Three inmates had sex with a porn actress, Lisa Sparx, a sum $ 6.500

Three inmates of an American prison, have received as a reward for their behavior perfectly, permission to date a porn actress for one hour each, in a special room dedicated to intimate meetings.

David Plugett, 26, Hector Figuera, 27, and Billy Lane, 36, all imprisoned for minor offenses at Bridewell Prison, in Chicago, is delighted with the same porn where XXX diva Lisa Sparx, 35 , provide in hot THINGS 🙂 . Over 35 prisoners and wanted adventure redhead, but only three were thought to write. And they made dozens of letters in which it described their passionate desire to meet and have sex with her.
Lisa answered yes and in exchange for 6,500 dollars, paid by friends of the three prisoners, reporting for duty.

“It was a fantastic experience. I have written many letters and I thought to repay. Even if they are criminals, all behaved like gentlemen “ wrote Lisa on her blog.

Lisa Sparx