She earns 300 thousand dollars in a year, but has given up adult films to become a pastor. Who is the actress?

An adult actress has revealed she has given up her current career to become a pastor.

New York’s 33-year-old Crystal Bassette earns $ 300,000 a year, practicing this profession for 10 years.

However, Crystal Bassette, who has three children, has re-awakened after “discovering” God and is now attending church services where her husband, David, is a pastor.

She and her husband run their own parish in New York. Crystal said: “It’s a radical change. From one extreme to another. I had to change my way of life. “

Crystal was pregnant with her first child, Justin, just 16 years old. In order to provide her with the best conditions, she moved from North Carolina to Hollywood, where she started dancing and making modeling to pay her rent.

However, when she promised to earn $ 30,000 a month, she went into the adult film industry: “I remember the first scene. I laughed in the bathroom for two hours. After the first movie I stopped, but after a month I came back. To cope with filming, we take analgesics and alcohol beam. “

After completing an unsuccessful relationship, he plunged into religion. “On the day I was saved, I felt the priest spoke through me. It seemed as if he was teaching only me and I felt God talking to me through his words. I put myself on my knees and prayed that God would release me, and my mother and sister were with me and we were crying together. Then I was saved. “

According to her, Crystal claims to have entered this industry because childhood was sexually abused. She married David in December 2014, and immediately afterwards, their son, Carter, was born.


Adult film actress sued after she retired. Compensation of one million dollars!

Nadia HiltonKevin Blair, a former policeman in the US city of Syracuse, asks for damages of a million dollars to XXX actress Crystal Bassette, his ex-girlfriend, after ger withdrawing from industry destroyed him!

The man was dismissed in 2014 after he violated a protection order and approached near Bassette. He had just enrolled in a school of theology. Frightened young woman called the police and accused him of harassment. The two knew each other from when work in the adult industry under the name Nadia Hilton.

Blair was kicked out of the police and was thought to sue Bassette. He claims that the actress would have started a smear campaign against him.

Shortly before being fired, Blair was acquitted of domestic violence against his former girlfriend.