War between two XXX starlets! Favorite internet porn actress , Lisa Ann, harassed by a rival Nikki Benz!

War between two XXX starlets! Favorite internet porn actress , Lisa Ann, harassed by a rival Nikki Benz! American Lisa Ann, Internet MILF favorite porn consumers, industry recently retired but continues to attract envy former colleagues. A rival of hers, Nikki Benz, systematically harasses, which is why Lisa was able to get a restraining order.

Lisa Ann Porn Star in blue

War between a porn starlet and a former actress XXX movies. Lisa Ann, who at age 42 decided to withdraw from the industry, claims to be harassed by another adult productions star, Nikki Benz.

Brunette complained that her rival has urged fans on Twitter, 700,000 in number, to offend and to send offensive messages, they will be rewarded for their gesture blonde. Lisa Ann even received death threats had reason to be afraid to go out of the house.

The bone of contention? It seems that Nikki would be jealous of Lisa business success, which opened, among other things, a film production XXX house .

The situation became so serious that the former actress arrived at court in Los Angeles, where she requested a restraining order against Nikki. As a result of evidence, judges have released a document prohibiting her to approach Lisa Benz less than 100 meters.

Nikki Benz Blonde at War


Lisa Ann retreats from adult movies

🙁 Lisa Ann retreats from adult movies!!! 🙁 Farewell, fans, go on business! Bad news for amateur porn. Lisa Ann porn star who is most popular with consumers of pornography, retires. American waives XXX movies to become a businesswoman.

Lisa Ann best porn starPorn superstar, aged 42, has big plans. Lisa Ann said recently that the time has come to put an end to her career in adult films.

She said she wanted to become entrepreneurs and to focus on its business and passion for sport. As well issue that has a radio sports star has her own production company.

Moreover, diva wants to publish an autobiographical book and opened an aspiring porn actress camp, where they will teach those just entering the branch and willing to become porn stars all you need to do and know in this profession .

XXX actress confessed that the first step to return to normal life was to do a breast reduction operation.

“Women take advice if you feel that you are competing with“, said Lisa Ann. Porn starlet became famous after her former governess interpretat- of Alaska, Sarah Palin, in a satirical production XXX, entitled “Who’s Nailin ‘Payline’.

However, Lisa Ann‘s favorite porn star of all, according to a recent survey by Pornhub, one of the largest portals in the world of adult videos.


Women in porn

Women and Porn: Pornography is an anti-women

Women in porn

Theory is an anti-pornography campaign poisonous women lying and distorting the image of a woman and her sexuality is kept alive by those who usually do not even look at pornographic movies, not to mention the presence of the filming a pornographic movie or discussing a team that makes pornographic films.

It is definitely more comfortable to linger. In addition, moralists and anti-pornography activists who are supposed to be concerned about the public mental hygiene, remember one important thing: the imposition of unilateral and radical views, they promote actually conduct it seeks to prevent. The stigma of pornography as forbidden fruit, they encourage people to watch such films.

Porn Manifesto reveals stereotypes

In 2002, the diva of French origin Ovid, porn actress university degree, he published his first literary work Porn Manifesto, which is required reading for readers who want to get rid of stereotypes pornographic film industry.

The book should be avoided only by those who have already formed an opinion about pornography and does not intend or want to, and a change. Point of view Porn’s Manifesto is largely against anti-porn crusaders. According to Ovid, attacks altruism of individuals and groups who feel a need to help unstoppable porn actors are ridiculous, and their attempts to save their bodies from the clutches humiliated and industrial exploitation are really pathetic.

What if, for once, porn actors should be asked about these things, Ovid ends and adds that working as a porn actress in a schizophrenic Western society is not so easy and the price you have to pay is small.

Prejudice society

Women are involved in physical and more intimate than any other profession. They are under great stress and in constant conflict with their families because they believe that finding a job “serious” after a porn career is difficult. These people can not go out in public without being spoken back or abused. Their private life is constantly challenged. However, none of these things can be attributed to the porn industry, highlights Ovid, but rather the contempt with which the company treats a porn starlet.

These are side effects of prejudice and the environment in which people have the nerve to look in front of them without believing them scapegoats. However, increasingly more media iconography used exclusively in commercial porn.

In short, anyone who wants to learn about child should have to deal with staff working in one way or another in this branch of show business.

In conclusion, women in pornography is not less than a man enjoy what he does, unlike what many may think. They just talk and talk less about it.


Dirty Secrets of the porn industry. This is the reality behind a thriving business!

The porn industry is one of the most prosperous parts of the online environment. This had a great impact on the development of the Internet. However, the performances are obtained with sacrifice, and each world has its secrets. Here are the dirtiest secrets of the porn industry and how actors cope:

1. Porn industry, a simple job
For most porn actresses, the porn industry is seen as a certain job. They work daily and many of them satisfaction during sexual acts is nonexistent. They often mimic the orgasm, putting in practice acting talents to create these explosive scenes.

2. Cameramen between normal and moderation
Many would think that the job of cameraman for porn is a constant struggle, in which you need more power for themselves and frugality. In reality, film cameramen XXL reach a level where all the hot scenes that witness does not budge at all. I see the same stuff every day, six days a week, for years. They do not care“, she told the actress Victoria Rae Black.

3. Relationships between actors purely professional
Many people tend to believe that among porn actors there is more than one professional relationship. Nothing could be more wrong! For all these actors sex is just a job. Most times, the actors and actresses known only two hours before you start shooting, and many of them are married.

Victoria Rae Black


Dirty Secrets of the porn industry. This is the reality behind a thriving business


Sandra Romain, porn actress sold a palace for … $ 19 million!

Sandra Romain has spent years in America where she starred in porn.

Sandra-Romain-pornstar-escorteReturned a while but native lands, but before that he gave a run in the U.S., where she entered business life!

Sandra would have sold the former residence … neither more nor less than $ 19 million!

Sandra, along with Paul, former husband had bought the house in California in 2007, with $ 16 million, the amount of which at the time paid $ 3 million.

According to sources close to the two, since they left America in 2008, the couple left for rent residence to shoot porn in her productions, which helped them to pay monthly bank rate as income from rent was huge. But after the divorce, Sandra and Paul decided to sell house , which happened last week when the two lawyers were informed that the house was sold for 19 million dollars.


How to make 3000EUR per month in legal porn sites!

Business porn sites make headlines in the West for years. A man has copied the recipe and win thousands of dollars in brokerage sex. The law does not touch him. Porn actress in a hunger strike.It’s a title of the newspaper, in June 2010, introducing a story about an Italian eight times arrested after he left a few minor breasts to a pipe in a club. 13,000 people read online news. And this is nothing like the title of another Baba porn freshman law” – which raised 61,500 readers. This word, porn sells well. So thought a Bucharest for 30 years, who gave up the moral and opened two porn sites. The result – Earn at least 3,000 per month. However, they might have trouble with the law.

How to make 3000 EUR per month in legal porn sites

Marketing Graduate

I had too much time at work and wanted to start my own business“, said Cesar, who agreed to talk to us on condition of anonymity. I did two years of law, but had to get a job and I had to quit college. Later, I graduated to marketing. I am 30 years old, unmarried, I loved that agrees with my jobbusinessman makes a small profite. In two years, the idea of ​​making money in porn turned into a steady job.

Money from SMS

The first site was insex, which opened in 2008 Insex is a site created, as the name implies, dating and adventures online. Everyone who registers on the site mostly young people have the opportunity to speak who want them, usually with the opposite sex that are more likely to reach sexual activities, “says Cesar. He added the site and a section for escorts, women who want to have sex in exchange for money“. Cesar thought like this: users are allowed to enroll for free, but they can see the contact information and all of which seem interesting photos must pay. For a subscription of 30 days, a user pay 3 euros. For each of 70 days, the price is 6 euro. You’d think there would be many willing to pay this price in order to make out on the net and some phone numbers or e-mail. But you’re wrong. Of these subscriptions and the ads on the site, Cesar earn 3,000 euros a month. It’s not much, appreciate it. Things went well until the end of 2009, there were nearly 5,000 euros per month, but now dropped to 3,000, might be to blame the financial crisis. From what I know, the market fell throughout the this segment, at least 30% decrease compared to 2009, “comments the man‘s business situation.

“I do gift making, Madalino!”

Although the insex is about making prostitution, what the law does not have to touch the Cesar. But the risk is another project of Bucharest, which created a blog where people can climb compromising materials, photos or video with former girlfriends. In other words, putting you back at former porn pictures and videos when you were together. The idea is not new, a patent” already an American and immediately caught the States. But Cesar was thinking about how to monetize this idea. Still sms. So have shown some pictures of a particular Madalina of Romamia, with dedication. Who really wants to see compromising pictures and a movie but have to pay 3 euros or send site 30 friends. Again, you’d think that nobody would pay for it. Error again. We learn from Cesar how much they paid to see the movie: Within two years, they paid about 900 people and 529,521 e-mail addresses have been plugged into the system by invitation“, says Cesar. Now preparing another site. For several months, working on a adult site with a budget Maricel including dedicated servers, programmers, designers. In three months we will finish.The investment is worth, believe Cesar.

How law fakes porn sites

In Romania, pornography on the Internet is in some way regulated by Law 196/2003. Pornography is obscene acts and reproduce or distribute materials such actsshow quoted law. In Article 8, add: People who made ​​pornographic sites are obliged to password, and access to them will be allowed only after he paid a use tax, determined by the creator of the site and declared organs tax . Contacted by the newspaper, an attorney who wished to remain anonymous explained that the law leaves enough loopholes. Take it on the site you write for example. Pornographic site It is only after the user pays money, so the site owner iscovered. “Otherwise, the site appears as a simple dating site, such as many of us. How about the other site, there are serious problems if they filed a complaint against that “, said the lawyer. Only if the girl really exists, it may very well be something installed“, explains the specialist consulted us.



Romanian porn queen hit in the U.S.. How won almost 20 million dollars.

Having divorced her husband, Paul, Sandra Romain returned to Romania and started to raise sheep. How not want to neglect the business, former porn starlet ruled jointly with her ex-husband to sell the property they had in California.

Sandra Romain, Romanian famous for her appearances in adult videos sold home in America for no more than $ 19 million. Sandra and her ex-husband ,Paul , have paid an advance of $ 3 million in 2007 for property in California, will have a rate of $ 35,000 every month for the next 35 years. A year later, however, have left America and left the rental residence to shoot in her porn productions. In November 2012, Sandra Romain and Paul were divorced and decided to sell the “palace” in America, where they earned a small fortune.

Sandra Romain XXX girl


Sandra Romain porn queen



Porn actresses use Snapchat, Kik, Whatsapp and Skype and sell their services

The popularity around the world of instant messaging applications have caused more and more porn actresses who use these means to promote their services and make money from their mobile.


An investigation by CNN Money revealed that porn actresses are using messaging applications like Sanapchat and Kik, platforms that allow them to sell photos and videos, and expand their impact on the network.

Despite being a secondary business that complements the online options, instant messaging applications are a promising source of income and some pornographers even claim that they do much less “salable content” for these platforms than by acting on live web cam shows , Reporting the same or more income.

They Sell Pornography Through Snapchat, Kik, Whatsapp and Skype

A young 21-year-old, whose stage name is “Bridget Gray,” told CNN she makes up to $ 60 an hour doing online stripping, but after turning off the computer she uses Snapchat and other apps to keep working.

Bridget told the news network that she has worked as a striptease for private audiences on ImLive and MyFreeCamas, pornographic sites dedicated to such acts, but, like other adult entertainment personalities, she is trying to expand her financial impact.

In recent years, Bridget has created professional accounts in Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp from Facebook, Viber and Skype from Microsoft. The young woman charges each of her clients a monthly subscription fee to chat with her through the applications of approximately 40 dollars, plus 10 dollars for Kik, 15 dollars for Snapchat and 20 dollars for the two, which reports a round business.

A Closer Relationship

For adult film artists, messaging applications not only mean more money, but a fan base based on deeper (and often more lucrative) relationships. In addition to allowing sex workers to be their own bosses, and to have another type of work in their daily lives.

“We focus more on the intimate relationships that form. The girls who are most successful are the ones who can lead a conversation”, MyGirlFund business development director Stefan Patrick told CNN.

And another benefit of the business for adults through messaging applications is that girls can receive payments through Google Wallet or Amazon gift cards, and thus keep 100% of the profits. A completely different model to other online platforms that can take up to 40% of what they earn.

One of the disadvantages, however, is that if a customer harasses the girls there is nothing that can be done. Snapchat’s service has a zero-tolerance stance on pornography, but online sex workers say they are ready to adapt to new technologies and challenges.


Look how well off some starlets, even after retirement! They made fortunes playing in XXX movies!

They made fortunes playing in XXX movies! Look how well off some starlets, even after retirement! Were stripped of prejudice and mostly clothes but they say, it was worth it. Women who have made a career in adult films were enriched overnight and even if some of them retired, and opened all the erotic art business.

Ginger Devil, Jasmine Rouge and Alina Plugaru are just some of the starlets who have made fortunes XXX movie. Alina Plugaru once wore the crown of Queen of dirty movies, now offers kingly pleasure in a massage parlor. One house, on 3 floors, gilded walls, jacuzzi and scenery like in the movies.

Alina Plugaru xxx pornstar

In the early 2000s, Alina Plugaru became famous and rich for his roles in films for adults. After several years in which he exploited for the sake of art sexual body, withdrew from the spotlight XXX . Part of the money earned has invested everything in pleasure. Opened a massage parlor downtown. Alina presented her new job. I have not done to the house. Me, but the curtain. It’s something that represents me in the end. It’s eroticism, it’s art. I always knew what to send. said Alina Plugaru.

Alina Plugaru invested money into a luxurious massage.

Customers are greeted at reception by a generous bust statues and trophies but Alina. All placed prominently on the walls covered with gold leaf. “I got to school, 2nd prize, 3rd prize Never first. Never! But I recovered in time through art sex say. she confessed former actress XXX.

Finance is not as happy as in the days when it was paid the norm. “I would be hypocritical to say yes, but it’s not so … I say win some fantastic amounts to some, since I played for Romania. I earn what currently before but not regret. I have an apartment in a residential complex, I have a car, things I bought it. For now I have no bank rate. Everything I bought was in cash. ” confessed Alina.

Salon covers 3 floors.

On the first floor, one room is reserved for those who want to relax in the group. I can do even a jacuzzi. Each room is decorated differently. Wall mirror plated or clad in velvet, colored lights and ambient music. Focused on the second floor ceiling.

XXX actress is proud of her business.

Alina Plugaru made a fortune ignoring those who looked upon with disgrace for the job he has chosen. Yes, there is a slight woman who has nothing in the brain. These tags affect you? Yes, it affected me before but eventually I went there to beg anyone, I do not maintain one, no one gives me food, I got it for so many years it is! We Romans are still very hypocritical. If you go to talk to a person of the female sex oral sex, vaginal sex, will never have this conversation with you. They are ashamed, embarrassed them, for them sex is still a taboo. Which is a shame, we are in 2014, “ said Alina Plugaru.

Although also won dozens of films, Alina says that never watched the scenes in which he played. “Probably when I grow old I’ll look and I’ll say I look good again“, joked former actress XXX.

Alina Plugaru XXX Porn Star

Ginger Devil, Jasmine Rouge and their partners links them a long friendship.

Ginger Devil, Jasmine Rouge and their partners

Another famous couple who has made a career and money in porn are Adi and Ginger Devil. They filmed together and separately, but that has not stopped to get married and build a stately mansion in which they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. Initially worked as waiters. Unhappy with modest incomes, have left her bitter comment and I have seen her work. “We had thousands of jobs, but I was never satisfied. It’s perfect for this moment, whatever it later, see … I worked a few months out of every day, every day, and have made some money here do not think it’s doing in a few years. Adi and Ginger Devil told us.


Jasmine Rouge and Ginger Devil 2 porn stars

Jasmine Rouge and Ginger Devil are very close.

They used to live in luxury and relax in exotic vacations group. Their circle of friends includes Jasmine Rouge and Titus Steel, other adult film actors who have enriched the film industry with the red dot. Both Adi and Titus retired in the meantime. Their wives, however, still remained in front of the cameras.


Jesse Jane has her own line of tequila.

Jessie Jane launched her own line of tequila. The inauguration took place at Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas. For several months, Digital Playground contract star, with her husband and two other business partners have been working on a distillery plant in Mexico to create assortment Diosa, which in Spanish means ‘Goddess’.

Jesse Jane tequila

When creating the drink, were used blue agave, apple, mango, almond and caramel coffee flavored varieties.

According to statements given to CNBC, adult clubs prefer inauguration parties in cities across the country, to be hosted by stars known.

“We have good relations with the owners of night bars and strip clubs.” Unlike other companies who must put his foot down to get positive results, we are one step ahead of them. We have already received many calls, from clubs wishing to hold a big party Diosa, within them.

Jesse Jane has invested a great deal of money in this business, considering that 2-3 years is considering to withdraw from XXX industry, but the people at Digital Playground will sign this contract for 5 years, working imminent to happen: “If in the future you will make mistakes, you still have a warranty.”

Diosa new image will be soft, but because the studio owns the rights to the name or the scene, it will appear with the actual name Cindy Taylor.

Jesse Jane 2 Jesse Jane tequila 1 Jesse Jane tequila drink