TESSA WEST, XXX star who was killed

TESSA WEST:  Photos with XXX star who was killed…

TESSA WEST was a highly rated XXX star. TESSA WEST was born on June 13, 1982 in Oklahoma, the American father and a Romanian mother (second generation in America), TESSA WEST (1.60 m, 52 kg) was known for her willingness to play in any kind of production erotica from S & M to solo pictorial, like the one made ​​on a lost island in the Pacific. He had several stage names, among them Sofia Blue, Sophie Scott and Paige Adams. Unfortunately, on July 11, 2009, TESSA WEST was found dead in her apartment. Her heart stopped beating and it is suspected that it had been a suicide, the autopsy has been identified as a large amount of antidepressants an hour before death…


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Candida Royalle, a known porn actress died at 64 years

Candida Royalle: A known porn actress died at 64 years | VIDEO ! Actress and director of adult movies, has died at the age of 64 years. She suffered from several years of ovarian cancer.

Candida Royalle

The actress, real name Candice Vadala appeared in dozens of porn, but it is known that held its own in a world dominated by men, that of adult film directors.

When he studied music and dance at the School of Arts in New York and made the faculty of Design.

“Everyone assumed that we had difficult moments in my debut in the world of adult films, but I can say that they were fair with me, even if they had many doubts. They came to respect me because I proved that I vision” said Candida Royalle on her website.

The news of the death of the actress was like a blow to her guild mates who have expressed their condolences regertul social sites.


Porn actresses and the death of Bin Laden

Reviews and reactions from professional sex filmed on the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Rarely has one chance to see women of their position in ideological fantasies or geopolitical issues. The magazine BlackBook Mag has conducted a small gathering useful that followed the Twitter of some of the most famous porn stars in which we witness the views and reactions of these professionals filmed sex on the controversial death of al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden at the hands of the American armed forces.


“Good morning, fuckable world … just wanted to say … Funeral ocean in 24 hours … Seeeeeh! Ooook ?!!? Hahahaha. “-Alektra Blue

“@ StevieJ102 I understand. I lived in New York at the time, but was in Los Angeles when it happened. I lost friends in those buildings. This is a relief. “-Sinnamon Love

RTacenlv To celebrate the death of Osama I have joinedOMGitsLexi website.If you do not pay for porn the terrorists win! <- You really have won, baby! Thank you. “Lexi-Belle

“It is false rumor that Bin Laden was bombarded with porn …» Vicky Vette

I can not think of anything witty to tweet about Osama, so those who see retwittearé funny. #sigueadelante »Joanna Angel

Okay, whoever that killed Osama is going to receive a blowjob! “Alison Tyler

Bin Laden is dead. @ dirtjunior666 and I will celebrate with margaritas. My feet hurt. That was my day in a nutshell. “Raven Alexis


Aimee Spencer, adult film actress, dead during a party with drugs. The man suspected of killing her was released!

Aimee Spencer, a young 27 year old from the UK who was a model, actress in adult film and star in Geordie Shore reality show , died this summer during a party at which there were drugs and alcohol.

Aimee Spencer, adult film actress

In July this year, Aimee Spencer was at a party in the apartment of friends in the city of Brighton. Nobody knows why, the young woman fell from the first floor of the building and landed on the sidewalk in front of the house. After a week of torment, where doctors struggled to keep her alive by machines, she died!

Police arrested a man aged 28, alleged to have had a connection with the death of Aimee Spencer, and a girl of 29 years for possession and sale of drugs. The authorities have freed man, 29 years young but remain in custody and await trial.

Aimee was model, the adult film actress, made video chat and became known for participating in reality show Geordie Shore. Finding her death, fans have posted hundreds of messages of condolences on social networks.

“Our daughter, beautiful, unique style, which was our sister and girlfriend died Monday, July 18, at 4:47 p.m..” grieving family said in a press release.


Propaganda war in social networks in Russia: Former porn star Sasha Grey, “Slay” ax by Ukrainian soldiers!

Propaganda war in social networks in Russia: Former porn star Sasha Grey, “Slay” ax by Ukrainian soldiers! In social networks in Russia appeared on Tuesday, news of the death of American actress Sasha Grey, former porn star who was humiliated and slay the Ukrainian armed forces while working as a nurse in war zones. The story sparked Grey’s immediate response. In one piece,s he wrote a series of messages on Twitter accusing her image using war propaganda, writes The Moscow Times. It may have been a sinister joke, but propaganda and false information plays a serious role in public perception of the conflict in Ukraine”, notes the publication.

Propaganda war in social networks in Russia Former porn star Sasha Grey, Slay ax by Ukrainian soldiers!

Russian social network VKontakte In circulated, starting Tuesday, a picture of which were adjacent image Sasha Grey singer, actress and former porn star – and a text in which it announced the death of a nurse, Serova Sasha.

It would have been captured by the Ukrainian armed forces, shot while he was humiliated by them and then butcher with an ax. According to the source, the image spread rapidly, Grey becoming the “new antipropaganda image of Kiev” in Russia, even though it is not excluded that the image was just a bad joke.

Sasha Grey, who again plays scary and action, reacted on her Twitter account with a series of messages that fights back against this situation: I love my Russian fans, but this propaganda goes too far” / “people die, people lose relatives and media mock dead shit with shit like that. “


An adult film starlet has killed her baby with starvation because…

GOD! An adult film starlet has killed her baby with starvation because… An American porn starlet has killed child starvation because if she would have breastfed would not be able to perform fetishistic films they produce with her partner and you share online.

GOD An adult film starlet has killed her baby with starvation becauseWhen they noticed that the baby had serious health problems and no longer showed signs of consciousness, both parents have deigned to take him to the hospital where, unfortunately, after a month of fighting with death, has died.

Forensic experts concluded that the little death occurred starvation, police investigation establishing the so-called mother does not breastfeed the baby and not compensated enough food to breast milk substitutes. Pair at all convincing, denies the allegations and say they have not noticed that little, gain weight instead of lose weight. Journalists from mirror.co.uk states that any prenatal, nor after birth, the couple was not to visit, to check the health of baby.

But what is really outrageous is why the baby was not breastfed, which ultimately led to his death the woman, who had given him life and who would have to show at least instinctual maternal feelings, keep milk fetishistic films they produced with partner!

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Andressa Urach: Shock! Miss “ASS” and bottom-rotted!

Sexy Urach saw death staring at only 27 years old! The young woman felt her own skin as her greatest wealth of rotting flesh her ass and thighs.

From her desire to be eternally sexy and big-ass, former Miss BumBum of 2012 and the unofficial mistress of Cristiano Ronaldo during the World Cup in Brazil, beautiful Brazilian Andressa Urach was handed over to plastic surgeons. And how operations would have cost more than $ 20,000 if they would be made “black” Andressa Urach was simply modeled late last year of genuine “butchers”.

Andressa Urach surgery

After they were taken over 400ml hydrogel thighs and butt, her body looks awful ! 🙁

In the past of five years she made nine surgeries (note correction of nose, bio facial, jaw reduction, silicone implants, liposuction and even a vaginal lip reduction). In the fall of 2014, Andressa wanted a bigger bottom and thighs. She injected huge amounts of hydrogel (nn similar silicone filler with permanent effect). In December … catastrophe occurred.

The flesh started to rot gangrene and see how his tissues. He came to the hospital and doctors considered amputating legs including. Not applicable. After removal of the fleshy part 400 ml hydrogel doctors in Sao Paolo left her riddled legs and ass one that was once a model for the entire planet.

Now Andressa satisfied that survived, after being on the verge of slipping into a coma following a toxic-septic shock.


The porn industry is in mourning: Death of Queen of movies with clowns!

Death of Queen movies with clowns! The porn industry is in mourning! Actress porn, Hollie Stevens, called “Clown Porn Queen” died after a battle with breast cancer. It was only 30 years old.

Hollie Stevens

Hollie Stevens, from San Fransisco, USA, died in hospital with her husband after her cancer had spread to the bones, liver and brain. The two were married last monthHollie Stevens has played in more than 170 porn movies and has been nominated for several industry awards pornographic, being a pioneer in a new kind of porn: the clowns. She was diagnosed last spring with a three-stage cancer after several months for chemotherapy and did a breast has been removed. Doctors said her body has not responded to treatment.

Hollie Stevens in hospital



Chyna, The Ninth Wonder of the World dies…

Black April! After the death of actress Amber Rayne earlier this month, last Wednesday was later found in her apartment in Redondo Beach (California) the body of the superstar wrestling and porn actress occasional Joanie Marie Laurer, better known as Chyna or ‘ the Ninth Wonder of the World ‘. She was 46 years old.

Chyna, The Ninth Wonder of the World dies

At the moment the causes of her death are unknown although the possibility has been treated for an overdose of pills, addiction against whom Joanie Laurer had long struggled shuffled.

‘It is very sad to report that we have today lost a true icon, a real-life superhero. Joanie Laurer, also known as Chyna or the ninth wonder of the world, has died. She will always live in the memory of her millions of fans and her entire team we love her and always love her’
– Felix, a member of Chyna Team

After a successful career as a wrestler in WWE during the 90s (it was one of the few women able to step into the ring to face male wrestlers), Chyna entered the adult industry in 2004 after starring tape homemade porn Red Light District distributed under the name of ‘One Night in China’. From then until 2013 she participated in a total of six films, performing almost every possible sexual practices before a camera (facial, lesbian, anal and even a gangbang). Her imposing physique was crucial for the director Axel Braun offered him what would be the last part of her career as an actress, the She-Hulk in two of her famous parodies of superheroes: ‘She-Hulk XXX’ (2011) and ‘ The Avengers XXX ‘(2012).

Rest in peace.

Chyna, The Ninth Wonder of the World dies 2


Sentenced to death for the administration of porn sites!

NEWS: Two Iranians sentenced to death for the administration of porn sites!

One of the men sentenced to death is called Saeed Malekpour and Canadian resident. Man aged 35 years was convicted of designing and hosting websites for adults” and “insulting Islam.” While living in Canada since 2004, Malekpour was arrested in 2008 in Iran, where he went to visit his sick father.

XXX sites