Do not lose sight of Eva Lovia…

With Eva Lovia we’re doing another that intense and very focused labels, thus leading publishing pace scenes like so much eroticized we see it in all situations, from every angle and every hour. Eva Lovia and her perfect ass, exquisite tan and her disarming smile won the final of DP Star Contest Digital Playground (with this scene, by the way) to find his new contract girl . This means that Eva Lovia‘s better and win more stable life, but porno will be theoretically kidnapped by the production company that pays you. Or in other words: from now on publish fewer scenes, and all linked to the vagaries of style Digital Playground.

Hopefully the contract is short, flexible, and to congratulate new success is our misfortune today will give us a XXX Video with pornstar: With Johnny Castle for Naughty America, probably recorded before signing the agreement

Eva Lovia


Janie Summers, another contract girl who leaves Digital Playground.

Janie Summers leaves Digital Playground.

Janie SummersAnother girl who leaves Digital Playground contract, and that’s four in recent months, first was Rio Valentine, then Stoya later Angelina Armani and now Janie Summers. Janie Summers after starring in her first film as a lead actress for DP in “Private Lessons” and having been nominated as the last AVN 2010 Best New Starlett and represent Digital Playground at their booth said goodbye to the company and has resumed his former Heather Starlett name

Janie Summers appeared again in the American porn market in the hands of six months Digital Playground contract girl signing as having been withdrawn by her family porn. Her very devout and religious family Janie Summers convinced that she must go home and profess that religion which always instilled since childhood and that she seemed happy but now Janie Heather always had that inner struggle between wanting to be a porn star and be a good believer. When it seemed that her parents had retired from the adult business executives appeared with Digital Playground contract they could not say no.

Now six months later abandons ship Digital Playground after shooting three films with them including their last success Fly Girls. The most curious thing is that Janie Summers Heather Starlett now again (remember that DP made her change her name) leaves DP to return to their family or religion but to join Emporium say cheesy porno-business has porno famous American producer Dan and reviled in the adult American business as a more pretty girls in porn.

Everyone wonders why one of the girls with more future of the current American porn, AVN nominated for three films in six months and three others to roll Digital Playground changed by the notorious Immortal Productions of illustrious Porno Dan . It truly is a mystery as is that DP contract girls like Angelina Armani, Rio Valentine, Stoya or Janie Summers leave now the most important producer porno California with a span door. This curious and crazy world of adult American business.

Janie Summers and Porn Dan Janie Summers Private lessons


McKenzie Lee, return to porn, hand a contract Digital Playground.

McKenzie Lee, return to porn, hand a contract Digital Playground. Digital Playground announced as the third new contract girl to British Mc Kenzie Lee. Mc Kenzie Lee DP furnish her long career in the american adult business, Mc Kenzie Lee also was recognized with the 2006 AVN award for best new starlet the year. Her reputation tremendously sensual and hot girl in all its performances going wherever you were working, her years with the company Club Jenna Jenna Jameson‘s famous endorse it in her career in porn with beautiful pictures and scenes of the most sugarcane.

Mc Kenzie Lee was born 30 years ago in the city of Leicester England, Mc Kenzie was typical charming girl who always be out and doing all kinds of activities related to nature and practicing riding activities, but one day this girl is she felt she had to be separated from the ultra conservative education around him in English society of her native Leicester and her sensual 1.63 cms tall your kilos and 32 -24- 32D decided it was time to let your hair down and stop being the typical English good girl and without thinking was launched to dance by male clubs in Birmingham, such was the success that soon claimed in London where she already was uncapped as a great dancer and her incredible love sex were at all times, for more than six years she continued the good of Mc Kenzie dancing naked before Londoners.

McKenzie Lee

It was around then that the people of Playboy UK discovered its beauty and sensuality, Mc Kenzie Lee began hosting the TV show Night Callers” and was then in 2005 when he jumped to the US claimed by Playboy to present the American version of “Night Calls” and shortly later be the reporter of the red carpet at the AVN‘s when the Americans were in love with her at first sting of his sexual sting, the movies that starred for his new role today girl with Digital Playground contract was taken to win her 2006 AVN Starlett the new year but for that guy had already contract with Jenna Jameson for your company Club Jenna

Now after a hiatus of three years out of the adult American business and being a mother of two two small two years and nine months decides to return to the world of porn through the front door and could not find better than the important and powerful Digital Playground which happens to be next to the familiar contract girls Jesse Jane, Stoya, Katsuni, Riley Steele, Raven Alexis and new and Jannie Summers.

McKenzie Lee blow job McKenzie Lee naked McKenzie Lee porn star




Kayden Kross, surprise signing of Digital Playground.

Kayden Kross, surprise signing of Digital Playground. Digital Playground has signed Kayden Kross as its new contract girl, after dancing after the summer signings of Rio Valentine, Jannie Summers, Raven Alexys and veteran Mc Kenzie Lee, DP has been uncovered with the resounding and surprising Kayden Kross signing it was taken from Adam & Eve Kayden is still where the main contract girl until finalize her contract later this year. Kayden Kross is already a fact in January 2010 and will contract girl with Digital Playground for all purposes.

Kayden Kross blonde porn star

Kayden Kross can drop like a bomb in Digital Playground since insurance will raise the jealousy of his prima donna Jesse Jane and not going to make much grace to say to Stoya and Riley Steele who see this superstar of porn as a rival but a partner, what is certain is that Kayden Kross will push up sales and quality of DVD and famous porn company and leading Los Angeles.

Digital Playground

Kayden Kross addition this year is host to submit 2010 AVN right next January to coincide with its release as a contract girl with DP.

Joone co-founder of Digital Playground is really proud to have signed the beautiful Kayden saying that in addition to its sensuality and sexuality in front of the camera has a good personality off set being known as one of the porn stars educated cast their studies psychology and being blogger web sites over 5 porn news.

Kayden Kross commented after signing with DP: “I want to give all that is within me that is nothing more than what is expected in Digital Playground, am one who exceeds in every scene and that Digital Playground with his good and means will do even that overcomes me more each job when active with them. “.

Kayden Kross erotic pics:

Kayden Kross erotic pics (1) Kayden Kross erotic pics (2) Kayden Kross erotic pics (3) Kayden Kross erotic pics (4)




City of Vices (Dick Bush, 2014)

City of Vices (Dick Bush, 2014)

City of Vices

The British have long KaizenXXX doing porn story with enough quality, and Digital Playground, following the impressive Blowback’, has decided to distribute City of Vices, a story of mafia, drugs and violence starring Aletta Ocean, Jasmine Jae and Lexi Lowe.

City of Vices pics 2 City of Vices pics

Surely by Digital Playground is a success, giving variety to your catalog with a visually European belt filled with performers from Europe. And the truth is that City of Vicesworks quite well, noticing her effort in production and an attempt to make an action movie with enough violence, television style and very direct, something that is lacking in American porn.

City of Vices pics 3 City of Vices pics 4

Still, the film leaves a strange aftertaste. Possibly the European style of shooting and inserting sex in a plot itself of American cinema, or perhaps because the loading of some performers British accent. But the truth is that what the film lacks is personality in the direction, something basic for a film cale.

City of Vices pics 5 City of Vices pics 6

Still, City of Vices‘ has an interesting plot and development full of violence and sex to a group of characters stuck in a very dirty business.

City of Vices pics 7 City of Vices pics 8

All of Cynthia and Val (Jasmine Jae and Lexi Lowe), two prostitutes who must carry a packet of drugs of a gangster in the area. When they were going to do, they’re drawn into a raid and the drug is a corrupt cop (Ryan Ryder) who needs to give it to another mafioso is. So, everything ends up causing a war between two gangs with police through in which the two prostitutes try to survive and any attempt to climb the ladder of his band taking the brawl.

City of Vices pics 9 City of Vices pics 10

And between shootings, corruption, dismemberment, threats and beatings with bats, City of Vicesbrings us seven scenes of sex with a cast that, to be honest, it makes up much surgery and silicone. And not only what say Aletta Ocean and her horrible mouth duck, but most of the actresses in the film.

City of Vices pics 11 City of Vices pics 12

Lexi, who gives him a blowjob to force the police after this will remove the drug. And Jasmine, another prostitute being pulled mafioso who had to give him drugs after giving a package with flour instead of cocaine.

City of Vices pics 13 City of Vices pics 14

Jasmine fucking again later, now with the police, after having got rid of a corpse together. The truth is that the scenes themselves are not bad, but attached to the unattractiveness conventionality, for me, the performers make them nothing fancy.

City of Vices pics 17

City of Vices pics 15 City of Vices pics 16

LouLou, another silicone, who plays the companion of corrupt police, throws it in the bathroom of the police station in another pretty cool scene. not a drop of sweat shed actors in a supposedly intense scenes. And is that not enough polioperado a lean body, one must know fuck and do it with a vengeance.

City of Vices pics 18 City of Vices pics 19 City of Vices pics 20

Aletta Ocean has two scenes. One with Lexi and the other mafia, which includes a small squirt for the blonde, and one with Anissa Kate and mafioso, a good scene with pretty anal and which thanks have a good actress with natural tits as Anissa.

City of Vices pics 21 City of Vices pics 22

The last scene of the film also brings another natural body, Valentina Nappi, girlfriend corrupt cop who is torn between her love for him and the need to get away from him, and that gives us a more passionate scene earlier and quite good result.

City of Vices pics 23 City of Vices pics 24 City of Vices pics 25

The film has a good ending, open to a sequel headed by Aletta Ocean, the most violent of the deal. Certainly a sequel that follows the trail of City of Vicesbe good news. I just hope they give some personality to the set and more variety and appeal to the cast.



BiBi Jones is back!

Last July, BiBi Jones announced her retirement from porn crocodile tears, resulting kidding her partner Riley Steele. Half a year later, rookie of Digital Playground announced that returns to business with the same company, which has already recorded ‘Community Sex, a new film with Kayden Kross and Bill Bailey. (And next week premieres ‘Code of Honor’, overproduction recorded before retiring). BiBi Jones says she needed a break, find herself and see what they really wanted, and says that she wants to return to porn and make a career of it. Anyway, welcome back, BiBi Jones.

BiBi Jones selfie


Janie Summers, New Digital Playground Contract Girl.


Janie SummersDigital Playground announced as its new exclusive contract girl Janie Summers . Janie Summers is a great acquisition adds to this new contract girl next to their already known and fixed Jesse Jane, Stoya, Riley Steele and Katsuni.

This beautiful 20 year old girl with all natural and nothing hairpiece is Janie Summers, this sexy blonde who has such a sexy smile on her face, is the new girl in Digital Playground contract.

With her signature on the contract that makes the newest addition to the most powerful company in the adult business american, fans old Janie Summers Heather Starlet before signing for DP will enjoy the new movies Janie Summers as a contract girl Digital Playground their beautiful curves, the beauty of their skin, their perky natural breasts and sexuality radiating her pretty blue eyes.

Joone, Digital Playground founder says: Janie Summers has the factor” X “to be a big star in the world of porn. Her youth and beauty warrant a full, no doubt, its main attraction is its look at the time to act. “

Janie Summers pictures:

Janie Summers pictures (1) Janie Summers pictures (2) Janie Summers pictures (3) Janie Summers pictures (4) Janie Summers pictures (5)




Selena Rose debuts with Digital Playground in Jack’s POV 17.

Selena Rose debuts with Digital Playground in Jack’s POV 17. Selena Rose, few weeks ago on the occasion of her move to Digital Playground is news because the California company launches its debut as a contract girl with the premiere of her movie Jack’s POV 17

Digital Playground is proud to launch the first movie Selena Rose for the new series of POV Jack’s POV 17 on DVD and Blu-ray. The fans can already see at last to the exciting beauty of Cuban descent Selena Rose, Selena world eats and what is not the world with these beautiful and big brown eyes and those lips of honey. Along with Selena can see in action in this new film DP Tori Black, Chanel Preston & Charley Chase. and Janie Summers

Acclaimed director Robby D. captures every second of sensuality beautiful Selena in this POV film “Selena has managed to catch the point to the perfection of what we were looking at it, enjoys what he does, it’s fresh and sensual, this girl knows how to seduce the camera

Selena Rose



Pirates II Stagnetti’s Revenge, the most expensive porn production ever!

Pirates II Stagnetti’s Revenge, the most expensive porn production ever! One million dollars. Both the production cost adult movie Pirates II. That’s because it is full of special effects. For Pirates II was built a ship at full scale.

Pirates II

XXX industry in which films are made with a few thousand dollars, the amount invested by the company Digital Playground is colossal. The film combines intense action with wild and passionate sex scenes“, we announce creators, adding that super star Jesse Jane is back, along with other big stars” like Shay Jordan, Katsunori, Stoya, Gabriella Fox and Ridley Steele.

The first film was released in 2005 and was the best selling and award winning porn movie of all time (over 40 awards worldwide not enumerate here because I suspect that few of you have ever heard of them).

Pirates II: Stagnetti‘s Revenge includes among the four DVDs, a disc that includes only sex scenes, which lasts two hours. Opinion fans: do not run the first time that you will perish mood for the action scenes and special effects! Also as a bonus, one of the DVDs are included scenes from the shooting, interviews with the stars, confessions and castings.

Moreover, we find from manufacturers that film, Riley Steele attend the first hot scene with a man and Shay Jordan its first representative of the “2 + 1″. Pirates II is filmed in HD, as well as many of the scenes included as a bonus.

The film can be found on the Digital Playground online store, priced at $ 60.


Jesse Jane collaborates further with Digital Playground.

Jesse Jane collaborates further with Digital Playground. Jesse Jane has renewed its contract with Digital Playground (adult production company) that will work until the end of her career.

The artist works with Playground early in her adult career, and this contract was signed for another three years.

Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground‘s CEO says about Jesse Jane: It is the greatest anomaly’ in the adult industry has ever experienced. Dedication, loyalty, beauty and charm have helped to maintain the top, so we grateful that he chose to continue with us. started with Digital Playground and will be a DP girl forever.

Words of praise continue so as founder interlocutor agrees: When I discovered 9 years ago, I knew that it would transform the adult industry. Success of her undeniable fact that it is the most desirable actress in the world not only reinforce our beliefs.

For his new film Fighters”, she had three months to train in a boxing ring for a bigger credibility.

Jesse Jane angelic porn star