Alina Plugaru and how she did deal with her father and what it is the biggest regret of her!

Alina Plugaru Confessions! How she did deal with her father and what it is the biggest regret of her! Alina Plugaru likes to recommend that women who dared to bring sex without veil”. Nobody, however, knows what really hides behind a career of porn starlet.

Alina Plugaru

Her mother left her when she was only 7 years. Blondie has a brother and a sister and father who raised them all venerated. Her father was a highly respected man. Therefore, when he learned what he does in fact his daughter was a very delicate moment for the whole family.

“I was the person who came and brought sex on TV! At first I supported one! I came out in the press stupid! I was out of the country and a friend told me that I was on the front page of a newspaper in my country Romania, with photo and name, wrote a Romanian porn star in America. On my father was ashamed to call him, I did not call seven months! He was a highly respected man! Then I had to come and do the paperwork, I said you have to come and told me that made me who do not come so long. What do you want to say? I raised to 18 years, now it is. What you say? And that was!”, Alina Plugaru says.

Alina Plugaru in a porn movie

Alina says she did not want to go to the funeral of her mother, but he preferred to deal with handouts that followed.

“Probably not regret now that I went to look for her mother! Or do not want to accept or simply keep inside me! I am a denial and acceptance, not sure what I would do if I take it from the beginning! 7 O remember, I was too small! At her funeral I preferred not to go, I preferred to need help with something, but I wanted to remember that! My mother had problems with drink and I did not even stand the smell! My father struggled a lot to get our custody, she told Alina.

Alina Plugaru porn star Alina Plugaru pornstar



Confessions of a lesbian married to a man. “I close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”.

Confessions of a lesbian married to a man. “I close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”. After more than 25 years of marriage, Amanda C. still claim to be happy with her husband, although confess that she have always liked women. “To feel happy, close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”, she confesses.

Confessions of a lesbian married to a man

My marriage was a torment, because I lack sexual desire. I’ve always been attracted to women, but never had the courage to accept it”, begins his confession Amanda C., who has been married for over 25 years and has a daughter 15 years. She knew as a teenager that has a different sexual identity, but did not have the courage to accept it. Amanda and told the whole experience, a blog dedicated to Brazilian bisexual people, the only place I knew I would not be rejected.”

All sexual experiences were still in her teens with men but were never satisfactory. “I thought that was the reason for lack of passion. At 16, I had a different relationship with a colleague. I was pleased we were always together, and it was a lot of affection between us, but we never touched. I felt the desire but I felt afraid, because in my mind, if you love a woman, you must have masculine, or I was always very feminine. I did not understand lesbian world“, says Amanda on her blog.

The marriage was one of convenience for it, not a gesture of love. “To feel happy, close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman. I dream often they can experience and just looking at a woman realize that sex with her would be entirely satisfactory. My husband does not understand why not come to him and why I am not satisfied with our sexual relationship. we get along well in other respects. it is a wonderful husband and I feel guilty when I do not feel happy with it. But I have not the courage to confess these things she adds. Amanda thinks sometimes divorce, but fear of confrontation with the world, the family stopped her every time to do so.

I wonder how long I could keep this secret. I feel good when I talk about it and take a load off your chest. Fear and criticism from family and society can lead a person to make this decision: to claim that is happy , says Amanda.





Victoria Rae Black. Confessions of a porn actress.

Victoria Rae Black, a porn star and former Bunny” Playboy, told the Reddit social networking site looks like the adult industry today and how it manages to separate their personal life from that writes Business Insider.

Victoria Rae Black

Sex in front of the camera is NOT the same as the one in my sex life private. There was an adjustment period with my friend, but once I open emotionally, was the most passionate sex of my life. The fact that working with other men makes me appreciate more sex with my boyfriend “, the actress confessed.

About her friend, Victoria Rae Black says he loves how it really is and that he had seen movies before you know. Also XXX diva told that often mimics pleasure while they have sex in movies.

You have to fake sometimes. If someone finds it shocking that, to try to have sex with many strangers several times a week, given that some of them do not feel attracted “, Victoria RaeBlack wrote on Reddit.

She spoke about cameramen and shattered the myth that, for them, every day at work is a pleasure. Those guys are so indifferent to what happens. I see it every day, sometimes twice a day, six days a week. I have not met a cameraman whom to care“, said the actress, who has already told internet users and how things work in her industry economically.

I think the economy is starting to recover slightly. We have seen a decrease in the number of shots you‘ve had in the last two years, but now the situation is improving, companies make more money and therefore produce more content. I think the entertainment is generally a transnational state, consisting of TV / video and Internet. Our industry has suffered for years because of competition from online. Only recently have companies begun to find innovative ways to make money to go directly to them and not lose because of circulating free porn on the internet, said actress adult movies Victoria Rae Black , quoted by Business Insider .

Victoria Rae Black porn star


Differences between the woman we love and with which do only sex

Confessions of a man: ;Differences between the woman we love and  with which we do only sex; Even if women do not see always this difference, from sex to love there is a pretty long way. Men can do this without logging in emotionally, and their attitude offers pretty much transparent.

Confessions of a man

Here are the differences in male behavior that indicate love or not, just hormonal interest:

1. Midnight Conversation
A man who calls you at night just after already drinking a few glasses with his friends, does not want anything but sex. Because men respect women that I love and would not mind during sleep for anything.

2. Sacrifices
Men make sacrifices for someone unless they are lovers. A male, be it alpha or beta will not go shopping or to visit the parents of a women who does not feel anything, because he knows he can have sex without many efforts.

3. Tolerance
If a man does not love you, will not care about other guys flirting with you might, you will not ask where you’ve spent the last few days and with whom you met. The interest arises only due to increased emotions. In their absence, it does not exist.

4. Concern
Men care about the women they love. When your partner are interested in your health, when you worry all your anxieties when trying to find solutions for problems that you knead, actually transmit signals that loves you.

5. Fun
Motto men who want sex from a woman is never say never“. Moreover, they do not deny anything when they are not emotionally involved in a relationship, so attention in such situations does not mean more than that they want to have sex.

6. Pride
Men love their lovers are proud of them shows all the friends and intimates and ensure that all share his sympathy for the partner. In contrast, men who want just sex partners does not remove the area of privacy.

7. Surprises
Men love to pleasantly surprise their partners, who are in love, that they want to see them happy. When you have a relationship based solely on sex, their interest is much lower, and the energy to invest efforts is almost nonexistent.

8. Tenderness
Tender gestures have no place in a purely sexual relationship, so neither will the question of sleeping together, moonlight rides, squeezing in his arms and kisses hot. But when a man will fall for you, you will have all these wonders.

9. Willingness to share
A man in love will always be willing to offer the woman he loves or jacket when she is cold or release a shelf in the closet for her to sit his things in order. But when it’s just sex, his willingness to share things and space and will tend to zero.

10. Rules
When a man is in love with his girlfriend establishes rules that relationship works. When there is and just wants sex, play by his own rules and not pay attention to your partner wishes.


Aurora Snow: Confessions of a porn actress: “The sex scenes are painful as hell!”

Aurora Snow: Confessions of a porn actress: “The sex scenes are painful as hell!” Even if that mimics XXX actresses are ecstatic filmed on the set, the truth is quite different. In most cases, porn starlets suffer terrible pain during filming scenes you, says the actress Aurora Snow. Aurora Snow says that porn actresses have a very difficult job.

Being a porn actress is not easy, reveals Aurora Snow, who has an experience of over ten years in the porn industry as an actress and director. In an article published in The Daily Beast, Aurora Snow says that porn actresses must have a physical condition like professional athletes to make intense sex scenes that are interested viewers.

Even if the beginning is somewhat easy, porn actresses are forced to take part in sexual acts more extreme as they grow in their careers, and it leaves its mark on their bodies. “After many such scenes in which I smiled and mimicked pleasure I got home simţindum me extremely sick and having terrible pain“, says Aurora Snow.

Porn actresses likely to suffer rupture of internal organs, as athletes choose to risk tearing tendons. Porn actresses avoid talking about this subject, but many of them, including my number and I have experienced such incidents in their careers. When was the first such injury, director suggested to use more lube and continue shooting. It was terrible, but the show must go on. If you lose, no one has money“, says Aurora Snow.

No XXX industry actors not go much better. “Men must face the shame he could not perform in platorurile shooting. Not all porn actors are attracted to women who must work. The existence of paid women to prepare backstage scenes porn actors to be filmed is a myth. However, there are actors who bring their girlfriends with them to work to accomplish this task porn actress reveals, adding that most porn actors take pills to boost potency.

Some men who want a career in the porn industry commits often as cameramen, hoping to take advantage of times when porn actors can not live up to the service to take their place.