New rules for porn movies from Hollywood.

New rules for porn movies from Hollywood. American judges have decided that porn actors in Los Angeles are required to use condoms during filming sex scenes.

New rules for porn movies from HollywoodLos Angeles County residents voted in 2012 for the adoption of measures which becomes mandatory condom use during sex casting scenes from pornographic movies, reports Reuters. The same law requires periodic testing of actors on sexually transmitted diseases.

Lawyers attacked porn industry regulations District Court, arguing that the imposition oppose condom use to their customers right of freedom of expression provided by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Porn producers have stated that they spoil the mood visible contraceptive measures some customers because they remind of real world problems such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

A three-judge panel of the 9th court in San Francisco, in the Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States has maintained Monday legislative measure, arguing that regulating decision is made with care for the interests district to reduce the rate of sexually transmitted infections, allowing at the same time, alternative ways appropriate expression.”

The three judges said they agreed with the lower court decision that whatever the original message” that the filmmakers could hope to convey by presenting scenes of sex without a condom, it is very unlikely that people who follow adult movies to understand that message.

The Court of Appeal in San Francisco argued that compulsory medical testing requirement actors and producers to follow a training course for infection with blood-borne pathogens using the same purpose of preventing the transmission of STDs.

The court noted that the three companies in the pornography industry, which is among those that have challenged the measure adopted in 2012, already require actors providing their real identity documents and undergo medical tests at least once a month.

Most of the porn industry in the United States, whose revenues are estimated at 9-13 billion dollars annually, working in Los Angeles County. According to the organization AIDS Healthcare Foundation, porn actors risk ten times greater than contracting a sexually transmitted disease compared with the general population.


Olympics Adult version of the Trojan. An advertisement of a company producing condoms have some Olympic sports from sexual perspective.

Olympics Adult version of the Trojan. An advertisement of a company producing condoms have some Olympic sports from sexual perspective.

Olympic Games for Adults

At the beginning of the commercial clip created by the folks at Trojan pair evolving American gymnastics vault. Championship held in Bucharest, as communicated commentator sporting event. The new Olympic events in this video are by way of fiction and should not be tried at home, because it can result in serious injuries for both partners.


Raids in porn studios. LA authorities will check whether the actors wearing condoms!

Raids in porn studios. LA authorities will check whether the actors wearing condoms! Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced that soon, teams of police, nurses and social workers will platorurile raids on filming porno movies to ensure that actors use condoms.

Big condom

Antonio Villaraigosa has already signed the law that, in Los Angeles, to use condoms during porn casting scenes is mandatory, despite protests from representatives industial 8 billion dollars in the city.

The law is the result of six years of AIDS campaigns Healthcare Foundation, a foundation that fights the spread of HIVAIDS.

As has been made ​​for the Nike shoes not to be made ​​by the children forced to work in third world countries or construction workers to be insured against accidents, we believe that it is normal for someone to take action and that actors in adult films to no more sacrifice on the altar of the porn industry. “, said foundation President Michael Weinstein.

Porn industry representatives, however, say the law is a violation of freedom of choice.

We want to have the freedom to choose. It is not right that the government regulating sexual behavior between two adults who are capable of discernment. Audience is tired of government intervention in life and his bedroom.“, said Diane Duke, director of the NGO Free Speech Coalition, which campaigns against censorship.

Currently, according to informal agreements between production houses in Los Angeles porn actors are tested for sexually transmitted diseases every 30 days. Testing does not include all the possible diseases such as herpes.

Herpes is part of the job.” says former porn actor Derrick Burts. In 2010, he tested positive for HIV.

Periodic Testing is not effective. No. protects you in any way, just let you know that you become ill.he said, adding that actors wear condoms insist not get work in the industry.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation in 2004 and to date there have been 10 cases of HIV infection and gonorrhea than 4,000 diseases among porn actors in Los Angeles.

Adult film producers say, however, that the audience dictates the behavior and whether condoms will appear in the movies, sales will drop dramatically.

The public has a real phobia of condoms.” says producer and director Stevie Glasser, who is considering moving the business to a place with more permissive laws.


Models of condoms that you have never heard! You should try them!

From vegan condoms to the organic , from the chic to the futuristic, all have been invented.

Models of condoms that you have never heard

Science of designing a condom out of control lately. The flavors odd to eco materials, there are many options for safe sex. Here are condoms that you have never heard before:

1. Condom vegan is designed with a special formula based on herbal ingredients, such as natural latex.

2. Condoms targeted women is made ​​from organic materials and 10% of the profit from the sale is donated to organizations that provide reproductive health and family planning.

3. Organic flavored condom Does licorice flavor and is made from organic fruit and plant extracts that provide a real flavor.

4. Condoms for Pinterest comes in a single package that is easy to open a printed inspirational message.

5. Condom order If you urgently need protection, there is a service in Los Angeles and San Francisco that delivers at night.

6. Condom eco-friendly are made in Germany using the highest standards. This means that their carbon footprint is zero, so you will not contribute to global warming.

7. Condoms without chemicals There is a condom without glycerin, parabens or spermicides. It is vegan and PETA approved.



Did you order condoms with home delivery?

You are in the middle of a passionate love parties and realize that you have a condom handy. Now there‘s no reason to panic: you can call the guy who delivers condoms at home!

condom heart

Delivery condoms in three Swiss cities
New Swiss initiative is part of larger multimedia campaign fighting AIDS, which is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for AIDS and the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. A phone call is enough for the guy who delivers condoms to climb on the bike and deliver it to the person who ordered. Distributors bikes can be found in three cities in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva, Zurich and Bern, and deliver packages 3 condoms, worth eight Swiss francs (about 6 euro).

Come before the finish!
Bettina Maeschli represented Swiss Foundation for AIDS, which is the largest Swiss organization for the fight against AIDS, said the main purpose is to remind people of the rules of safe sex and the need to use condoms in the unexpected and unplanned. Cyclists deliver condoms wherever needed, without judgment or prejudice. The first statistics on the number of condoms supplied will soon be available, but the fact that more people spreading positive messages about the initiative is a result good enough for now. We wanted to spread the message in an unusual way, so that people become more aware of the problem.

Swiss AIDS campaign was a success for the past 20 years
Stop AIDS Campaign is one of the longest campaigns (started in 1987) and is one of the most influential programs on awareness and the fight against AIDS in the world. The first target was a gay men, but the disease has spread, and the campaign was extended to all segments of the population.
The main objectives of the campaign are to increase the use of condoms to reduce discrimination against people with HIV and increase solidarity among people infected and healthy.



The most reliable method of contraception

The most reliable method of contraception did not know1

The most reliable method of contraception did not know! When it comes to contraception, women today enjoy a lot of options, but it means that there are many more issues to consider and choosing the right is more difficult.

Here are the most reliable methods of contraception and the advantages of each one!

The most reliable method of contraception did not know

1. Condoms

It is no surprise that condoms are still considered to be the safest method of contraception. They not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also the transmission of diseases and infections. If there is a risk that your partner is a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and your relationship is just beginning and have not done together analysis when condom use is mandatory.

Advantages of condoms:
They are not expensive;
Provides protection against STDs;
– Apart from the men, there are options for women.

The disadvantages of condoms:
Sensations are less intense;
Latex may cause irritation;
Their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is 85%, and some doctors recommend using a method of contraception.

2. Diaphragm

The diaphragm is a soft, flexible membrane that is positioned in the vagina to prevent sperm entering the uterus. To use this method of contraception, you must use a gynecologist, who will choose a model suitable to your constitution. It will make you a briefing on how to use them, and, once in two years, you will need a control to exclude the possibility that it will be damaged. Also, if you have suffered major weight changes, it is necessary to make a visit to the doctor will adjust the aperture or will replace.

Advantages diaphragm:
If used correctly, have a failure rate of only 3%;
Is the perfect option for women who can not take hormonal treatments;
Is effective immediately and has no side effects.

Disadvantages of diaphragm:
May increase the risk of urinary tract infections;
Has rules that must be followed strictly use;
– Used with a spermicidal gel.

3. Contraceptives

Birth control pills are another popular method of contraception, especially because they come with many advantages and there are many options of pills on the market. There are various pills with progesterone and the estrogen and progesterone. Their efficiency is very high, but are recommended only in serious relationships in which both partners have done tests and there is certainly no one wears any disease.

The advantages of contraceptives:
Relieves menstrual pain and reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;
Regulates menstruation;
The progesterone decreases the risk of ovarian or endometrial;
Increased efficiency;
Convenience of use.

Disadvantages contraceptives:
Must be taken daily at fixed;
Their effectiveness is decreased by the administration of certain antibiotics and drugs;
Decreased libido;
Tenderness of the breasts;
Estrogen and progesterone pills can cause blood clots;
Affects the liver and can cause heart problems if they take the person smokes.

4. Contraceptive Injections

Contraceptive injections are a simple contraceptive method, which takes effect long after it is applied. They are especially suitable for women who forget to take their birth control pills, potentially pregnant.

Contraceptive injections advantages:
Failure rate is only 1%;
Are made every three months.

Disadvantages of contraceptive injections:
Require a visit to a doctor;
Can cause irregular menstrual bleeding;
Long-term use can cause a decrease in bone density.

5. IUD

IUD Advantages:
Effectiveness rate is 99%;
Effective long term (5-12 years);
Not affect sexual life;
Takes effect immediately, so it can be used as emergency contraception if inserted within 5 days of unprotected intercourse.

IUD disadvantages:
If you have an infection after it is introduced, there is a risk of impaired fertility;
Releasing IUD with copper ions can cause abundant menstruation;
The device can be rejected by the body and expelled from the uterus.

The most reliable method of contraception did not know2

Before you choose the right contraceptive method, take a list of all possible options and discuss them with your doctor. Only he can help make the right choice for you and your body.


Referendum: The Americans called to vote for “Condoms Law”

Authorities in Los Angeles have decided to hold a referendum on proposals for legislation to ban porn actors to play without using condoms.

The law aims to combat sexually transmitted diseases among actors. So far, the project proponents have managed to collect over 370,000 signatures.

Those who challenge the law but said that actors in porn movies are often screened for these diseases. Diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact are usually found among the poor and uneducated people. Also, if the law is adopted, the actors will lose certain rights that will be required to wear a condom, even if you will not.



It’s nice not to have sex or New Year? Tips that will assist you!

It’s nice not to have sex or New Year? Tips that will assist you! It is better not to have sex or New Year’s Eve? They say that if you have sex in this special night, you will have intense games all year. If that is what you want, you have to prepare more than usual, because not one disastrous night!

It s nice not to have sex or New Year

These are scenarios that may occur New Year’s Eve, we need to prepare:

Have condoms in your bag
Even if you choose to spend New Year’s Eve in a club or you go home with some friends, you should have in your bag a pack of condoms. In case you do not get to use them, you can give other revelers gift.

Sleep the night before
Before you go to New Year party, you should rest as much as to look your best and have fun in full. Try to sleep at least eight hours the night before and half an hour during the day of 31.

Eat Healthy
If you have no idea what will serve the party or if there will only drink glasses, it is essential to eat healthy acasă.Trebuie to eat enough protein to feel sick as long. In addition, if you eat healthy, you have no risk of you get sick later.

A glass per hour
It is the party of the year, it is impossible not to consume even a glass of wine or champagne. If you get used to drink at parties, you should know that it is recommended that after a glass of alcohol to drink and one with water to keep yourself hydrated and not be hung. Moreover, if you consume too much alcohol and you want to have sex that night, the game certainly will not be successful.

Do exercises
If you want to be energetic all night, get some exercise during the day. Movement will make you stand more fatigue and you could face an intense game of sex. Exercise may be a good prelude, and if you will practice all day, a lot of blood will flow through your intimate area, increasing the chances to reach orgasm quickly. If you already have a partner to have sex, send messages since morning perverse and promise them that you wear a sexy lingerie, but that does not do anything until you enter the new year.


Things to know about condoms

5 Things to know about condoms! You already know that it is a protection against unwanted pregnancy and while condom protects you from infection with sexually transmitted diseases have. But there are things less known about condoms.

5 Things to know about condoms

The packaging does not break the teeth
The condom is a device made of latex or other materials that applied to the erect penis before sexual contact prevents ejaculation of sperm into the vagina. But to be effective it must be under warranty and to use it correctly. Always check the expiry date, and if you notice that it is already expired, throw it. It is also contraindicated total package to break teeth, because you risk snapping it without you noticing. It is best to break the package with your fingers.

Air condom breaks
Make sure that when you run the condom there is no air inside it. To avoid this it is good to keep condoms peak before rolling through. In this way it avoids the risk of rupture. If by mistake, you run the condom inside out, no longer used. Throw it away and use a new one. Do not forget to run the condom all the way down, or it may come off during sex.

The latex effective
Latex is the material most commonly used for the manufacture of condoms, which are the most effective in protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, there are more resilient than other condoms that can be made of polyurethane and animal tests. The latter, however, can not guarantee a maximum protection against disease.

Attention storage!
Temperature checks that it is important to keep condoms. We must beware of heat for that damage latex and risking to break at any moment. Also, be careful not to hold in the vicinity of objects that can pierce. For example, in ruscaci or bags, condoms are not very well protected if they are not available separately in special pockets.

It dates from ancient times
The condom appears drawings in Egypt 3,000 years ago. But the oldest condom dates from 1640 and was made of animal gut. The first modern condom that looked like condoms on the market now present was conducted in 1855.


The number of young people using contraceptive.

The most recent study conducted at the national Reproductive Health shows that 67.8% of young people use condoms at first intercourse.

The number of young people using contraceptiveFrom the research, we can observe a tendency to postpone their sexual debut. If in 1999, 28.4% of young people aged under 18 debut sexually, now we can talk about a slight decrease, with two percent. Results presented at a conference held today, June 21, in the Small Hall of the Athenaeum, the Youth for Youth Foundation, shows that the average age at which young people start their sexual life is 16-17 years (17.5 years girls and 16.1 years in boys).

From the conclusions of the last Reproductive Health Study, for the duration of relations with partners at first intercourse 43% of respondents said that intercourse occurs generally after a few months.

It may be noted that the use of modern methods of contraception is increasing, but the current rate of use is not enough”, said Adina Manea, coordinator of Youth for Youth Foundation.

Research statistics also have the following situations:

-65% Of young people (14-25 years) were first determine sex with their partners;

-13% Of young people (15-24 years) were first sex on a first date. 18% of students had their first sexual experience a few days after the first meeting;

-16.3% Of young people aged 15-24 years (which started their sexual life) never used condoms;

-6 In 10 young (59.1%) wanted to use a condom with a partner, but these, 20.8% were convinced to abandon condom partner;

-Young are insufficiently informed about sexually transmitted infections. Nearly two out of 10 young people believe that a person is not infected with sexually transmitted diseases if present no visible symptom. 1 in 3 young people did not know what to statements this and had no opinion (about sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS).