Jenna Jameson: Porn Star and Media Star.

Funny how can you forget that it was and probably will remain an icon of porn movies of all time, lost in the hundreds and hundreds of American and European porn stars there today could not happen without having to remember and talk about it is and  repeat will be the most important and the most intelligent and could say if it fits one of the most beautiful women engaged in the porn industry, speak of other than the great Jenna Jameson. Jenna Jameson: Porn Star and Media Star.

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Jenna Jameson confirmed her retirement from porn on 14 January 2008 at the ceremony for delivery AVN “Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year” award (Year Award porn star who has entered more media conventional communication) after 15 years dedicated to being a porn star. During the farewell speech in which she announced his withdrawal affirm: “never again, never again, I will never open my legs for this industry ever” getting boos andthe rejection by the public and those attending the gala.

It seems clear that Jenna Jameson just sick of what has made him the actress who has won more money doing that they both seem to mind both the end of his career. Jenna now expecting twins than their current partner is former wrestler Tito Ortiz. Jennaa Despite the great beauty that has always had is now a very different woman I used to see in his early films and set photos, Jenna Jameson has undergone several plastic surgery procedures including vaginoplasty and various increases and reductions in chest love of rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, retouching cheekbones, teeth, chin, eye and frequent injections of botox. Jenna has become the prototype of unnatural woman who has touched anorexia in many occasions in recent times, being as it was one of the most beautiful, sexy and hot women who have never set foot in a porn shoot before become darn crazy about his obsession with physical appearance.

Jenna Jameson porn diva XXX

Jenna Jameson was born on April 9, 1974 in Las Vegas (Nevada) within a comfortable middle class family, his father was a policeman and program director of a subsidiary of NBC while his mother was a beautiful dancer streptease working as Showgirl in several casinos in Las Vegas. The mother of Jenna died of cancer when it is still a child, growing up with his father and brother and feeling very much linked to the latter, Jenna keeps getting into trouble with his brother Tony is the typical gangster hustler, Jenna enters dangerous Liaisons the circle of his brother being arrested several times for drug use and petty crime. Jenna Massoli aka Jenna Jameson then still wants to emulate his mother striptease dancer and being still a minor tries to work in various casinos as Streaper helped by then her boyfriend Jack (another pimp neighborhood with a penchant for motorcycles, drugs and tattoos and her brother’s friend Tony that plunges into the world of drugs and passion for tattoos.)

This is where Jenna is your first and known tattoo on his left buttock that says “Heart Breaker” heartbreaker” (Jenna has tattooed fully both legs below the knee and the back of the neck, although in 2006 he tried laser erase some of the tattoos that had legs. in August 2007, shortly before announcing her retirement from porn, both shoulder blades tattooed with the phrase I’m not afraid, I was born to do this Juana De Arco .

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Jenna Jameson usually frequents bad companions and friends of her boyfriend Jack and a night at a private party where all were up amphetamines her boyfriend Jack presents his uncle (The Preacher) taking advantage of the naivety of the then tender Jenna and I was going to lash pads brutally rapes her boyfriend consent Jenna the Preacher nephew.

Was not this the first time that Jenna had been raped, Jenna Massoli was raped by four boys after a match Football Montana where she was Cheerleader, Jenna never denounced the rape for fear of reprisals in the village and shame of having to tell his brother and father still her boyfriend never acknowledged that Jenna made available to her  uncle, Jenna would know about it many years later, this time things change so little Jenna never denounced uncle Jack .

Jenna‘s boyfriend, Jack of which according to Jenna in her own bio “How to make love like a porn star” was deeply in love despite the beatings and humiliations that it receives, manages to convince her to work as Streaper in the famous club Vegas Crazy Horse Too, Jenna falsified documentation (has only 17 years) and making the contract but is fired to discover that brings dental braces, Jenna in a rage, knowing that his ultimate dream is to be a stripper, one night she started with forceps dental appliance then being readmitted back into the Crazy Horse Too, six months later without having finished high school and being still a minor earn $ 2,000 more per night, director of Crazy Horse Too discussed in bio Jenna had never seen such a young girl seduce the audience as he did every night Jenna Jameson. Great promise of eroticism and business was already brewing.

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Taking the name of a whiskey always liked Jameson” Jenna changes its name and which will be known until he retired in 2008. With the experience of being Streaper in many Las Vegas casinos their city, full decides it’s time to do another thing that had always liked and 1991 begins to pose fully nude before camera having a special magic in front of any purpose for which they pose, soon famed photographer Suze Randall in Los Angeles and mother the erotic photographer Holly Randall also no doubt Leave a booking photo. Despite the challenging and energetic character of the English photographer manage to make a great tandem coming Suze Randall throwing rolls of film reels and Jenna, although the employment relationship would not last long, as disclosed in his own biography Jenna, Jenna accused Suze Randall that having received $ 300 dollars for a set for Penthouse this was never sold to the famous erotic magazine but was sold to other male publications, since from that moment decided Jenna break his contract with Suze Randall and would not pose for she and her web never have felt cheated more.

Days passed and Jenna was posing for top photographers such as Stephen Hicks, Earl Miller and Clive McLean and alternating his work as Streaper in Las Vegas, it is a fact that Jenna is not only fully involved in the world of erotica but also in the drug becoming a compulsive consumer of LSD and mentanfetaminas, Jenna lives one of its worst and saddest times with her boyfriend Jack with whom he takes drugs daily in your apartment going for days under the state of the drugs completely absent the world, together with that suffers its first anorexic outbreak, the extreme thinness of Jenna that weighs only 35 kilos make herself after overdose and after two days unconscious in his apartment decides to call his father asking him Larry Massoli you welcome into your home again because he thinks it‘d just committed suicide, Jenna‘s father comes to pick her up at LAX and is collapsed when he sees his daughter down the plane in a wheelchair in a sorry state and drip post

Now recovered from his poor state of health, Jenna blooms anew with more beauty than ever completely away from drugs and decides to start his career in porn just for the fan to get back at her ex-boyfriend Jack never approved to enter into business .

Jenna Jameson debut in 1993 as a soft porn actress Andrew Blake movie where he met what would be his girlfriend for a time also porn actress Nikki Tyler from which confessed always feel very much in love. Her debut in porn doing explicit sex makes hand actor-director Randy West in 1994 appearing in Cummers 10 Up and Cummers 11 after shooting these films Jenna decides that your body is not beautiful enough and begins to was one of his greatest passions since entering the porn, plastic surgery, putting his breasts XXL size which never felt proud and comfortable and it took some time ago to undergo another operation retouching and breast reduction. It was then the August 1, 2007 when Jenna undergoes a breast reduction operation, from having a size 110 (34DD) she had held for most of his career, to a size 95 (34C). addition of both blades is tattooed with the phrase I’m not afraid, I was born to do this Juana De Arco (I‘m not afraid, I was born to do esta Joan Of Arc) and announces his retirement from porn, stating that since never never again act in any porn movie.

She kept lapsing 1993 and still have to wait a few beads movies but that Jenna decides to make her first sex scenes with men making clear he would never do anal and interracial sex throughout his career, in fact it is the only actress with the highest cache never had in the history of porn any other performer and being the most media actress porn history ever had sex with men of color nor was penetrated anally nor filmed double penetration.

Jenna Jameson smile

It was back in 1995 the company reached Wicked Pictures owned by Steve Orenstein, is a small family company porn movies, Jenna and Steve quickly preciben good chemistry between the two and roll titles as archipremiados as Blue Movie (1995) his first film with Wicked, Conques (1996) Flashpoint (1997), Satyr (1997) and Dream Quest (2000) all selling that stage of Jenna Jameson with Wicked. Many of these titles were directed and coprotagonizados by Brad Armstrong with whom he would marry very much in love but which would spread very quickly after saying in his bio “How to make love like a porn star” that apart from being a lousy husband even what was worse as porn actor having to be more than 45 minutes and sucks on the film set for this failing to get just a decent erection for a scene uncut several times.

In 2000, after the disappointment in her marriage to Brad Armstrong knows Jay Grdina better known as Justin Sterling, spunky typical porn actor and knowledge as a producer and businessman, Justin gets captivate the heart of Jenna and fall in love and create together the already famous company Club Jenna, Jenna since only works for his own company and occasionally to Vivid distributing them work with the new seal Club Jenna gets hits like Brianna Loves Jenna (2001) is a bestseller , New Devil in Miss Jones (2004) and The Massausse (2004) where I have to say that Jenna is beautiful and totally sexual and is certainly one of his best films.

Jenna Jameson sensual

It is in 2004 when Jenna decides to give another turn of tuera her career and decided to write his own biography “How To Make Love Like a Porn Star” and was translated into Spanish in 2006, is considered a simple biography read and very accurate, personally recommend reading as it is a reflection of American society and life in the industry of American porn, based on this book a script was created to carry the film, made at a press conference Jenna gives itself in 2007, admits that Scarlett Johansson agrees to bring to the screen the life of Jenna Jameson, the project is now paralyzed even with the approval of the Scarlett own admiring Jenna Jameson and confesses follower of their films.

Since you know Justin Sterling (Jay Grdina) in 1998 only shares scene with him in his films and decide to get married by the Church on June 22, 2003, the couple lives happily on a ranch 600 m2 mansion in Scottsdale in Arizona and it cost them in 2002 two million dollars, according to Jenna own until 2006 that separate these are the best years of his life.

Jenna admits she is a woman totally hyper sexually active and that was apart of his films have had sex with more than one hundred fifty women and more men in her life outside of porn, having amorous with people from the world of Rock as Tommy Lee Jones Motley Crue battery or Marilyn Manson with which says that once he dreaded for their vampircos instincts before making love, confessing his time jamashabía seen his mouth swallowing the huge amount of tranquilizers and anxiolytics that used the Marilyn good to get high, despite that I rate highly lover, on the other hand always denied that relationship with her.

Jenna Jameson diva

Jenna Jameson is fully responsible for the success of your company Club Jenna, perhaps the push  need gave it the aforementioned Brianna Loves Jenna than $ 28,000 budget was record sales reaching raise for his new label a million dollars, was the most rented movie from 2001 arriving itself two AVN awards, after shooting several titles with Justin Sterling her then husband, Jenna decided to stay more in the background to throw her girls Club Jenna working exclusively for her as girls of contract, Kristal Steal Jesse Capelli, McKenzie Lee, Ashton Moore, Sophia Rossi, Brea Bennet and Lela Star that among others have been and still are Club Jenna girls.

Under the Stamp Club Jenna, Jenna Jameson directed her first film as director and actress, with the title “Jeanna’s Provocateurin September 2006, is when in the same year the accounting books bearing the economy Club Jenna throw the positive balance of more than $ 15 million gain, it is clear that Jenna Jameson has besides being one of the porn stars that has already done half the world masturbate surrounded himself with the right people to jump into the world of business, your company Club Jenna has an advertising panel of more than 15 meters in Times Squares where disclosed all the news of its profitable production to the public.

In August 2006 Acquires’ Babes Cabaret, “a strip club in Scottsdale in Arizona. However, shortly after acquiring local authorities prohibit pose naked in local adult and prohibit the dancers closer than 120cm viewers. This measure would make it impossible to lap dance, the main source of income for the dancers. Jenna fought hard so far. On 12 September 2006 a favorable position defended by actress referendum ended the debate. In the same vein the Vivid Club Jenna Super Bowl Party where several actresses under contract with Club Jenna and Vivid performed lingerie parades in the “Zoo Club” a local Detroit was created.

Jenna Jameson Peta cover

On June 22, 2006, Playboy Enterprises Inc. announced the acquisition of Club Jenna Inc. This measure does not involve any loss of revenue in absolute but further enhances the media and economic power of the empire Jenna.

Not only Jenna Jameson has been selling much porn and very profitably but has also managed to maintain a high level of sales in all related to it on its website products, all kinds of toys, shirts, hats, and many object her as sexual icon have been selling like hotcakes, to a known 3D video game whose objective is that the 3D Jenna reaches orgasm. Jenna also administers and monitors over 150 websites other American porn stars.

The great virtue of Jenna Jameson was on his years of porn star active approach to public knowledge yet to be regular users of pornography, since 1995 Jenna contact the famous journalist and directorHoward Stern whom he worked on her film Private Parts “(1997) has not stopped appearing in public constantly becoming more and more popular every time, appears in the same year appears in Hardcore Heaven’ 97 ‘, a program in return for vision of l’Extreme Championship Wrestling . Already in 1998 involved in l’Living Dangerously‘. A late 90 presents several deliveries Voyage travel program on Wild On! issued by E !.

Already in 2001 the actress enters the world of dubbing to lend his voice to one of the characters from the Family Guy series in a chapter entitled Brian Does Hollywood”. In 2002, starring alongside Ron Jeremy Porn‘ n chicken ‘, a film for television where they interpret themselves. Also in 2002 Jenna appears in two games. This lends his voice to Candy Suxxx in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The other game is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. In 2003, appears in two episodes of Mister Sterling issued by NBC in prime time and which was the girlfriend of a politician.

Jenna Jameson leg up

Subsequently, it is the success of his autobiography “How To Make Love Like a Porn Star” (2004) which allows you to have a strong presence in the media through interviews given in chains like NBC, CNBC, Fox News and CNN .

In 2005 opens Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhainse a horror movie filmed three years before and in which other porn actresses like Ginger Lynn also appear. At this would happen two ribbons on the same genre: Sin-Jin Smyth (2006) Zombie Strippers (2008).

In July 2006 she became the first pornographic actress to have a wax replica at the prestigious Madame Tussauds.

Brand Jackson guitars Fender subsidiary of swilling created a limited series of guitars Jenna following preferences.

Currently Jenna attends prestigious fashion shows and has worked for the famous Elite modeling agency that has nothing to do with porn.

Jenna Jameson excited diva

Jenna makes frequent appearances at prestigious American media completely unrelated to porn, like Rolling Stone or TV channel E !, which has its own E! True Hollywood Story.

Socially Jenna has always been committed to causes that defend the rights of workers porno participating in a televised debate with a famous reverend that after the debate that he maintained a clear balance 204-27 in favor of porn.

And removal of porn Jenna wanted to pose for the association to defend PETA, which appears dressed as the famous pin up recently desparecida Bettie Page which promoted the use of polyurethane or fake leather detriment of animal skins.

Yet this is hard not to think that Jenna Jameson has not only been one of the best porn stars and most beautiful in the entire history of porn (despite the countless plastic surgery to which it has been subjected in his career ), with an intense and hectic Jenna is definitely and forever the media and the most famous Porn Star that has ever existed, saying the world Jenna Jameson is synonymous with four things, sensuality, sex, fame and hundreds of thousands dollars.

Hot D’Or Awards
* 1995: Hot D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Best New American porn actress
* 1998: Hot D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Best American porn actress
* 1999: Hot D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Best American porn by Flashpoint

AVN Awards
* 1996: Best New Actress
* 1996: Best Actress (Video) by the film Wicked One
* 1996: Best Couples Sex Scene Film for Blue Movie with TT Boy
* 1997: Best Couples Sex Scene Film for Jenna Loves Rocco Siffredi Rocco
* 1997: Best Couples Sex Scene (Video) Conquest by the movie with Vince Vouyer
* 1998: Best lesbian scene – Satyr movie with Missy
* 2003: Best lesbian scene (video) – for the film I Dream Of Jenna with Autumn and Nikita Denise
* 2005: Best Actress by the film The Masseuse
* 2005: Best Couples Sex Scene Film for The Maseusse with Justin Sterling
* 2005: Best lesbian scene for the film The Maseusse with Savanna Samson
* 2006: Panthéon AVN (AVN Hall of Fame)
* 2006: Best Supporting Actress by the film The New Devil In Miss Jones
* 2006: Best lesbian scene for the film The New Devil In Miss Jones with Savanna Samson
* 2006: AVN Award for being the best known personality porn and involved outside the X industry, media and pop culture – (Crossover Star Of The Year)

XRCO Award
* 1996: Best Actress of the Year
* 2004: Best lesbian scene – for the film My Plaything 2 Carmen Luvana
* 2005: Pantheon XRCO (XRCO Hall of Fame)

Awards F.A.M.E.
* 2006: Favorite Actress porn fans
* 2006: Porn Actress with the best body
* 2007: Favorite Actress porn history (search competed with both actresses porn stars from around the world and of all time by the award)

Jenna Jameson erotic pics:

Jenna Jameson erotic pics (1) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (2) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (3) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (4) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (5) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (6) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (8) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (9) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (10) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (11) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (12) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (13) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (14) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (15) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (16) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (17) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (18) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (19) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (20) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (21) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (23) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (24) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (26) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (27) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (28) Jenna Jameson erotic pics (29)


Aria Giovanni, goddess of eroticism.

Aria Giovanni Goddess of eroticism: Cindy Renee Volk (born. November 3, 1977) better known as Aria Giovanni is an American erotic model. Her real name is Cindy Renee Volk. Born in Long Beach, California, USA. She grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended high school in the county of Orange. Her father was Italian-Yugoslav and her mother was French-GermanIrishIndian mixture of races that is the beauty of Aria Giovanni who happens to be of the most beautiful and sensual erotic models that never existed beyond. About her early life, Aria Giovanni realized it was quite shy, with the typical retracted girl and moved away from other children at school, being very complex to feel the ugly duckling of the group.

Aria Giovanni Goddess of eroticism

She received her early college years in the career of Biology. In addition to her studies, he received private lessons in mathematics and worked as a waitress at several cafes and bars to finance their studies. It was during this time that she decided to enter the world of modeling. She began to respond newspaper ads in late 1998 and soon began appearing on various amateur porn websites such as BubbleGirls, Amateur Pink, Busty Amateurs and Seductive Amateurs.

It was for Busty Amateurs when achieving his first major, to be known as Kennedy between the famous models of the era, such as Dazzie Kellog and Alissa Perry wins.

In 2000, Aimee Sweet another beautiful model of the usual models Suze Randall present to the photographer Aria Giovanni, who in May of that year took photos of Aria that appeared in Penthouse magazine, being in September of that year the “Penthouse Pet “month in the journal. At the same time, appeared on the Web site Bomis, posing clothed for a Ferrari competition.

During the same period of the photo sessions for Penthouse, was transferred to the University of California, San Diego, to obtain the degree in Biochemistry and a BA in English Writing. However, he decided to leave school because they felt that the workload for such studies would not leave time to be posing the level of work she wanted I knew I could always return to school, but probably could not return to the world of Erotic Photography.

An important event in her artistic life was when the pose for Penthouse magazine was contacted by the softcore film producer Andrew Blake, who initially Blondes and Brunettes starred in 1999 after her film Aria in 2000, and Justine as co- protagonist of Aimee Stuart in 2001. it was in 2004 when she produced his first film, Meridians of Passion, which was received with great enthusiasm, more for the community of fans of the Goddess” that the international market.

She has appeared in several films of softcore type, though her scenes are almost always lesbian type, where the sexual contact has been implicitly. However, there is a video of Bubble Girls recorded in September 1998 in which she is seen experiencing pleasure with her body (masturbation with his hands, introducing whole hand and various objects into her vagina, and a scene where caresses the body as urine), to which numerous interviews said frankly: “It was a mistake, we all make mistakes and I think that video did not help get the current place has my career, I have no regrets because we must learn from our mistakes, but I think it was a mistake. Despite having received numerous offers for passage to hardcore, has just made some softcore, lesbian and solo works of Andrew Blake‘s hand, causing his refusal that the desire of fans grow further.

In 2001 she performed with Monica Snatch in the movie Survivors Exposed, a parody of the television series Survivor. She also appeared in the TV dating show Shipmates (episode 16 November 2001).

Aria Giovanni has also appeared in bondage, fetish and artistic photography. It has gained special respect for belonging to the few models, busty, working in the field without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

She is currently divorced, having been married a few years with rock guitarist John Lowery, better known as John 5, ex-guitarist of Marilyn Manson and currently guitarist for Rob Zombie

In 2008 she participated in the first episode PG Porn project created by James Gunn and defined himself as porn for people who like porn all except sex”.

Great Friend of the photographer Holly Randall daughter of her discoverer Suze Randall has posed for her countless times forming a terrific tandem, having made large sets of high quality and eroticism, Aria Giovanni, has made sets of unquestionable beauty and eroticism with their known also friends and coworkers and never had sex with men like Jelena Jensen, Aimee Sweet, Justine Joli (Justine if you have made many movies hard but only gir / girl) and Sunny Leone (although the latter as we have discussed elsewhere earlier article on our website) determined to make only passing scenes hard to make explicit lesbian sex with men. Aria Giovanni despite having received numerous juicy offers to make hard core never contemplate that option increasing even more the desire for directors, producers and especially their fans numbering in the legions. In one of his last interviews confessed her friend Holly Randall that its withdrawal was already coming, too bad that this happened because the model more hot and more desired in recent years across the network would be lost today yet its withdrawal being next, still sought from all corners of the world to pose for all kinds of events, conventions, lingerie and cosmetics firms, only in erotic poses its own web domain for the following dedicated full or for renowned photographers and magazines.

Aria Giovanni erotic pics:

Aria Giovanni erotic pics (2) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (3) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (4) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (5) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (6) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (7) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (8) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (9) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (10) Aria Giovanni erotic pics (11)



Kelly Stafford apology to transgression.

10 years ago an Argentine cable channel I accidentally introduced to Kelly Stafford, after this explosive presentation which would be just the tip of the iceberg my perspective about sex, porn and what a “star” should be, would never be the same. Kelly Stafford was born on April 10, 1978. Her foray into the world of porn is produced by chance after accepting impersonate a friend in the 1997 film Rocco More Than Ever 2″. When legendary actor and Italian director Rocco Siffredi came to London for the shoot, she had not heard the name of Kelly Stafford, who until then developed a modeling career.

Kelly Stafford

Kelly Stafford became the biggest challenge of the race Siffredi, famous for her extreme behavior on camera, which often borders on sadomasochism. Kelly Stafford described as a “meeting of mindsthis union produced on the screen in just over five years some of the most intense psychosexual captured on video deployments.

Famous for her antics with elders, transsexuals, dwarves, obese and destitute, is your personality on screen that makes her memorable performance. Her pale skin and blonde hair naturally provide a stark contrast with the usual firing Latin lovers with exchanging bodily fluids, showing a surprising sense of humor in his most bizarre encounters.

Throughout her career, Kelly Stafford has become the target of anti pornography and censors all feminists, but how their films can be described as degrading to women”, when the person in command is not only women, but also intelligent, biased and with an obvious disregard for fame and money? Kelly Stafford not only spits in the faces of his costars, so does the face of convention. Her gaze facing camera eliminates any trace of doubt as to the veracity of their own pleasure and that makes it truly captivating.

Kelly Stafford porn star

After six years and more than a dozen films, Kelly Stafford decided to follow the footsteps of her mentor and turned to the direction, debuting with the film “Kelly’s Way To Love” in 2001 and continuing with the sequel Kelly’s Way To Love 2 “a year later.

In 2002, win a prize AVN Siffredi in the category of couples in the final scene of Rocco’s Way To Love”, repeating the plate this year for his scene with 10 subjects in Furious Fuckers Final Race”.

In December last year, established contact with Kelly thanks to the page for fans (fans) to administer on myspace, thus having the opportunity to learn a little closer to the woman off screen. According to Kelly Stafford herself, her long-awaited return to the world of porn be held this year. She started filming in March and now owns her own studio with his inseparable colleague Kirstyn Halborg, who also handles escort agency (escorts) and Photogirls models, which was founded by Halborg in 1998.

Kelly Stafford face

Kelly Stafford Filmography:

Rocco More Than Ever Part 2 : In London (1997), Rocco’s True Anal Stories (1998), When Kelly Met Rocco (1998), Rocco: Animal Trainer (1999), When Rocco Meats Kelly 2 : In Barcelona (1999), Rocco: Animal Trainer 3 (2000), Rocco’s Best Butt Fucks (2000), Dirty Anal Kelly In Rome (2000), Dirty Anal Kelly In Rome II (2000), Rocco’s Sexual Superstars (2001), Rocco’s Way To Love (2001), Kelly’s Way To Love (2001) como Estrella/Director, Rocco: Supermoto Hard (2002), Rocco In London aka Kelly’s Way To Love 2 (2002) como Director, Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 (2002), Perversion In Paris (2003), Rocco: Live In Prague (2003), Best Of Kelly (2004), Rocco’s Best POV (2006), Kelly’s Lost Movie (2006), Furious Fuckers Final Race (2007)


Tera Patrick, the porn actress who asks for respect!

English father and Thai mother, was born in a village in Montana and her parents gave him the name of Tera Patrick. As a child his parents separated and she moved with his father to San Francisco. At 13, a talent scout for Ford Models discovered, and Tera Patrick marched for five years to New York to work as a professional model arriving to appear in prestigious magazines such as Vogue. Tera Patrick at 18 abandoned fashion and began to study nursing at the University. In the 90s Tera know Suze Randall and starts working again as his first nude model. A Tera Patrick liked the theme and soon began working as Penthouse, Hustler and Playboy. Her debut in porn came from the hand of Andrew Blake in the film “Aroused”. There followed several jobs over soft fetish and bondage. A few months later they started coming surveys, as the Hot D’Or award for new starlet 2000. Its DVD Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick becomes one of the 10 best sellers of all time. In late 2002 Tera Patrick breaks her contract with Digital Playground and producing them gets sued for non-payment of their wages in several productions. Digital countered by stating that held the exclusive rights to the name Tera Patrick until January 2008. Despite the legal mess Tera signed a contract to work exclusively with Vivid in December 2003. These disputes caused her depression and spent time away from the filming porn, losing weight and three sizes of breast.

Tera Patrick big tits porn star Tera Patrick porn star diva

After a break and new breast implants in January 2004 rolled Tera and married Evan Seinfeld, singer of Biohazard group. In 2005 Tera and Evan created a talent agency for models and actors / actresses in order to help the new talents of porn are treated with respect by the industry. Tera also has a production company called Teravision. Since 2004 Tera wheel only movies with her husband Evan. Since 1999 Tera rolled about 70 movies with their natural breasts. In 2004 hse began her second stage of her career with his new look after undergoing surgery for breast implants.

Tera Patrick hot porn star

Tera Patrick Filmography:

  • 18 and Nasty 11
  • Adult Video News Awards 2002
  • Adult Video News Awards 2005
  • Angel Dust
  • Appetite for Destruction
  • Aroused
  • Asian Street Hookers 6
  • Asian Street Hookers 7
  • Ass Angels
  • Behind The Scenes 1
  • Behind The Scenes 15
  • Behind The Scenes 2
  • Behind The Scenes 3
  • Behind The Scenes 7
  • Behind The Scenes: Caribbean Undercover
  • Behind The Scenes: Sex Island
  • Blind Date
  • Caribbean Undercover (anal)
  • Caught In The Act (III)
  • Centerfold Fetish
  • Collision Course
  • Crossroads
  • Cum Shot Starlets
  • Desperate
  • Ecstacy Girls Raw And Uncensored 2
  • Ecstasy Girls 2
  • Ecstasy Girls Platinum 1
  • Farmer’s Daughters Do Beverly Hills
  • Fashion Underground
  • Fire And Ice
  • Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star
  • Foot Lovers Only 1
  • Foot Lovers Only 2
  • Forbidden Tales
  • Gallery Of Sin
  • Harlots of Hell
  • Home A Day Early
  • Island Fever
  • Island Fever 2
  • Island Fever 3
  • Jack’s Playground 25
  • Jaw Breakers 1
  • KSEX 1: Sexual Frequency
  • Las Vegas Revue 2000
  • Latin Fever 9
  • Loose Screw
  • My Plaything: Tera Patrick
  • Nice Rack 4
  • No Limits
  • North Pole 11
  • Nuttin’ Hunnies 1
  • Of Time And Passion
  • On The Set With Tera Patrick
  • Open Wide And Say Ahh! 6
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Payback
  • Philmore Butts’ Cum Faced Cuties
  • Pickup Lines 44
  • Pickup Lines 45
  • Pickup Lines 46
  • Pickup Lines 54
  • Please 5: Fireworks!
  • Please Cum Inside Me 2
  • Real Female Masturbation 8
  • Real Golden Showers Video 1
  • Real Sex Magazine 22
  • Real Sex Magazine 23
  • Reign Of Tera
  • Sex Island
  • Sex Offenders 8
  • Shades of Sex
  • Tera Patrick
  • Tera Patrick aka Filthy Whore 1
  • Tera Patrick aka Filthy Whore 2
  • Tera Tera Tera
  • Teradise Island (Anal)
  • Test Drive
  • Total Tera Patrick
  • Ultimate Firsts
  • Up And Cummers 73
  • Up And Cummers 80
  • Video Adventures Of Peeping Tom 22
  • Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick
  • White Panty Chronicles 10
  • Wild Honey 1
  • Wild Honey 2
  • XRCO Awards 2000

She earns 300 thousand dollars in a year, but has given up adult films to become a pastor. Who is the actress?

An adult actress has revealed she has given up her current career to become a pastor.

New York’s 33-year-old Crystal Bassette earns $ 300,000 a year, practicing this profession for 10 years.

However, Crystal Bassette, who has three children, has re-awakened after “discovering” God and is now attending church services where her husband, David, is a pastor.

She and her husband run their own parish in New York. Crystal said: “It’s a radical change. From one extreme to another. I had to change my way of life. “

Crystal was pregnant with her first child, Justin, just 16 years old. In order to provide her with the best conditions, she moved from North Carolina to Hollywood, where she started dancing and making modeling to pay her rent.

However, when she promised to earn $ 30,000 a month, she went into the adult film industry: “I remember the first scene. I laughed in the bathroom for two hours. After the first movie I stopped, but after a month I came back. To cope with filming, we take analgesics and alcohol beam. “

After completing an unsuccessful relationship, he plunged into religion. “On the day I was saved, I felt the priest spoke through me. It seemed as if he was teaching only me and I felt God talking to me through his words. I put myself on my knees and prayed that God would release me, and my mother and sister were with me and we were crying together. Then I was saved. “

According to her, Crystal claims to have entered this industry because childhood was sexually abused. She married David in December 2014, and immediately afterwards, their son, Carter, was born.


Crissy Moran tells how she returned to Jesus

Thousands of young women each year become the target adult industry, but few of them managed to cover it over and out of the spell of an industry defined by promiscuity, degradation and shame.

Crissy Moran 3Such a story, full of hope, and told Crissy Moran (37 years), former adult film actress, who chose to give up the lifestyle that brought her income of $ 15,000 per month and become a practicing Christian .

Crissy Moran says in an interview with The Christian Post that comes from a broken home with an alcoholic father. Her parents divorced when she was 14, just three years after he decided to become a Christian. But events in family removed her from the church and, shortly, beauty attracted the attention of photographers from agencies Models.

Collaborations they went to appearances in videos, because in 1999 Crissy Moran to start their career in the adult industry. Once published on the internet a series of nude photos, increased interest in such materials led her to open a personal website that posted photographs and over 40 famous films, all belonging to the genus XXX .

Although it is the pinnacle of success, Crissy Moran says anything that was not liked and it seemed unnatural. “During my career, I felt an inner conflict about what I was doing. Nobody talked to me about Jesus there “, she said. Therefore, the encounter with a photographer Christian who spoke about God seemed providential.

Since 2006, Crissy Moran quit pornography and decided to return to the faith. Currently working with Treasures Moran, a non-profit organization providing support for women leaving XXX industry.

Crissy Moran in bikiny


Sasha Grey, Porn Star, on his literary career: “One of my biggest fears is failure”

Sasha Grey, Porn Star, on his literary career: “One of my biggest fears is failure

Sasha Grey talkingThe famous American porn star , Sasha Grey , Saturday in Mexico confessed that one of her biggest fears is “fail”, after having a successful life in adult film making and now approach to literature. “I guess one of my biggest fears is failure“, Sasha Grey, stage name Marina Ann Hantzis, said in a press conference held at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara , which generated great excitement.

“When I decided to stop making adult film (April 2011) was for me and stop what he knew and what was familiar and open a new chapter in my life, leave something that was very successful and was in the pinnacle of my career”, she said.

“That was a moment of fear. I did not know how I was going out of business I stayed focused and tried to keep traveling and writing. That helped me a lot”, she said.

Sasha Grey her sweet face


Charlie Sheen’s career affected by his girlfriend, Brett Rossi, porn starlet.

Charlie Sheen’s career affected by his girlfriend, porn starlet. What happened to the actor because of her. It seems that Sheen‘s relationship with adult film actress Brett Rossi unpleasant effects of the actor’s career, already in decline.

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi

Filming on the plateau series “Anger Management” has been temporarily discontinued after Charlie Sheen got sick of laryngitis, American newspapers write.

Source close to Sheen, quoted by “Daily Mail”, say many parties where the actor goes with his girlfriend Brett Rossi are to blame for the situation.

The actor, aged 48, was forced to miss work two days last week and the rest to shoot only half of the program because of painful health problems.

A friend of the actor said, in fact, that if Sheen is not reviewing its adolescent behavior, is likely to suffer another crisis like the one that brought fired from “Two and a Half Men”.

Filming Charlie stopped last week because he suffers from a terrible case of laryngitis. He could not talk all week and worked only half of the program this week, because his voice is not 100% ok. Practically ceased filming Charlie appears in every scene. “

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi KISS

 “The reason is simple laryngitis did. Charlie going nonstop since he met Brett.”

It seems that the relationship with the controversial star XXX affected and those around Sheen. His manager, Mark Burg, PR or Solters Larry‘s attorney, Jake Bloom, and resigned after all they have managed to understand the actor. And it seems as if he would have done it, and Sheen have given out. All because the three have expressed concern about his relationship, he told another source close the star.

Brett encouraged Charlie to get rid of Mark, Larry and Jason because he thinks I do not like and that he sabotaged the relationship. Brett take decisions now in Charlie’s life, although the two are known only 6 weeks!” Said appalled a source close to Charlie Sheen .


Sunny Leone: Career of actress.

In high school, Sunny Leone has seen a dancer in nightclubs, dancing with Sunny befriended immediately. Curiosity drove her Sunny Leone to squeeze his new girlfriend. She wanted to know life as a dancer in nightclubs and seemed a job more than interesting and, not least, quite profitable.

Sunny Leone sexy and amazing

Career as a dancer was not going to materialize. Fed up with pressure and nagging” her friend decided to introduce a colleague Sunny Leone, a man named John Stevens. She had many acquaintances and relationships in the world of men’s magazines. John Stevens presented a Sunny Leone an agent of the men’s magazine Penthouse. After a series of discussions with those from Penthouse, Sunny Leone received the offer to pose for the magazine and accepted without giving much thought.

After a few photo shoots in which he unveiled the beautiful and alluring body, Sunny Leone appeared in Penthouse magazine. Due to the large number of sales and had amazing success pictorial or Sunny Leone agreed to pose in Hustler pictorial that brought even more fame and popularity among men.

She became famous in this world in a short time and this has excited a lot. Most porn producers have noticed her as a woman who promised much in the porn industry and they jumped offers, which more or less interesting and profitable. She was not much thought and acceptedSunny Leone has signed several contracts and debuted in the porn industry a few videos that have caught the public good. After these first appearances, and long term follow-budget films and important films. Sunny Leone had the opportunity to work with big names in the porn industry and work with famous directors.

Sunny Leone play with her pussy


Courtney Stodden: SUPERMODEL taken a radical decision! She gave up her career to be a porn star and win one million dollars!

She fervently desired to have a thriving career in the arts, but luck was not on her side, that supermodel Courtney Stodden saddle shifted. So she chose to turn its attention to porn, and now, for a simple XXX clip , receives a million dollars.

Known all over the world after she married when he was just 16 years old, with Doug Hutchison, a man aged 51 years, Courney Stodden , now 20 years old, she longs to be in the spotlight.

Therefore, it has put on sale a box that appears masturbating and Vivid Entertainement founder Steve Hirsch offered on this amount of $ 1 million.

“I’ve never seen so much money before” she confessed .

The relationship that she has with her husband went through difficult problems, yet the two make efforts to come to terms!

Courtney Stodden