Andrea True, a former porn actress pass away

Andrea True, former porn actress who released the hit “More More More”, died. Disco music singer Andrea True, perform the song “More More More (How Do You Like It?)”, Died at the age of 68 years.

Andrea True died on November 7, in a hospital in New York because of a failure, inform The singer began her career playing in pornographic films, but chose to change its name from Andrea Marie Truden in Andrea True  in order to protect his family. The song “More More More (How Do You Like It?)” Which reached the Top 5 in the UK, was recorded in Jamaica, where Andrea True filming a commercial in 1975.

The song itself is the result of an accident: Jamaican authorities forbade American artist to leave the country with the money made from the advertisement. Andrea True that money spent recording a song he invented on the spot, which combined piano arrangements with her voice faded youthful. The artist took her demo tape in New York, where he was remixed by Tom Moulton, and launched it on the market as a single piece, under the name Andrea True Connection. Coming in fourth place among US single was described by Billboard magazine as “one of the truly classic disco hits“.

The single was followed by an album entitled “More More More”, and another hit in the British charts entitled “What’s Your Name What’s Your Number”. But the second album had poor sales and ended her career as a singer. In an interview with Los Angeles Times in 1976, Andrea True said he will not resume porn actress career. She had played in over 40 adult films, including “Deep Throat II“.

“Better than I undertake waitress or typist to stop playing in a movie“, she said.

Instead, he moved to Florida and played in various nightclubs, until he was forced to abandon the operations performed because of a neck. In recent years, Andrea True had several jobs, working as teleshopping agent, real estate agent and advisor against drug and alcohol addiction. But continued to receive royalties from her biggest hit, “More More More”, which was used in many commercials over the years and taken many artists in their repertoires.

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Sexy Cora has died from breast augmentation surgery!

Sexy Cora died…

Sexy Cora

Beautiful porn actress died Tuesday while trying to make a breast augmentation surgery. The actress wanted to break a record of oral sex but unfortunately did not get. Doctors tried hard to bring it back to life for a moment rhesus but her heart stopped beating. Too bad for her that was beautiful, knew how to make money not have anything but days. God rest in peace!



She died while masturbating with a vibrator.

HOT NEWS: She died while masturbating with a vibrator.

Paginton Nicola, a young woman from Cirencester, England, died a few days ago while using a vibrator and watching porn on a website. According to the website quoted Freedom, young not suffering from any disease and died while masturbating because of strong emotions, although there is a very clear explanation. Dr. Richard Jones who performed the autopsy of 31-year-old woman said that she died while he was excited because he gave heart, even if the English had suffered previous heart problems. She was found dead, fallen on the floor with opened laptop and fell beside her vibrator.

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The most famous porn movie protagonist of all time, died!

Harry Reems, the male star porn film Deep Throat, which turned into a real pop-cult phenomenon, died at age 65.

Harry Reems

Harry Reems became famous for Deep Throat porn film, made in 1972, which popularized XXX productions among mainstream audiences. Harry Reems died at a hospital in Salt Lake City, and his wife confirmed the death.

Cause of death was not specified, but Harry Reems suffered from many illnesses, including pancreatic cancer.

Reems was born in New York in 1947 and his real name was Herbert Streicher. A former member of the U.S. Navy and entered the entertainment industry in the early 1970s., And wanted to play serious films, but eventually came to the porn industry.


Gloria Leonard pass away, a famous actress adult movies

Gloria Leonard died, a legend of the adult film industry. Former porn actress, publisher of High Society magazine erotic and promoter of freedom of expression, Gloria Leonard died at the age of 73 years.

Gloria Leonard death occurred in a hospital in Hawaii, according to the Daily News. She had suffered a stroke at her home in Hawaii, the last day of January. Gloria Leonard was found in serious condition after about 24 hours and was transported to hospital. Following stroke, Gloria could not be stabilized, so that he died on February 3, being disconnected from the apparatus that kept alive.

Gloria Leonard entered the adult film industry at the age of 35, as a divorcee who take care of a child. Between 1977 and 1991, Gloria Leonard was publisher of High Society magazine, which published nude pictures of famous actresses like Jodie Foster and Barbra Streisand.

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Leonard began appearing in adult films in 1974 and has made about 40 films. She has worked with famous actresses in the industry, as Constance Money, Leslie Bovee, Sharon Mitchell, Jennifer Welles or Samantha Fox, but was also as director of productions for adults.

For 14 years, Gloria Leonard was publisher of High Society magazine. Margot Kidder and Barbra Streisand sued the newspaper after it published nude photos of them. Gloria Leonard was also the president of an association of the adult film industry.

Gloria Leonard vintage sex Gloria Leonard vintage sex1 Gloria Leonard vintage sex2 Gloria Leonard vintage sex3 Gloria Leonard vintage sex4 Gloria Leonard vintage sex5 Gloria Leonard vintage sex6



He died one of the most important actors in the adult industry.

He died one of the most important actors in the adult industry. Harry Reems, one of the most famous actors in adult films, has died at age 65, says the Huffington Post.

Harry ReemsHarry Reems, who starred in “Deep Throat“, considered the best XXX film in history, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and despite chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, his condition gradually worsened.

On March 5, Reems was hospitalized, and a few days later went into a coma. Reems died on March 19.

Harry Reems decided to enter the porn industry in the late 60s, when he realized he could no longer pay the rent. He became known thanks to his role in “Deep Throat(1972). In total, Harry Reems starred in over 100 adult films.

Harry Reems old Harry Reems porn star



Sexy Cora, killed by silicones!

Unbelievable! Porn actress, Sexy Cora, killed by silicones! Breast enlargement surgery last was fatal porn actress known as Sexy Cora.

Sexy Cora died on January 20, 2011, after a week of induced coma at a clinic in Hamburg. The young German-born porn actress was only 24 years old and was obsessed with brake records in sexual matters. In 2009, Sexy Cora was admitted to hospital following a sexual marathon during which he had the ambition to provide oral services for 200 men. I was done but bad at number 75. In January 2011, Sexy Cora was hospitalized for a new breast augmentation surgery, namely, the sixth. But during surgery, porn actress suffered a heart attack, and doctors have induced artificial coma. A week later, Sexy Cora has died.

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An adult film starlet has killed her baby with starvation because…

GOD! An adult film starlet has killed her baby with starvation because… An American porn starlet has killed child starvation because if she would have breastfed would not be able to perform fetishistic films they produce with her partner and you share online.

GOD An adult film starlet has killed her baby with starvation becauseWhen they noticed that the baby had serious health problems and no longer showed signs of consciousness, both parents have deigned to take him to the hospital where, unfortunately, after a month of fighting with death, has died.

Forensic experts concluded that the little death occurred starvation, police investigation establishing the so-called mother does not breastfeed the baby and not compensated enough food to breast milk substitutes. Pair at all convincing, denies the allegations and say they have not noticed that little, gain weight instead of lose weight. Journalists from states that any prenatal, nor after birth, the couple was not to visit, to check the health of baby.

But what is really outrageous is why the baby was not breastfed, which ultimately led to his death the woman, who had given him life and who would have to show at least instinctual maternal feelings, keep milk fetishistic films they produced with partner!

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How Hunter Bryce XXX actress died?

Hunter Bryce, real name Kathryn Sue Johnston, was found dead at the age of only 30 years in the house in San Fernando. All that is known is that the actress has gone to bed and unfortunately did not wake up, his mother being warned by its agent, who learned the terrible news at 3am. Legal procedures will be followed, including the autopsy, although no traces of trauma.

Best friend, the past two years, Rachel Roxxx said that Bryce was a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. Long struggle with alcoholism and lately had retired into her world. It was a quite independent and safe on it, without resorting to anyone.

It is rumored that it had intended to leave the adult industry, but so far not confirmed anything. Onset and made in 2007, then playing in over 70 productions XXX. It was originally exotic dancer and personal trainer. He was fond of reading, and the evidence that had two graduate from University of Pittsburgh in the area of nonfiction and literature. Even in a 2008 interview said that he wanted to work as a teacher of literature. Born of Italian and Scottish descent, Bryce has worked in real estate, retail and marketing.

Everyone who knew her now expresses regret for the XXX actress passed away.

Hunter Bryce porn star



Stephen Clancy Hill, XXX movie actor who killed colleague with a sword, died

Stephen Clancy Hill, XXX movie actor who killed colleague with a sword, died –

Stephen Clancy Hill gunsPorn actor Stephen Clancy Hill, 34, who murdered fellow plate-samurai sword, died after falling from a cliff in Los Angeles.

XXX movie actor was wanted by police for murder, after a few days ago killed a man and injured two others. Immediately after the incident, he fled the scene took refuge on a rock in a natural reserve.

Ambushed by SWAT, the man threatened to eight hours to kill himself with the same sword alleged to be the murder weapon.

Out of patience, the police shot him in the end with a stun gun. The man lost his balance and crashed into the empty 15 meters, the fatal blows.