Painful intercourse? Here are the reasons!

Sex Advice girlVaginal and urinary infections, poor lubrication and herpes are some of the factors that may affect the conduct of an intimate relationship.

Pain during intercourse can be constant or intermittent disorder affecting both women and men. In most cases, the problem can be solved by treating a disease causing.

The intensity of pain experienced during intercourse depends on the factor that causes it. In women, ovarian cysts, annexes, and episiotomy (surgical cut made ​​before birth in the area between the vagina and anus) can give discomfort during intercourse.


It muscial involuntary contraction of the vagina, a condition that make penetration to not be simple. This problem may occur on the first intimate contact or may occur after a period of sexual activity.


Disease characterized by the presence of tissue similar to the endometrium (uterine lining) outside the normal location, endometriosis gives abdominal pain and discomfort during intercourse.


The largest penis in the world!?

dickScientists measured the largest penises
When men measure their penis size is always an approximation of the truth – gentlemen, you know very well that you like to pretend that we have the greatest of all! For this reason there is no reliable data on the actual size of the male sex organs in the 21st century.

However, the biggest penis officially has 34 inches and 16 inches in erect and flaccid state was measured by a doctor named Robert L. Dickenson. Really!

But where there are large penises, there is also and small penises. The smallest erect penis measures only 1 inch! There are, of course, medical reasons for this. Micropenis increased especially within the male body and not outside, as normally happens. The second reason for the lack of medical drama length is a rare disease called hypoplasia. As a result of this disease, the penis is attached directly to the bone, which means that the penis does not have the means.

And whose animal owe the greatest respect?
Crown does not belong to the king of animals, the lion, but the whale with a body 3 feet long and about 30 centimeters thick. In second place are hippos and elephants with penises longer than 1 meter. Perhaps most interesting are leeches and small marine crustaceans whose penises are 42 times larger than themselves. So, relatively speaking, they are by far the largest of all.


Oral sex with a condom?

Condom during oral sex protects you from disease.

To protect yourself from STDs, you should use condoms when oral sex. Stable couples this is not Oral sex with a condomusually required. Both oral sex and regular sex, without a condom both have important benefits for women’s health, both mentally and physically. Things change dramatically, however, if the partner is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. Safe sex puts you safe from long-term inconvenience.



What disease risk if don’t make sex!

Sex is a very important aspect in the life of every person because it has some positive effects on both the body and the human psyche. Sexual life is something perfectly normal, so it should be treated as such, without prejudice. Some people decide or are forced for various reasons, to abstain from sex, at some point in their lives. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but keep in mind that sexual abstinence over a longer period of time can affect your health. Here are the risks you expose yourself, if you’re sexually active, more than about six months.

What disease risk if don t make sex

Abstinence cause hormonal imbalances

If, for some reason, you decide you no longer sexually active, you must be very attentive to the changes that can occur that can affect the state. The most common problems you could face are menstrual disorders that involve disruption of the menstrual cycle and bleeding profusely. Breast pain can be also a negative effect of abstinence. Also, your ovaries may be affected by the lack of sex, so, you are likely to develop cysts.

No sex, menopause makes its appearance soon

A negative effect caused by sexual abstinence, the early onset of menopause. This menopause in a woman’s life, favors, usually the emergence of various problems, unpleasant, such as thyroid disease, which can lead to significant variations in body weight; sleep disorders; headache; increased risk of vaginal and urinary tract infections; appearance of sensations of dryness, irritation and itching of the vagina; palpitations.

Lack of sex cause behavioral disorders

Sex is a necessity of our body, so, if this has some implications in terms of behavior. The consequences of abstinence include: the difficulties concentrating activities that operate daily; low self-esteem, so that we can get to underestimate and be disgusted by his own person; increasing levels of stress, which lead to panic attacks. These behavioral changes greatly affect the human psyche.

Sexual inactivity increases the chances of prostate cancer

Like women, men can face different issues that affect their health. A man who is sexually inactive for a longer period of time, he may be affected testicular function. Lack of sex can lead to reduced sperm count and prostate cancer, an extremely unpleasant disease, which involves: difficulties in terms of urination; nausea; loss of appetite; vomiting; breast pain or numbness deep in the pelvis, lower back, ribs or upper thighs; general feeling of tiredness.

Sexual abstinence, a factor in depression

Abstinence is associated sometimes with deprivation of love, lack of affection, which favors the occurrence of depression, anxiety, sadness and nervousness. Depressions are mood disorders that affect the proper conduct of human life. They are manifested by the appearance, daily, sharp sense of sadness, emptiness inside; loss of interest in activities that have to take place every day; loss of appetite; occurrence of insomnia or, on the contrary, a prolonged state of sleep; the sensation of fatigue continues; appearance feeling that they are useless, leading to suicidal thoughts.