Black Yasmin) our new girl in ThePornStarsBlog.com . A beautiful girl from Bucharest, with brown skin and curves that defy normal. Her big breasts have fascinated us and we decided to add it to our list of must busty, those girls that cheer us your candid view and the generosity with which nature has dealt them. We are convinced that Jasmine Black will soon be one of your favorite girls. Let us therefore welcome that pair of big tits with this gallery.

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (1)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (2)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (3)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (4)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (5)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (6)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (7)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (8)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (9)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (10)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (11)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (12)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (13)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (14)

Jasmine Black is the new girl in the office (15)


How to make 3000EUR per month in legal porn sites!

Business porn sites make headlines in the West for years. A man has copied the recipe and win thousands of dollars in brokerage sex. The law does not touch him. Porn actress in a hunger strike.It’s a title of the newspaper, in June 2010, introducing a story about an Italian eight times arrested after he left a few minor breasts to a pipe in a club. 13,000 people read online news. And this is nothing like the title of another Baba porn freshman law” – which raised 61,500 readers. This word, porn sells well. So thought a Bucharest for 30 years, who gave up the moral and opened two porn sites. The result – Earn at least 3,000 per month. However, they might have trouble with the law.

How to make 3000 EUR per month in legal porn sites

Marketing Graduate

I had too much time at work and wanted to start my own business“, said Cesar, who agreed to talk to us on condition of anonymity. I did two years of law, but had to get a job and I had to quit college. Later, I graduated to marketing. I am 30 years old, unmarried, I loved that agrees with my jobbusinessman makes a small profite. In two years, the idea of ​​making money in porn turned into a steady job.

Money from SMS

The first site was insex, which opened in 2008 Insex is a site created, as the name implies, dating and adventures online. Everyone who registers on the site mostly young people have the opportunity to speak who want them, usually with the opposite sex that are more likely to reach sexual activities, “says Cesar. He added the site and a section for escorts, women who want to have sex in exchange for money“. Cesar thought like this: users are allowed to enroll for free, but they can see the contact information and all of which seem interesting photos must pay. For a subscription of 30 days, a user pay 3 euros. For each of 70 days, the price is 6 euro. You’d think there would be many willing to pay this price in order to make out on the net and some phone numbers or e-mail. But you’re wrong. Of these subscriptions and the ads on the site, Cesar earn 3,000 euros a month. It’s not much, appreciate it. Things went well until the end of 2009, there were nearly 5,000 euros per month, but now dropped to 3,000, might be to blame the financial crisis. From what I know, the market fell throughout the this segment, at least 30% decrease compared to 2009, “comments the man‘s business situation.

“I do gift making, Madalino!”

Although the insex is about making prostitution, what the law does not have to touch the Cesar. But the risk is another project of Bucharest, which created a blog where people can climb compromising materials, photos or video with former girlfriends. In other words, putting you back at former porn pictures and videos when you were together. The idea is not new, a patent” already an American and immediately caught the States. But Cesar was thinking about how to monetize this idea. Still sms. So have shown some pictures of a particular Madalina of Romamia, with dedication. Who really wants to see compromising pictures and a movie but have to pay 3 euros or send site 30 friends. Again, you’d think that nobody would pay for it. Error again. We learn from Cesar how much they paid to see the movie: Within two years, they paid about 900 people and 529,521 e-mail addresses have been plugged into the system by invitation“, says Cesar. Now preparing another site. For several months, working on a adult site with a budget Maricel including dedicated servers, programmers, designers. In three months we will finish.The investment is worth, believe Cesar.

How law fakes porn sites

In Romania, pornography on the Internet is in some way regulated by Law 196/2003. Pornography is obscene acts and reproduce or distribute materials such actsshow quoted law. In Article 8, add: People who made ​​pornographic sites are obliged to password, and access to them will be allowed only after he paid a use tax, determined by the creator of the site and declared organs tax . Contacted by the newspaper, an attorney who wished to remain anonymous explained that the law leaves enough loopholes. Take it on the site you write for example. Pornographic site It is only after the user pays money, so the site owner iscovered. “Otherwise, the site appears as a simple dating site, such as many of us. How about the other site, there are serious problems if they filed a complaint against that “, said the lawyer. Only if the girl really exists, it may very well be something installed“, explains the specialist consulted us.



Adrian Mutu club party with a former porn actress

evaAdrian Mutu has spent months in a club with beautiful girls. The footballer, who has written that it would be on the brink of divorce Consuelo had some tense moments and place in Bucharest.

About Adrian Mutu has recently written as a step to divorce his wife, Consuelo. Yesterday, spent many hours in a club in Bucharest having fun with many beautiful girls.

It was not an affair, but filming the new clip “Child of the Universe” signed EMP and Snoop Dogg, the athlete appears in a few frames.


According to the scenario, Mutu sits at the bar, craving a pole dancer and then is surrounded by beautiful girls who is trying to get into bars and reach a point arguing with his girlfriend because of this.

One of the girls who prowl is a former XXX film actress, Eva Henger, wife rezigorului video, Massimiliano Caroletti.


Kitty Core is filming in Bucharest

Kitty Core, the hottest porn star of the moment in the world is filming in Bucharest.

Kitty Core

Kitty Core is a 28 year old German woman who wreaks havoc in the adult film industry not only because of her physical qualities but especially tattoos that cover most of the body.

Kitty Core and Mugurel

Along Mugurel that satisfied her.

Kitty Core fucking from behind

In the last two weeks, she came to Bucharest with Steve Holmes, the most overrated player in the world XXX Romanian origin (born in Sibiu but emigrated with his family to Germany when he was only seven years) for a superproduction directed by Titus Steel.

Kitty Core with her team

Kitty Core and Jasmine Rouge

Kitty Core and Jasmine Rouge, wife of Titus Steel.

We chose Bucharest and not Budapest or Prague because most of the actors are of Romanian origin and the production costs are somewhat lower than in other capitals.

Kitty Core blonde

Kitty Core in bed and ready to fuck

Beautiful Kitty appears in several sex scenes with actor Ioan Mugurel , for which he received a tidy sum if they think that fee is currently among the highest in Europe.

Kitty Core fuck you

Filming lasted almost two weeks and ended last weekend, followed Kitty to return later today in Germany.

Kitty Core neck tattoo

Kitty Core is a relatively new name in the erotic industry. It only commenced in 2009, when he appeared in the first scene for NetDevil Production. At that time I was a brunette, with far fewer tattoos and still do not have 95 inches big bust. Implants placed them two years later, when he was invited to Venus Awards (Oscars Movies XXX).

Kitty Core back

In 2011 was made again noticed in production AmateurStars No1, with Sexy Cora, a German actress who at DVD release had already died of a heart attack occurred during an operation to enlarge the breast.

Kitty good friend with Cora became known after she participated in the German edition of the show Big Brother but after trying to set a new world record oral sex.

Initially, she was supposed to meet 200 men in one day, but after 75 “clients” got sick and was hospitalized.