The story of the blonde from actress of adult movies, became a priestess! What made her change her life completely…

Crystal DiGregorio has overwhelmed a whole world with her life story. The blonde, who until recently won about $ 300,000 a year, was driving a Ferrari and was coveted by all men, changed her life altogether. She began to attend the strip clubs a few years ago, where she also got a job to allow her to raise her baby. From here to the adult film industry was one step.

The blonde admitted that she felt embarrassed when her father found out how she got her money, and that made her think.

But on the day she met her current husband, a Pentecostal priest named Dave Bassette, she fell irremediably in love, and so she decided to take another path.

“I would never have thought that I was able to make such extreme decisions, but God always keeps you on unapproachable horses”, she said.

Crystal DiGregorio


Dream wedding between a porn actress and a priest

Crystal DiGregorio and Dave Bassett, two young men from the town of Fulton, Missouri, USA, were married. Nothing unusual up here but everything becomes interesting when we look past of the two lovers.

Dream wedding between a porn actress and a priest

Crystal DiGregorio is a former porn star known in the industry as the Nadia Hilton while Dave Bassett is a Pentecostal preacher in Fulton. Nor that Dave is less than 7 years from the current wife was not an advantage of the proximity of the two but, once again, proves that love conquers all obstacles.

Di Gregorio, 30 years, played for the last time in films for adults in June 2014, two months later knowing Dave after several trips to the local church where he was going to help his girlfriend in see baptism of her child.

It seems that between the two was it love at first sight because the young woman continued to work steadily in the service of the church and inevitably appeared their first night out.

By the time the two began a sentimental relationship DiGregorio dropped the evolutions of XXX movies after an unfortunate car event after which miraculously escaped unhurt.

It was an event that young interpreted it as a warning came from the divinity of that time Crystal DiGregorio giving not only porn but also to alcohol.

Bassett did not let any of that influenced his current wife already had two children from previous relationships, one aged five and one aged 14 years. Moreover, Dave went reluctance of his friends who had disapproved of love for a former porn actress and compare their love with the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Dave Bassett asked her to marry Crystal DiGregorio on October 11 to January 11, 2015 as the two get married in front of 400 guests who flocked hardly in Buser in Fulton.