People invented a new kind of sex! How to rejuvenate the life of the couple!

People invented a new kind of sex! How to rejuvenate the life of the couple! Karezza is a new kind of sex involving affectionate touch, not only the orgasm is not the goal, but ideally, no partner does not touch him.

People invented a new kind of sex How to rejuvenate the life of the couple

There was a new kind of sex where the orgasm is avoided. Karezza, is a type of sexual practice that emphasize the emotional connection and affection, according

“Create a sense of attachment in a relationship, which is very difficult to express. It’s much deeper than conventional sex“, said a man who practice this type of sex for ABC News.

A psychologist who uses this sexual practice to revitalize relations patients told her that despite the stereotype that men only aim to achieve orgasm, devoted most of her customers are men.

It’s a radical experience for them, but believes that emotional intimacy exceeds thrill when you were watching just to have sex“, said psychologist.


13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex!

13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex! There are times when she wants and is afraid to tell her husband. You should not say it to him directly, because it would scare away, but there are a number of ways in which every woman may suggest that your partner wants to have sex.

13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex

Each person and each couple is a universe in itself, their privacy. If some instant connection fail, others must use more body language when they want to communicate perfectly normal things in a pair such as the desire to have sex. Couples who have some experience with already know when your spouse wants to have sex. Others, however, have to feel the ground.

Here are 13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex.

1. Call it in the bedroom wearing sexy if your boyfriend is in the office or in the living room watching TV.

2. Look into his eyes and fixed them flirtatious smile, but do not forget to keep the farm before him.

3. Smile him as a rebellious teenager who is adventurous.

4. Come to your lover after you hit with your favorite perfume. The scent is an aphrodisiac that can do wonders, especially if you gave him touch sensitive areas.

5. Kiss her neck, this thing any man crazy.

6. While you kiss, holds her lower lip between his teeth to convey that want sex now. This will give you enough to understand.

7. Bite her ear softly.

8. Look at him while kissing him. Look at him penetrating and show you willing to do to feel better.

9. Tap it in intimate areas while kissing him.

10. Stroking her palm with your fingers, gently.

11. Come to the body of his body and move it apart while you look in the eye and smile.

12. Play with his mind: Take your clothes off in front of their partner, but without showing it.

13. Get out of the shower with a bathrobe and watch it alluring.


What it means to be good in bed?

What it means to be good in bed? Perhaps you expect to find below a list of techniques to become good in bed. Well, according to research technique does not kill us but attitude. Good sex is not about what you do but rather with how well you feel and how well you feel your partner. Unfortunately not much bother with the correct answer to the question but rather prefer to stress and doubt on the response.

What it means to be good in bed

Sex is something very personal. What comes with the absence of recipes partners to ensure satisfaction. What a person can seem “wonderful” and can seem “unacceptable” other. Surprisingly, if what concerns me is to prove that they are “good in bed” approach will be likely to keep me from living a full sexual experience. And with the right attitude, has a chance to be missed approach because “being good in bedis a unique experience for both partners and hence so arbitrary that it can not be proven statement alone.

To believe that there is a universal recipe, a chain of gestures, behaviors and techniques that will freak out any partner‘s pleasure as if you believe that there is a soup recipe that pleases everyone. Maybe he can lead everyone to eat and extreme even declare that they liked, but you can not really believe it would be, bags for all of their lives eating reference. Because there is a truth that can not be disputed: we are the same and different at the same time. And that’s true sex equally.

If technical information no matter beyond common sense, which is the right attitude? Studies show that there are several important factors that are involved in a sexual relationship success for both partners. What are those?

They have an open and honest communication
During sex and beyond. About what each partner likes and dislikes. If you think so complex things can only communicate through gestures, grunts and groans, you’re looking at the wrong movies. Human sex is a far too complex to be expressed through onomatopoeia and pointed. In addition, beyond what we like and what not, it’s important and what‘s comfortable (moral, emotional or physical) and what not. There are other about sex that can not communicate anything other than word of mouth. Sexually transmitted diseases and sexual behavior assumed by the couple (exclusively or not). Good sex requires comfort and relaxation. Trust and knowledge partner.

Are present during sex
And no, I do not mean physical presence that is easy to evaluate: is or is not in bed with you. I refer to this mental and emotional. A party with a partner who is thinking about work issues or series to start is not going to be satisfactory. Because if you think about what you can not fully experience the sensations or emotions, nor can you say that you do for your partner because you feel that you are fully present.

They are creative and curious
Sex is not exempt from boring. And it’s not just about penetration. This implies two things. The first is that you can not expect that you found the recipe for success today and in 20 years it still be effective. And the second is that sex starts off the bed gestures and behaviors that bring excitement sexual attraction.

The self-disclosure and feel comfortable being vulnerable with Partners
Beyond the physical attraction sex has much to do with confidence. Ultimately, it is one of the most intimate things that can happen between people. You need the confidence to let someone going in your world. Because that allows him to see all the flaws.

I am pleased and satisfy their partner
Sex is related to both parties. I mean sex to meet me and to satisfy my partner. Any other option leaves room for discontent. Mine or partner.

Do not feel ashamed to discuss issues
One of the big problems is that sex comes with various taboos. And with preconceptions. Female orgasm is a good example. Hence the joke .. Why mimic women orgasm? Because they believe that men in care. Well, apart from information which in this case will show that female orgasm is important but not necessarily every time, it takes breaking the barrier put to shame and an open discussion.

The conclusion is that “good in bed” includes not only equipment but also the right attitude and technique. And a personalized approach. But worth the effort.



“I decided to have sex every day for a year”! Stay mask if you know what happened next!

Located in a less happy in her marriage, a woman decided something really surprising. “I decided to have sex every day for a year”! Stay mask if you know what happened next!

After becoming a mother, relationship with her husband seemed increasingly degraded. Therefore, the young woman decided to have sex every day. Much to the surprise of all, things have changed between the two.

According to her relationship with her husband has improved dramatically and feel much better about yourself. The novelty of such an experiment helped to have more confidence in yourself and watch sex not as a duty but as a fun couple.

I decided to have sex every day for a year Stay mask if you know what happened next



The dangers of pornography on the lives of the couple!

While some experts claim that pornography can help some relationships, many experts now believe that they can have a devastating effect by distorting the expectations of the bedroom“, says Louise Court, editor of Cosmopolitan, quoted by HuffPost. Studies have shown that the effects of pornography consumption can have a harmful impact on couples so that they can even lead to divorce.

The dangers of pornography on the lives of the coupleMore than half of married couples in the United States came to be separated because of “obsessive interest in pornographic websitesof one of the partners has emerged from a survey in 2004, writes Dr.. Kevin Skinner, family therapist and marriage troubles , in an article on the Today Psychology. A similar percentage of the result and after interviewing 350 members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Of these, 62% said that one of the important factors underlying the divorce was the Internet, and one of the most common problems was “an obsession with pornography sites.”

Also, 90% of relationships and sex experts interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine noted that pornography has increased in recent years, couple problems, writes HuffPost.

Negative impact of pornography

The number of users of child pornography is extremely high. HuffPost published statistics show that 70% of men and 30% of women watching a pornographic material online. Also, when experts from the University of Montreal sought subjects for a study, they could not find any young 20-30 years who had not ever been exposed to such materials, according to The Telegraph.

In some cases, consumption of pornography can turn into addiction. No less than 94% of the experts interviewed by Cosmopolitan said to have seen an upward trend in the incidence of the problem.

Researchers at Florida State University have discovered that the pursuit of pornographic material can weaken the involvement of partners in the relationship, says dr. Heidi Reeder, Boise State University, in an article for Psychology Today. All participants were students are in a relationship, who reported regularly watching pornographic. Some of them were asked to refrain from further access any material containing explicit for three weeks. Regardless of the sex of the person, those who have fully or largely avoided were “significantly more committed to their relationship than those who continued to view the material.”

In another study, conducted by University of Florida researchers found that the degree of happiness in the relationship of women drops due to consumption of pornography partner writes in Live Science. Also, self-esteem, and sexual life satisfaction was significantly lower among participants who believed that partners are addicted to such content. Pornography has led volunteer to feel “as if it would not be good enough,” study author points out psychologist Destin Stewart.

Jim Wysong, author of sterilization American man, said that “in a study conducted on a sample 20,000 people, mostly cited obstacle standing in the way of romantic relationships between men and women in their teens and between 20 and 30 years was pornography. Women say that men are emotionally inaccessible and said that pornography makes men less interested in looking for a relationship, “citing YourTango. Furthermore, the expert points out pornography addiction that hinders building a healthy romantic relationship between the two partners.

Meanwhile, pornography can cause the user to look at women as a sexual object, which is reflected in the degree of respect for females, empathic connection with this, says Robert Weiss for Psych Central.

In another article, Weiss explains that “some women will try to mimic the behavior of porn actresses in the bedroom to keep your partner interested.” When this phenomenon is common in the relationship, will likely become degrading the expert points out.


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Sex models that every couple needs

Sex models that every couple needs

When the couple’s sex life went on a downward spiral, all you have to do is to spice up a little mystery and a little adventurous spirit. Here are six sex that every couple needs, according to sexologists counselors.

Sex models that every couple needs

Prolonged sex

sex hard niceSexual experiences that give their partners very carefully to each other, it is a humorous, stroked, his sexy whisper words can be extremely exciting. “Do not rush to have an orgasm. Simply explore every square inch of your body each and enjoy time together. Not only that the end will be explosive, but it will create a strong emotional bond between you that will bring trust and security in couple. And this increases both the feeling of intimacy that generates new sexual desires, “said Deb Levine, sexologist, author of several papers published in the American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Quick sex

Quick sex party is like an earthquake: raise your adrenaline, ends quickly and leaves you with knees dip. Moreover, fast sex parties are a sign of deep desire that you have for your partner, inform “After a stressful day, a sex” fast and furious “can be liberating. When you feel horny, there’s no need to give all your clothes off. Just find to be discovered and enjoying the moment, “says dr. William Fitzgerald, sex therapist in San Jose, California.

Sex … sight

You might think that it is easier to speak in front of 500 people than to masturbate in front of her husband, but it seems that this would be the fulfillment of one of the fantasies of men. At least that’s what a group of researchers conducted a survey among men to see how much they like them to take a peek. Watching wife masturbates while he was in the top 10 sexual fantasies of all men in the study.

Wild sex party

It’s the sex that awakens from sleep and scare the neighbors pets. The requirement is to have children to grandparents or camp. Take his hands, placed them on your waistline them and return back to him. You know in an instant which is your desire and will answer quicker than you expect.

Sex “man power”

Men like to conquer, so let yourself be conquered. “If you feel that is the wave, throwing weapons and surrender yourself. It is an extremely exciting for men to know that won a “territory”. Further incite him with words sexy and you give every reason to bring you to orgasm, “says Donald Etkes, sex therapist in Los Angeles.

Sex “woman power”

Men like to conquer, but to be conquered. So you do not hurt “bad girl”. Tell him you want him, you want to fulfill your wishes and give him every reason to do so. You’re in power, and he will be happy to listen.


How is a woman who knows that her boyfriend is watching porn?

Women who know their partners watching porn are less satisfied with their relationship than those who know that their boyfriends abstaining from male habit.Watching movies for adults is a widespread habit among men who get a taste teen porn. No mature sexual partner when they either more or one single and stable, many men continue to watch porn. But this habit is harmful relationship that leaves room for discontent and unfulfilled woman. Although some women accept this custom and practice partners are ignoring them, they feel, quite simply, wrong.

How is a woman who knows that her boyfriend is watching porn

A woman discovers her boyfriend‘s computer porn is tried by a sense of failure. Basically, who is partner watch movies for adults have unpleasant sensation that is not good enough in terms of sex and is marked by the thought that you can not live up to the expectations of her lover. In the meantime, a normal woman, among the majority can not perform many of the moves you make a porn actress who has practically much “training” in this regard. A normal woman can not keep your hands to a bar and do pullups while leaves stuck in the penis and can not to put both legs behind your head. Physically, it is impossible, for no physical condition required.

Even before this, a woman who discovers that her husband is watching porn feels sexual failure. She lives basically the feeling that not satisfy lover as it would like.

These feelings lead to lower self-esteem and their sexuality. In the long term affects not only the mood of the woman, but the sexual relationship because during sex, it will ask if you are moving increasingly well pleased if man if he noticed how I S made three folds of fat in the abdomen, obviously that folds classic porn women do not have. Increasingly concerned about their sexual performance and increasing concern not satisfy lover, she will not be able to enjoy their pleasure, reaching eventually be unhappy so her sexual life, as well as the couple.

Moreover, a mature woman who has good sense will not be able to take it to get her partner is watching porn. In the meantime, what can I ask? To stop watching? Forbade him to look at adult film as a mother her son 13-year ban smoking? A woman with a mature thinking understands that some things, customs and practices in relation to somehow come by itself, on its own initiative partners. If his lover, finds it okay to look at porn, levelheaded woman considers that there is no argument to make him understand that his actions bother him.

There is the case where the woman has not so mature in thinking and begin to quarrel with her partner after learning that he was watching porn. Arguing will not, however, anywhere, for a man who has the habit is already in a relationship will find it perfectly normal that he does, being able to compare their practice to watch porn with woman walking by stores shoes.

Either way, it is placed in a very awkward situation that has practices in reaching hands tied and feel insecure in themselves and in their own sexuality.

On the other hand, there are a large number of men who watch porn, whether they are single, have girlfriends or are even married. In those cases in which they, their partners, they are looking at adult film, sex therapists advice is do not compare with porn starlets and try to communicate as partners in order to reach a compromise. Easier said than done! In many cases, women trying to come to terms with it and to rebuild confidence in their sexuality in other ways, if their partners shows that feel the least bit guilty that they did feel bad. Either way, the practice of watching porn because there are many tensions in couple relationships.


You miss a crazy sex? Get out of the bedroom!

Lately you overestimate the missionary position in bed? If you want to revive the flame of passion and sex do not robotic, we offer you to get out of bed and out of the bedroom altogether. There are many other places to make love and all are in your home. Just be open to challenge and to free your imagination!

You miss a crazy sex

Bed with comfortable bedding and fine of not only invites you to sleep and relax, but also to the passionate adventure. But even this space is full of mysteries eluded routine. Avoid monotony go to bed, that there remains. Try other places to make love and think in the near future as to have a better physical condition. It matters enormously for both your health and especially torque.

Lean on bathroom sink

Bath? Yes Yes. You read right. We did not say the kitchen sink, in any case. Make sure it is well supported, so you can not move during the action, then propose them in a game that your beloved films. It will include his strong arms and you make love passionately. He has the advantage that you can see the body shapes they had conquered. And you his.

Facing the mirror

I think there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your reactions when you feel best. It’s like you enjoy an erotic movie with famous characters, that you, whose perfect bodies merge to orgasm.

In front of the entrance door

You know what’s interesting about this area? It felt that the risk of blood warms the body and makes you enjoy every moment of suspense. At any time you can hear a neighbor who climbs the ladder or an unexpected house guest. That if you stand on the block.

On the carpet

If you have a carpet at all comfortable, and try this place. It does not have to type Persian, nor jute is not indicated. Risk to stay with traces of “pleasure” in the knee and back.

Chair or armchair

Go around the living room couch with eyes and stop on a chair or any chair more durable. Then invites a boyfriend. You need clues about ideal positions in this place. Once you are near one another, face to face, inspiration comes naturally. And with it comes and mad lust to make love.


Shakira and Pique, ¿porn video?

Shakira and Pique, ¿porn video? The famous couple is faced with the blackmail of a former employee regarding a close VIDEO!

ShakiraSensual movements provoking and Shakira lead years thanks to its multiple video clips, concerts and dances as suggestive. Many of us have dreamed more than once to star alongside singer a torrid and passionate as could be scene. And it is that something has been considered several times as one of the hottest artists in the world, if not more. Were its powerful weapon of seduction that dazzled the player of FC Barcelona, ​​Gerard Pique. It seems that now this same capacity of eroticism and seduction is what is bringing the couple head all these days.

It seems that Shakira and Pique have been extorted and blackmailed by a former employee of the couple. This worker had full access to all areas of the home, and said he could get a videotape in which you can see them both having sex in an explicit way without any censorship. This would be bringing head to the singer and the player, who spend quality time for anything because of this. Apparently, the extortionist would be asking them a large sum of money in exchange for keeping the hidden erotic video and not filter it or publish it to light. It is clear that the spread of this scene would raise many comments and reactions of all kinds. From those who would refuse to see him for the intimacy of the couple, even the most good would not hesitate for a moment to take a look and recreated with the images.

The alleged former employee of Pique and Shakira, if true this alleged extortion to which it would be submitting to them, it could face a sentence of up to three years for blackmail offered. In any case, doubt it has been sown, and many day and night that track network for the controversial video. We do not know if one day the alleged amateur video porn come to see the light, but in any case will always be the sexy moves of Shakira and the huge “piqueton” Gerard Pique. With such references, it is impossible not fire your imagination and think about them in more caring attitudes.